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John Nugent II asked a question:

Do Healthy People Have Less "Success"?

I am coming on my fourth week of the SCD (Which I stumbled upon reading 'The 4 Hour Chef' - Check it out if you enjoy cooking). The change in diet has not be very different for me because I had al...

Feb 12th 2013
wdavidow blogged:

Hi, I'm Will

Completed one run of the slow carb diet with great success (29lbs in 30 days), and just starting day one of my second slow carb diet!

Nov 17th 2011
Lasersailor blogged:

Being a more complete person

Just want to reach my maximum potential

Nov 11th 2011

Unless it was diet, tonic is loaded with sugar, you were better off with a coke. I would stick to club soda with LOTS of lime if you want to drin...

Jun 8th 2011

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