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Kristiina Miettinen replied to Jastinder Toor's question:

why is cottage cheese okay and plain yogurt not?

Cottage cheese has about 5 times more protein than plain yogurt. Actually, yogurt isn't a very good source of protein.

Mar 17th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to G G's question:

Those doing IF via Lean Gains

Hi! I am following everything to the letter on rest days. I eat around 2000kcal which is my 20% deficit. On training days I eat a bit higher carb than Martin recommends (and thus lower protein) b...

Mar 12th 2013

Lean gains rocks! I'm a week into that protocol and it's amazing. I had tried SCD+ESE (2 weekly 24 hours fasts) but lean gains seems to be even be...

Mar 10th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Jenny Au's question:

Intermittent-Intermittent Fasting

Hi, if you are going to fast (I am at the moment 100% on leangains' protocol) you should fast for 14 hours (recommended by Martin Berkhan for women) instead of 16. The fasting hours should be don...

Mar 10th 2013

Slo-carb is supposed to be simple so the "extras" Tim is recommending are limited. Just because "it's not in the book" doesn't...

Mar 2nd 2013

Err... what do you think PAGG stack is if not a fat burner? I have no answer to OP's question, but saying fat burners are generally a no-no is sim...

Mar 1st 2013

Wonderful! I love to do my lentils with a bit of dried smoked chili, I add the chili, salt and some coconut oil at the end. Creamy and delicious! ...

Feb 10th 2013

Damn straight. Grass fed butter, avocado and coconut and MCT oil are amazingly good for you!

Feb 8th 2013

Also, I remember Tim talking about water retention depending on women's hormonal cycle. You might want to check the book to see if the apparent st...

Feb 8th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Elma Love's question:

Why is it not working?

Use calipers and not the scale! Scales lie a lot. I agree with the water advice as well! How about "hidden" carbs? A friend of mine had stalled for a while and after talking for an hou...

Feb 8th 2013

Awesome! You're welcome .

Feb 8th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Rodrigo Jardim's question:

Very bad and dangerous results with SCD - beware of what your body needs

Well, the book pretty much advises that (over training). But also fitness experts like Steve Maxwell recommend against it. I personally do Kettlebells twice a week (not just swings but more compl...

Feb 8th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to goateez's question:

Effortless Superhuman...with home workouts?

Hi! I want to try an adapt a similar protocol but for increasing chin-up reps! What grappling are you doing, BJJ?

Feb 6th 2013

Excellent! How are you quantifying your fat gain by the way?

Feb 6th 2013

Actually Robb Wolf agrees with that. If you're not trying to lose weight, sweet potatoes and yams are more than acceptable.

Feb 6th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Dmayoff Mayoff's question:

4-Hour-Chef & Sweet Potatoes

The glycemic response for sweet potatoes apparently is a lot lower than regular potatoes. All the paleo folks rave about them, among squash and yams are the main paleo carbs. I rememeber Tim talki...

Feb 6th 2013
Douglas Castro commented on G G's reply:

Agreed. I have read some of the articles in Live Strong and the claims were sometimes straight up wrong.

Feb 4th 2013

You're welcome!

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Nancy Howat's question:

Protein shakes and water - didn't seem to help

For me the easiest part is to make the veggies (legumes and salad) pre served on the fridge. I usually have lentils and frozen spinach, so I have them served and ready to microwave in the morning....

Feb 4th 2013

Also, if there's a situation where the pressure's even bigger I might bluntly lie and say that I am either diabetic (can't eat carbs), celiac (no ...

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to mizeriqua's question:

The Big Book of Excuses

I just politely say "No Thanks" and if they insist (which is already a douchey move IMO) I reply, still politely: "For medical reasons" which is not at all a lie if you think o...

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Terena Belitz's question:

4HB and Insanity

Hi! I have done both but not simultaneously. I started doing Insanity without a proper diet plan and it worked when it comes to burning fat, but I remember it being very demanding and I remember ...

Feb 4th 2013

Hey Dylan! I tried other diets and protocols after I did this post and now after all the testing out I think SCD combined with ESE (2 weekly 24h f...

Feb 4th 2013

Oh yeah, sucralose is a no-no. As for sweeteners I have experimented with xylitol with great success (I measured my blood glucose with a meter). H...

Feb 4th 2013

If it doesn't have any sugars it shouldn't be a real problem... but staying away from over processed stuff is good anyways.

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Teresa Walters's question:

5 hour energy & Sweet Potatoes

I don't know about 5HE because we don't have it in Finland but sweet potatoes are not allowed... they are paleo and everything. But they are still a starch.

Feb 4th 2013

I actually like it a lot... but I prefer to drink my coffee black.

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Katherine Hutten's question:

Same meals everyday?

Hi! In my experience, as long as you stick to the rules (specially if you don't start omitting legumes) you should be fine! I always switch the proteins around (lamb, game, beef) and also the sala...

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Luis Mejia's question:

Intermittent Fasting and SCD

Hey! I agree with the first response, anything longer than 24 hours won't bring much of an extra benefit. In case you haven't yet, you could see this thread I posted a while ago on the same subjec...

Feb 4th 2013

Anyone tried butter? (Bulletproof coffee style)?

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to David Caceres Del Castillo's blog post:

3 Months update

David! Try having lentils with every meal. It works the best in my experience! I cook them with smoked chili and then add some coconut oil... creamy and delicious!

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Travis Mitchell's question:

Getting made fun of because of your diet?

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” David Brinkley It happened to me with a few "friends" until I posted a photo on fa...

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Kyle Ray Stevens's question:

PAGG. Must it be taken?

I tried it and didn't notice a big effect to be honest. I use it on the cheat days on occasion (along with the other tricks described in the "Damage Control" chapter).

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Chris Montone's question:

Drinking 8-16 oz of water before breakfast

I do it too! I attribute the effect more than to cold to the fact that diluting your gastric acids will shunt the insulin spike post meal! Thanks for sharing and congrats!!

Feb 4th 2013
Douglas Castro replied to Mike Manzi's question:

Stalling - any help?

Hey! I would suggest a few things: 1 - Already been said: 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. 2 - Try adding back lentils. I had stalled until I added them back to my diet. 3 - Insuline...

Feb 4th 2013
Jutta Annala replied to sufferingoptional's tip:

The championship rounds. (Or, "Why you should give SCD at least a month"))

Thank you! This came to me just about right time. I've have also my 4th week going on and the weightloss hasn't been impressive at all (due to too much exercise, but by my own choise). BUT why I ...

Nov 17th 2012

Great reply riverjamie!

Oct 8th 2012

Hey Nadine! I am just adding more protein because I am on a growth cycle. The author of Eat Stop Eat mentions on his second book that he only wats...

Oct 4th 2012

15%!? Wow, that's very lean! By cutting the carbs your body will eventually go to ketosis (which could also make you tired the first days). Once y...

Oct 4th 2012

hyperzx: Are you fasting daily then? I am not sure if that's very recommended, even by the biggest IF advocates. If you are, you might want to try...

Oct 4th 2012

Yeah, I understand is hard for some people... I am used to it already, so is my GF by now. The main thing I noticed with her in particular is tha...

Oct 4th 2012

I meant that whenever I feel the early symptoms of a flu. I do not enjoy being ill .

Oct 2nd 2012

You're welcome!

Oct 2nd 2012

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