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I completely agree with the changes in the abdominal area. I was on the SCD for14 weeks, following everything to a tee. The holidays hit and it ...

Feb 11th 2012
neptunebljc replied to wearewhatwerepeatedlydo's blog post:

Newbie getting started

I find the scale drives me crazy some weeks. I take photos every other week, and full body measurements once a week. It tends to keep me saner.

Sep 3rd 2011

This article helped me. I dont know if you have a lot of weight to lose or not. But if you do,the article attached talks about watching your intak...

Sep 3rd 2011

I know, It gets easier! I am still trying to convince family and friends how easy it is to do it,once you get a routine down of what you like to ...

Sep 3rd 2011
neptunebljc replied to chad's question:

beans canned vs uncooked

We do Black beans in the slower cooker. It takes a while, but my husband and I do not find we have gas at all. I prefer the black beans to most other beans, so we cook a bag during our cheat day,...

Sep 2nd 2011

There is a company call In Cusin' (in Canada) . They taste like fake mashed potatoes. I had my supervisor try them and she HATES cauliflower, a...

Sep 2nd 2011
neptunebljc replied to angi465's blog post:

Stumbled upon this by accident..or did I?

Welcome!! I agree with you, it definitely is easier then I thought too when I started. I am now 8 weeks and still deal with "Can you eat this?" from family and friends, but I love eati...

Sep 2nd 2011
neptunebljc replied to mexico bound's question:

Women wait until week 5!

I definitely have to agree with you!! For the most part, for the last 5 weeks, I have been losing about a pound a week. However during week 6, I went down 3 lbs, and returned to it after my cheat...

Aug 30th 2011
neptunebljc replied to smartinez89's blog post:

Member intro: Stephanie

I found the best thing so far, was planning out all of my meals the night before. So even if I had somewhere to go or something to do after work, I always have a SCD meal with me. When I find I re...

Jul 29th 2011
neptunebljc replied to JenyLee's question:

How to make a good cup of cinammon coffee?

I don't use cinammon in my coffe, but I have started using my Vanilla flavoured protein powder. I mix it in when it is hot, then add ice.It kind of taste like a strong McDonalds Ice Coffee. No mil...

Jul 29th 2011
neptunebljc asked a question:

Beginning a Workout

Any suggestions on where to begin with a workout??I just started working out regularly. At the moment I usually do: 15 minutes of quick walking on a hill 3 sets of: Wall squats (12) jumping squats...

Jul 29th 2011
neptunebljc blogged:

Member intro: Neptunebljc

Hi,I am new to the 4hour lifestyle. My husband and I started three weeks ago. So far I have lost 4 lbs and my husband has lost 7lbs.The first week we did great. The second week not so much. Howev...

Jul 29th 2011
neptunebljc asked a question:

Camping Menu

My husband and I are going camping this weekend. Any suggestions? Our usual menu includes: Eggs, black beans, spinach and salsa for breakfast Ground meat, salad, salsa, black beans avocado Left ...

Jul 29th 2011
Jul 29th 2011

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