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Martn Zucal asked a question:

Cheese: Brie and Cheddar

Hello. I am in a low carb diet (no sugar no carbs no milk) but i wonder if brie and cheddar cheese its ok. I read a lot and some people say that it is allowed, and in the other hands are peopl...

Nov 10th 2015
Martn Zucal commented on G G's reply:

What means "Compilant" and " Non Compilant"? I really dont like beans, thats why i asked about the crackers, because going to t...

Jan 7th 2015
Martn Zucal asked a question:

Breakfast / Salvado Crackers

Are salvado crackers allowed for breakfast, before going to the gym? My breakfast are 2 scrambbled eggs with 4 salvado cookies with light jam (again, is it allowed a little of light jam?), and a...

Jan 6th 2015

I never workout at night so I think avoiding the carbs before sleep is the best as I wont burn them. I'm going to go to the gym on midday Monday, ...

Oct 23rd 2013
Martn Zucal asked a question:

thanks for your answer!

I wanted to say thanks for your gentle answer! I want to ask you for your personal opinion about the subject of the carbs in breakfast. At first, i have to say that my primary goal is to lose fat,...

Oct 22nd 2013

Thanks Joshua! As you said, my primaries goals are to lose fat and gain muscle (started a week ago, 5'7" (171 cms) and 183 lbs, now 176 lbs) ...

Oct 22nd 2013
Oct 22nd 2013
Martn Zucal asked a question:

Is Whey X Pro a good shake before and after workout?

I have read a lot of protein's shakes that people have before and after the workout. The thing is that in my country I dont have those shakes. Is Whey X Pro a good alternative? This is the supplem...

Oct 22nd 2013
Martn Zucal asked a question:

Carbs in breakfast before workout gym?

I'm planning to start gym next week and I want to know if adding some carbs in the breakfast (maybe a toast (with the eggs or with some light jam) and a coffee with milk will make the big differen...

Oct 22nd 2013
Martn Zucal asked a question:

how to quit SCD diet?

I am in the SCD and i want to continue with it. The problem is when I reach my goals, how to quit the scd diet. If I quit and start eating carbs (little amounts, but carbs at the end), i will gai...

Oct 22nd 2013
Candela MM replied to Drewfis H's tip:

January checkpoint!

Wow, you look amazing!! loved the 'dukes' style' thing lol Congrats what an inspiration!

Jan 26th 2013

@DSheehan I thought for some people it might be. I was just suggesting possible problems. @rociodelmar I lost a few kilos and some inches before t...

Jan 25th 2013
Candela MM replied to RocĂ­o Mar's question:

I'm Skinny Fat - Please Help Me

I think you said it yourself - the shake and/or the diet coke might be the problem. I would eat more veggies with breakfast and maybe one more egg or other source of protein, that doesn't sound li...

Jan 24th 2013
Candela MM commented on wombat's reply:

Thank you wombat, the party got canceled, but I'll take your advice on enjoying the holidays!

Dec 23rd 2012

Gracias Juan! Happy holidays and happy bday too!

Dec 23rd 2012
Candela MM asked a question:

Cheating advice

I have an event tomorrow in which I know I'm going to drink, and my last cheat day was 5 days ago. The problem is, I was saving my next cheat day for Christmas Eve -that's 3 days from now-. SO, i...

Dec 21st 2012

I don't like coffee actually and I enjoy a few drinks on saturday night, do you think alcohol might be slowing my metabolism for the rest of the ...

Dec 18th 2012

Actually, it is what I wanted to hear, just someone that's been through the same. Thank you! I have a renewed optimism

Dec 14th 2012
Dec 14th 2012
Candela MM asked a question:

Not losing cheat day weight

So I've been doing SCD for almost 5 weeks now, and I know you guys are going to say I should give my body more time to adjust, but still... The first couple of weeks I lost almost 4 kg but the las...

Dec 12th 2012
Candela MM commented on wombat's reply:

dana, tofu is not allowed!

Dec 4th 2012
Candela MM replied to MaryC's question:

Breakfast is breaking my spirit! Help

What about making a frittata, eggmuffins, an omelette? You can cook it and reheat a piece every morning. Try this recipe by arctichacker, or something similar to it, it's really good. http://4h...

Nov 14th 2012

The timing thing is very interesting. I eat three big meals, breakfast at 10, lunch at 2, a snack at 6 and dinner at 9 (which is kinda late, I kno...

Nov 14th 2012

Thank you gretchenlin, that's exactly the answer I was looking for. The video is great! Everything makes much more sense now.

Nov 14th 2012
camila asked a question:

Some help!

Hi! I see your height is the same as mine, and you didn't have too much weight to lose on the first place, just like me. So I was wondering if you could give me an example of what you ate or any t...

Nov 13th 2012
Jul 7th 2012
Jun 28th 2012

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