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A W replied to Samantha Lamers's question:

Protein Shake for Breakfast

If I’m in a rush and I do a protein shake for breakfast, I usully pour in a few tablespoons of cartoned, pasteurized egg-whites. At least then you’re getting some more solid protein, a...

Aug 4th 2015
A W replied to Michelle Hill's question:

Alternative to Kimchi or Sauerkraut

You don't really need Kimchi or Sauerkraut or anything fermented. As Sonia mentioned, you could take a probiotic supplement if you want to, but none of that's necessary for the diet to work.

Jan 17th 2014
A W commented on Tomhole's reply:

Yes, since starting Occam's three months ago, I've gained around five or six pounds, though some of this may have been due to Holiday slippage. ...

Jan 17th 2014
A W asked a question:

What to do to lose fat without losing muscle after Occam's?

I've been on a slightly modified version of Occam's for a few months now. I only do the Occam's diet on Workout days, fast two days a week, and do SCD all of the other days. My strength has gone u...

Jan 17th 2014
A W voted for G G's reply to:
Nov 22nd 2013
A W commented on G G's reply:

Great! Thanks guys. Puts my mind at ease a bit.

Nov 22nd 2013
A W asked a question:

Doing Occam's With IF

About a month and a half ago I switched from SCD + IF to Occam's Protocol. I don't quite follow Occam's Feeding, but I do have a cup of oatmeal and a bottle of Kefir on my workout days along with ...

Nov 20th 2013
A W asked a question:

What just happened?

Okay, so I've done the Slow Carb diet for about 8 or 9 weeks now (I also did it for about 4 months about a year ago before I fell off for job-related reasons) and this is the first time I've had ...

Aug 16th 2013
Jul 19th 2013
A W replied to Mike P's question:

Pink Moscato?

I doubt it. I think just dry red wines are "allowed". Moscato is usually very sweet. I'm not an expert though so I don't really know. It may or may not have a significant effect. I guess...

Sep 13th 2012
Sep 7th 2012
Sep 5th 2012
A W replied to graham johnson's question:

1st week on SCD....Couldn't be happier!!!

I get "Simply Grapefruit". Most stores I go to have it in their refrigerated juice section if they carry the "Simply Orange" brand.

Sep 4th 2012
A W replied to Melanie Black's question:

Can you have black coffee everyday?

From my understanding, yes, black coffee every day is fine, if not encouraged. It's especially good if you're taking it with cinnamon and a green tea capsule. Or at least that's what I've heard ar...

Sep 3rd 2012
A W replied to Nader Tohamy's question:

Eating late?

Lately I've been going to bed at 4-5 AM and getting up at 12-2pm. I usually eat breakfast right away, and then every four hours after that I try to eat something. I have a regular lunch, dinner, a...

Sep 2nd 2012

So far, Aldi has the cheapest tuna that I've found. Only 69 cents a can, and it's better quality than Starkist and Bumblebee in my opinion. I look...

Sep 1st 2012

I try to let it run on my back for a few solid minutes. Then I just shower as usual and try to stay in for a total of 10 minutes. I don't know if ...

Sep 1st 2012
A W replied to Serkan Atila's question:

Cold Showers!!

I take them (though occasionally I'll have a warm one just because I feel like it). I just start the shower on full blast cold, get psyched up and jump in. After getting over the hump of the initi...

Aug 31st 2012
A W replied to LAreprazent's question:

Skipped cheat day, any healthy alternative?

You need a proper cheat day or you'll probably stall. At least I did. It wasn't that I wasn't cheating, it's just that every time I fell of the wagon and ate something small that I wasn't suppos...

Aug 22nd 2012
Aug 12th 2012
A W commented on A W's reply:

If you're worried about sodium, there are "Very Low Sodium" options of Albacore (from both Starkist and Bumblebee) that have about 35 mg...

Aug 9th 2012
A W replied to Caren Jackson's question:

What is your biggest struggle on SCD?

Breakfast was a problem for me too. Lately, I've taken to eating a 5-6 oz can of tuna and a half can of beans for the breakfast protein. They're both fast. Don't need cooking. And I don't feel li...

Aug 8th 2012
A W commented on A W's reply:

I just saw that you said "leaving out legumes". In that case I'd pop a serving of Almonds or Brazil nuts to get the rest of the protein ...

Aug 8th 2012
A W replied to inara's question:

enough proteins for breakfast

I'm pretty new too. So far this is sort of my fourth week, and I've just had what I would consider a cheat week where a bunch of people just kept coming over and food options with them were limite...

Aug 8th 2012
jordancohen blogged:

Hi! I am awesome.

Been doing 4hb on and off for a little while now. experienced success, trying to wean off of it and maintain the abs!

Apr 18th 2012

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