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Jul 27th 2011
Jul 27th 2011
Jul 27th 2011
aherrer5 replied to Boardbunny's question:

Poll: Red Wine... Who drinks it regularly, do you notice a difference in weight loss?

I have been on the SCD for about five months now and for the most part I have had a half bottle of wine 4-5 days a week and have seen solid results (average of 1.75 pounds lost per week). I did t...

Jun 28th 2011
Jun 28th 2011
aherrer5 replied to optionseeker's question:

Slow carb and HIIT

John, In my experience HIIT is fine. I alternate between HIIT, 5 k runs, spin class and longer bike rides on weekends and if anything this has helped me continue to lose weight when I have stall...

Jun 15th 2011
aherrer5 replied to Gala Biggs's question:

Does getting 'drunk' on cheat day hinder your progress?

Crome, In my experience you can still have sucess on the diet, even if you like to have a few (or more) on cheat day (and pre cheat day) I typically have 3-4 pints of beer (good Pacific Northwes...

Jun 15th 2011
aherrer5 replied to Maria Rider's question:

Waking Up on Cheat Day....important or not?

Personally my cheat day is the one day I don't always eat within 1 hour of waking. I like to take my time and have milky coffee and often lie in bed for up to an hour before getting up and starti...

May 16th 2011
aherrer5 replied to RunLMacRun's question:

Fruit Teas… Yay or Nay?

I would think so, but check the nutrition label. I think most fruit teas have very low sugar and low caloric content (think Lemon lift for example). If it has less than a gram of sugar, my 2 cen...

May 10th 2011
rfly05 replied to overmuch1127's question:

Any alternative to Pullovers?

The pullover was also the first exercise Nautilus equipment was designed for. If you've maxed out the DB's, you may jump on one of these machines, up the resistance, and maybe add a little super s...

Apr 21st 2011
aherrer5 replied to stryder2000's question:

Cornstarch in green chili

As a huge green Chile fan (not to mention red) I don't think a bit of flour (circa 1-2 teaspoons) will make a huge difference in the diet. I used a bit to thicken some red chile I made (probably ...

Apr 15th 2011
aherrer5 replied to Blaze's question:

Thinking of throwing in the towel on the SCD

Blaze, I have seen decent results, down about 18 pounds in 12 weeks (~six % BF lost). I made better progress over the first 8 weeks, but overall it still seems to work for me. I have found that ...

Apr 15th 2011
aherrer5 replied to a question I'm following

Are azuki beans allowed on the Slow Carb diet?

I would think so. I have eaten them and continued to lose weight on the diet. They taste a bit like letils to me, very good. If you have not cooked them before, they cook a lot faster than pint...

Mar 22nd 2011

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