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kpartin replied to Nicole Gillis's question:


I had a DEXA scan done in Texas at Texas A & M University. The athletic department has one there that they use for their athletes. I paid $80 for the DEXA there. You may want to check with ...

Sep 1st 2012
kpartin replied to Serkan Atila's question:

Cold Showers!!

I still take cold showers, as cold as the water gets in Texas in the summer. I prefer to turn on the cold water only and just jump in, but I prefer to jump in the pool and not ease in either. I...

Sep 1st 2012
Aug 15th 2012


Aug 15th 2012

Thanks....the success is in the diet. I have exercised all summer long, but my diet had been terrible and I have gained body fat. Today was back t...

Aug 15th 2012
kpartin commented on kpartin's reply:

As I sat here drinking my Organic Roasted Dandelion Root tea, I thought I would mention that it may be a good drink to help you out as well. Rese...

Jul 6th 2012
kpartin replied to Eric I's question:

My First Day. Am I doing this right?

Hey Eric, Congrats on starting the SCD. It is a very effective style of eating. My partner and I have been living this life for the past 1 1/2 years, as well as my 67 yo mother. We have all see...

Jul 5th 2012
kpartin commented on kpartin's reply:

I have been on the SCD for 1 1/2 years. I started at 169 lbs and got to a point of 152 lbs at about 6% body fat. I am not currently trying to lo...

Jul 5th 2012
kpartin replied to Sam Theman's question:

Yerba mate, everyday, or just cheat days?

I have been drinking Yerba Mate tea, both hot and iced daily. It is a beneficial tea to drink....not just for cheat day.

Jul 4th 2012
kpartin replied to briz_in_japan's question:

Green tea or yerba mate to stimulate weight loss?

I drink both green tea and yerba mate. I can not say definitively that one is better than the other, as far as weight loss is concerned. I do like the flavor of yerba mate, as a "hot" ...

Feb 20th 2012
kpartin commented on yarnphreak's reply:

I think you have to look at SCD as a way of life, not a diet. You will always gain the weight back when you go back to "eating normally"...

Feb 20th 2012
kpartin replied to setla's question:

When do you see results

I have been following this lifestyle of eating since January, 2011. Based on my experience, it is best to weigh once per week, usually the morning before your binge day. Watching the scales on a...

Feb 18th 2012
kpartin blogged:

Progress Update

Just an update on my 4HB progess. Back in December I went on an 8 day cruise and gained few pounds. I had been following the 4HB lifestyle for almost a year at that time. Ten pounds doesn't seem...

Feb 18th 2012
kpartin commented on Jake's reply:

After reading this, I had to give it a try. I thought it sounded a little odd, but it was great!

Feb 12th 2012
kpartin replied to Jens102's question:

Ice bath - and then?

I normally just dry off and let my body adjust back to normal temperature naturally. After a few ice baths, it makes taking cold showers easy! Best of luck! keith

Jan 29th 2012
kpartin replied to okcelia's blog post:

Member intro: 4HB

Don't worry...I am over 8 months into this way of eating and I still overindulge on cheat day. I often have a food hangover on the day after. I tell myself that I am not going down that road again...

Sep 4th 2011
kpartin replied to mocaloca's blog post:

Black beans & pork loin on slow cooker (feijoada)

Sounds and looks delicious. I am going to give it a try!

Sep 4th 2011
kpartin commented on kpartin's reply:

I take a multi-vitamin. I did 2 rounds of PAGG. I can't say that I can attribute the use of PAGG to any drastic changes. I have used various su...

Aug 14th 2011
kpartin commented on kpartin's reply:

I do 75 total set of 50, rest about 30 seconds and then 25. I also do 10 myotatic crunches on a bosu ball with a 10 pound weight. Fol...

Aug 14th 2011
kpartin commented on kpartin's reply:

When I was on the SCD from January to May, I had a cheat day every Saturday. Since I have been on the "last mile", I have had a "c...

Aug 14th 2011
kpartin replied to psdavis's question:

TOP TIPS for getting to sub-10% body fat?

At my last DEXA scan I was at 6.4% body fat. I achieved that by following SCD, kettlebell swings on Mon, Wed, and Fri, prior to eating breakfast, cold showers, moderate weightlifting, and an occa...

Aug 14th 2011
kpartin replied to GettingThere's question:

Brown Rice Protein Powder?

