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Jim Scotson replied to Jessica S's question:

Diabetics and SCD

My mum is a diabetic, I put her on a paleo diet (more fruit, less beans). 8 months later she is no longer taking insulin or metformin so I don’t see why the SCD shouldn’t work even bet...

Aug 28th 2014
Jim Scotson replied to Eva Lotte's question:

Doc says I can't have cheatday anymore, I seem to be developing diabetes

High triglyceride levels are not caused by eating fat, they are caused by eating too much sugar. What was your HbA1c result? I realise that this was posted a long time ago but I’m only just ...

Aug 21st 2014
Jim Scotson replied to David Hard's question:

I'm burning way more than I'm consuming and yet I'm barely losing any weight

These guys are right, you’re not eating enough and by the looks of it you aren’t eating a lot of fat at all! I’d pad your meals out with some coconut oil and add your yolks in fo...

Aug 21st 2014
Jim Scotson replied to ankur's question:

Losing weight but not fat percentage

Hello, In my experience impedence is NOT very accurate. I collected quite a few different gadgets for measuring BF% and none of them agree with each other. I had my BF% measured using the bodp...

Aug 21st 2014
Jim Scotson replied to Constantin's question:

When to add weight lifting to my plan

Hi Constantin, I would suggest doing a free-weight strength based workout something like ‘Stronglifts 5x5’ ( a couple of months of this and you’re s...

Aug 21st 2014
Jim Scotson replied to Raymond Holmes's question:

What do people do for maintenance?

Hello, I haven’t followed the SCD for 18months and am visiting today because I’m thinking of getting back on it. For the past few months I’ve been ‘carb backloading’...

Aug 21st 2014
Jim Scotson asked a question:

Has anyone ever estimated a typical fat-count for a regular day?

Hey all! I'm thinking of returning to the SCD and being the supernerd that I am I have just ran some numbers on what I think I could make a week day look like. WITHOUT DINNER I'm coming up with ...

Jun 27th 2013
Jim Scotson replied to Zara Podolak's question:

Frustrated: Occam's Protocol, Fat loss and calories

Hello, Not sure if this is an issue for you anymore as I don't know if you're still occaming/slow-carbing? Occam's is NOT the way to loose weight at all, its the absolute opposite; a great way t...

Jun 27th 2013
Jim Scotson asked a question:

Considering coming back!

Hey guys, After spending my 2012 on the slow-carb train I've spent my 2013 (so far) experimenting with other plans. I'm considering coming back and just wondered if anyone has any words of encou...

Jun 24th 2013

Hey there, I recently did a month of occam's and logged it as a blog. Check it out: My experience was that doing th...

Dec 11th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to upandunder's question:

Doing something wrong? Weight staying the same.

I agree with DSheehan, balsamic vinegar and salsa are great hiding places for sugar. Also check that your turkey sausages aren't made with any 'rusk' (I think thats what they call it) or flour or ...

Nov 15th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to MaryC's question:

Back after 6 month of no SCD

Hello MaryC, My problem with breakfast is that I can't find the time to cook and eat within 30mins of waking. What I do is I have 50g unflavoured whey isolate with water as soon as I wake up (htt...

Nov 7th 2012

Hi Kiwigirl. It doesn't look to me like you're eating any 'forbidden' foods, I maybe wouldn't have the lime juice but thats just me. I do suggest...

Nov 6th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to Jenny L's question:

Ideal daily carb intake to kick start weight loss? Please help!

In my opinion everything seems a little low apart from your carbs. 1100 cals is not a lot of food at all at any weight. If you don't eat enough you won't loose anything (especially if you excercis...

Nov 5th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to Danielle Waldo's question:

Took a look at my numbers.... Kinda pleased!

Congratulations! What an achievement!

Nov 2nd 2012

Will do, please share what you're finding as well! I'll update my blog every day (or thereabouts) with how its going. I guess that since you're go...

Oct 31st 2012
Jim Scotson shared a tip:

My Occam's Experience

Hey 4 hour people! Today I finally bit the bullet and started Occam's protocol. In honor of this and to help others out with their mass-building trials I have started a warts-and-all blog about ...

Oct 30th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to chrislindley's question:

Start of Occam's Protocol

How was your occam's experiment? I'm thinking of starting soon and would like to hear some experiences? Jim

Oct 25th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to yuriythebest's question:

Milk vs Soft Drink vs Water

A couple of weeks ago I had had a long day and decided that, since it was the night before cheat day, I would have a glass of warm milk before bed (hardcore I know!). I ended up drinking almost a ...

Oct 25th 2012

Hi Serks. If you're going to include fruit to your workout my advice would be to include it afterwards. In VERY simple terms, your muscles sort of...

Oct 24th 2012

Yeah the range here is awesome. A tip though, DON'T buy the 'pea protein isolate' and think that it doesn't just taste like drinking really thick ...