I have used Brown Rice Protein powder, both unflavored and vanilla flavored with unsweetened almond milk as a mid-morning snack while at work. The flavor with the vanilla protein powder was the b...

Aug 13th 2011
kpartin replied to HoneImprovement's question:

Before and After: 40 Days

Congratulations on your success! Your efforts are really showing.

Aug 12th 2011
kpartin replied to MentalTrap's blog post:

Before and after: 3 months 32 pounds

Great results! Keep it up!

Aug 7th 2011
kpartin replied to kristiperry's question:

SCD decisions based on blood type?

I have been following the "Blood Type Diet" since 2001. I am type O. I am currently following the Genotype Diet, which is a type of the BTD written by Dr. D'Adamo. Both my partner and I ...

Aug 3rd 2011
jameswendellbell replied to scm2423's blog post:

Member intro: Day One Over

Don't give up. The caffeine withdrawal will get worse before it gets better.

Jul 9th 2011
kpartin replied to TeaLove's question:

Ok, ok...mayyybe TMI but

If you are using Alpha Lipoic Acid, it creates an odor also. Garlic is not the only culprit.

Jul 4th 2011
kpartin replied to Lamby22's question:

Sugar-free Dark Chocolate, an absolute no?

Personally, if I were going to eat chocolate, I would stick with 86-90% dark chocolate with real sugar. You would need to limit the amount you eat.

Jul 2nd 2011
jameswendellbell asked a question:

The Last Mile Workout

Does anyone know if there is a workout/exercise program that goes with the last mile?

Jun 28th 2011
kpartin replied to adrianandtheboys's question:

Flavor of food on diet?

I do not find my food bland at all. I season my food with many fresh herbs and spices. Cayenne, cinnamon, and curry are great staples to have.

Jun 16th 2011
jameswendellbell replied to cmattoni's question:

Why and how would a low calorie version of this diet conflict with its guidelines?

Part of the reasoning behind the SCD is to make sure your body is getting enough calories so that your body doesn't think you are starving it. Once you go into starvation mode, you will stop your...

Jun 16th 2011
jameswendellbell replied to riazi's question:

Could I eat feta cheese for SCD?

You really shouldn't eat any cheese or dairy.

Jun 16th 2011
jameswendellbell replied to massagejenn's question:

anyone else have firbomyalgia and doing well with the scd?

I have had fibro since 1999. As long as I don't eat grains (wheat in particular) I have no symptoms. This diet is wonderful for those of us with fibromyalgia.

Jun 16th 2011
Jun 10th 2011
jameswendellbell replied to Mags's question:

What has slow carb done for you? (other than weight loss of course!)

For me, getting off the wheat/flour products cured my fibromyalgia--something the doctors could never do.

Jun 8th 2011
kpartin replied to ckcreations hansen's question:

2 month Update with pics

Great results! You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Jun 7th 2011

Let me know how it works for you. If you don't gain any fat, I will then try it.

Jun 3rd 2011
jameswendellbell replied to candacey's question:

Skip cheat day if no loss?

No, I have the binge day anyway. It is important for your weight loss and for your sanity.

Jun 3rd 2011
jameswendellbell replied to sarah-ra-ra's question:

How have others reacted to the SCD?

Here in Texas, it is the same. People think it is a temporary diet and wonder how long you are going to stay on it before you quit and gain all the weight back plus some, as that is their experie...

Jun 3rd 2011
jameswendellbell replied to EMC's question:

SCD Endpoint?

I am right there with you--can't seem to get the last 5-10 pounds of fat off. I have been on SCD since the first of the year.

Jun 2nd 2011
jameswendellbell replied to daveau21's question:

Starting diet tips?

I would not bother with supplements at first. See how the eating plan and workouts go; then maybe consider supplements later.

Jun 1st 2011
jameswendellbell replied to montrealrocket's question:

Timing of PAGG supplements

I took AGG before breakfast and lunch and dinner and PAGG before bed. On binge day I only took PAGG before breakfast and took a break from it for the rest of binge day.

Jun 1st 2011
jameswendellbell replied to wde99's question:
Jun 1st 2011
jameswendellbell replied to emilyo's question:

Week 3-4 results...and photos

Nice job. Keep up the good work.

Jun 1st 2011
jameswendellbell replied to rosebud123's question:

Cheat Day Experiment/Question

I put the cinnamon in my green tea. I drink the grapefruit juice before the high carb foods on binge day. I think it really helps.

Jun 1st 2011

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