Oct 24th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to Gemma Breen's question:

Protein shake UK brand?

Hello there! I am also in the UK and have been doing this for 10months but only just started protein supplements. I think the problem in the UK is that people aren't really into the whole no sug...

Oct 23rd 2012
Jim Scotson replied to Nicole Pape's question:

Where do I find the chapter "The last mile" in the ebook?

Hello, In the English version of the eBook the chapter heading is 'Advanced', its right after the chapter 'subtracting fat'. Its the last thing in this chapter after 'ice age' and 'the glucose sw...

Oct 23rd 2012
Jim Scotson replied to zannix's question:

My first Occam's Workout!

Hi there, I'm thinking of starting Occam's in the next few weeks. Just wondering if you would mind sharing your experiences? Thanks, Jim

Oct 23rd 2012
Jim Scotson replied to Serkan Atila's question:

SCD+Exercise+Simple Sugars

Hi there, The section on occam's protocol (and most workout regimes) suggest post-workout carbs. If my biochemistry serves me right, including simple sugars will affect ketosis, however depending...

Oct 23rd 2012
Jim Scotson replied to Michael Sotolongo's question:

Stagnated, and not sure of the cause

You seem pretty spot on with what you're eating apart from there weren't very many vegetables present? In a recent slump I managed to get an extra couple of pounds off by upping my veggies. Also m...

Oct 22nd 2012

Hi there, Thanks for your comment. Yes, protein levels seems to be a massive factor staring me in the face now, I don't know how I missed it befo...

Oct 22nd 2012

Yes I agree, before my holiday in June I used to eat way more beans and generally way more. I guess its time to get the big plate out again! In t...

Oct 22nd 2012

Hi There, No, the lentil amount is the cooked weight of lentils, I'm not sure I could eat 100g of dry lentils in one sitting! Yes the meat in the...

Oct 22nd 2012

Just a little addition, probably an obvious consideration but 'Protein Shakes' aren't ok. Some protein isolate powders are ok because they don't h...

Oct 22nd 2012

Oh, and my nut consumption is rare if at all and is always less than 50 almonds spread across the entire day

Oct 19th 2012

Yeah I have the shake as soon as I wake up. The breakfast is then at least an hour later, the problem that the person suggested (if we're talking ...

Oct 19th 2012

Hey, thanks, I had considered that I wasn't eating enough. My daily calorie intake is approximately 2500calories as an indication of the amounts o...

Oct 19th 2012
Oct 19th 2012

Hi guys, I'm thinking of doing occam's, you guys seem to have some experience so I am wondering whether I should be eating starchy stuff every day...

Oct 19th 2012

Thanks for your comment, please see me revision

Oct 19th 2012

Thanks for your comment, please see me revision

Oct 19th 2012
Jim Scotson asked a question:

Zero Progress

Hey 4 hour people! I've pretty much asked this question twice before now but this time its serious! I'm getting really frustrated with my progress in that there hasn't been any in couple of mont...

Oct 19th 2012

Sorry, that was supposed to be an answer, not a comment

Sep 27th 2012

Hi There! I switched from 'Slimming World' (a UK off-brand weight watchers style plan) to slow carb in January and haven't looked back. The first ...

Sep 26th 2012
Jim Scotson asked a question:

Any Occam's Experts out there?

Hi there mass builders! I'm thinking about starting on occam's protocol within the next few weeks and would just like to know if any people that have done occam's before could post what a typical...

Sep 21st 2012

My understanding is also that olives are ok. Where have you read otherwise? This could be an eye-opener for me But like you say, olive oil is fi...

Sep 20th 2012

Is there a hydration factor maybe? Are you ensuring that you are properly/uniformly hydrated when doing the measurements? As well as water weighin...

Sep 17th 2012
Jim Scotson replied to Nando Dessena's question:

Slow-Carb Diet + Occam = Fat Gain?

Hi There! Are you using bioimpedence to measure your BF%? In my experience these things base their calculation mainly on your height and weight and do a lot of overestimating. In fact, my devices...

Sep 16th 2012

Thats really good to know, thanks dude. I figure that since I hit the butcher yesterday and loaded up on meat I'll give LM a go for a week but you...

Sep 16th 2012

..contd I have tried taking probiotic supplements and upping my veggie intake and nothing is even getting me close to the weight/BFP that I used ...

Sep 15th 2012

Hi Jones, thanks for your reply. At the moment, my body stats are (approx): Height: 6ft 3 Weight: 196lb BF %: 16% The reason I thought that the la...

Sep 15th 2012
Jim Scotson asked a question:

Help: The Last Mile

Hey there carb haters! Well my slow carb process has sloooowed to a stop. I've danced around the same weight now for a long time. I think its time I started on 'The Last Mile' I just wanted to p...

Sep 15th 2012

Thanks Carmen, though I do occasionally eat vegetables they are far from plentiful in my diet. I have written a plan for this week including veget...

Jul 31st 2012

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