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Kyle Farrah asked a question:

Rolled Oats in Cricket Bars

I am following the SCD and was rereading the Four Hour Chef. I noticed that Tim talks about using rolled oats in his cricket bar recipe. I was planning to make those bars this week, but would like...

Nov 10th 2015
Nwunye Mb. commented on G G's reply:

Thanks GG! yup, I feel a LOT better today. I spent yesternight stocking up my fridge with SC goodies!

Nov 19th 2013
Nwunye Mb. asked a question:

Feeling like such a dummy...

So, my Reset Day was this past Saturday. It was lovely: I hosted some close friends for crepes and eggs. Had a blast. Didnt really focus on doing Damage Control (I did drink GF juice, and lemon ju...

Nov 18th 2013
Nwunye Mb. blogged:

Just wanna share a little :)

Hey all! So I'm doing homework in my favorite homework place: Panera Bread. Normally, I would have a Frontega Chicken Sandwich, large soda and 3-4 candy cookies spread around me as I work. But to...

Nov 15th 2013


Nov 15th 2013

Thanks Margo and Eva - I *almost* devoured some warm nutmeg bread with melted butter... but just before I took a bite, I thought "Where is th...

Nov 14th 2013
Nwunye Mb. asked a question:

Bingeing on Slow Carb foods (have a cold)...

UPDATE: Okay, so in spite of eating almost DOUBLE the amount of SCD food I usually eat, I lost 3 POUNDS this morning! Just from yesterday! All I can say is - WOW! any explanations? Maybe I have be...

Nov 13th 2013
Nwunye Mb. replied to Rodrigo Flamenco's question:

How much exercise should I make

Hallo! I understand your desire to lose weight as quickly as possible; I used to want that too. However, I ALWAYS gained the lost weight back because I did not take the TIME to really understand m...

Nov 13th 2013
Nwunye Mb. replied to Martn Zucal's question:

how to quit SCD diet?

Personally, when I hit maintenance, I plan to have one day (Saturday) when I eat the goodies I enjoy (just like DGW now) and then one day (Sunday) when I lay off straight sugar but enjoy fruit, ch...

Nov 13th 2013
Nov 13th 2013
Nov 13th 2013
Nwunye Mb. replied to Markus Muller's question:

Is oatmeal ok

I second GG's answer. I'm a month into SCD (restarted) and one of the foods I eat is plantains. Yes, I know - it's carbs and some sugar - but I'm losing 3-5 lbs a week (I do have a lot to lose). T...

Nov 13th 2013

I find travel, both work and holiday, to be pretty easy on SCD. The full English breakfast is a great way to begin your day if you are staying in...

Jul 29th 2013

If I'm not mistaken, creatine would make me retain water weight?

Jul 18th 2013
Orlando Valencia asked a question:

Can you take c4 on the 4hb slow carb diet?

I was taking it before and was doing great, I then noticed that c4 had sugar and creatine. Definitely miss it when I go to the gym now.

Jul 18th 2013
Dave Radomski replied to Stefanie Marie's question:

Mon. Week 7 & Interesting discoveries

Great post. I've had a few discoveries of my own after six weeks. I've found work travel and vacation to be pretty easy on SCD. I did a vacation week with my family on week 3 of the diet and I ...

Jul 9th 2013
Dave Radomski asked a question:

Egg Beaters vs. egg whites

Is there any difference between the Egg Beaters product and pure liquid egg whites? I realize that there are more additives in beaters, but to me they just look and taste better, especially when ...

Jul 9th 2013
Orlando Valencia asked a question:

Can you take PAGG and MPC stacks together?

My fiance and I are currently doing the SCD and have started to add MPC stack. I wanted to know if we could add the PAGG stack on top of it, to help with our weight loss?

May 29th 2013

Thanks for the input, I'll definitely start boosting my protein at breakfast. Interesting, exercise stalling weight loss? Is that specifically st...

Oct 3rd 2012
Matt Hamrick asked a question:

A New Slow Carber

Hey everyone, I'm just getting start with this, so just wanted to introduce myself. I'm looking for advice on my methods, and some accountability, so all comments and thoughts are welcome! A litt...

Oct 2nd 2012
Ray Porter commented on TeaLove's reply:

I definitely got sick, it was the milk shake I had at the end of cheat day. I'm sure i ate 3000 calories on Sat.

Jul 30th 2012

Thanks for the suggestions, do you guys think that if I had to drink one of the carb control shakes for breakfast 1-2 a week it would negatively i...

Jul 26th 2012
Ray Porter commented on beaujac's reply:

Thanks for the advice, I did a lot of grilling last night and I have dinner and lunch covered until my cheat day. My thing is I HATE HATE HATE eat...

Jul 25th 2012
Ray Porter asked a question:

General Eating Question

My question is this, when eating on the diet I sometimes have a lack of time to eat and was wondering if not eating beans or a veggie with my meal would hurt. For example, this morning for breakfa...

Jul 25th 2012
Jason Hamrick replied to seoulfully's question:

Mental cheat day

I thought the same thing. I just finished my first cheat day yesterday. About half-way through, I remembered back when I was a kid and my dad caught me smoking. As punishment, he made me smoke cig...

Jul 15th 2012
Wil Moushey replied to Shery's question:

Still stalling

Drink more water! I would also consider dropping the butter, mayo and cream in the coffee. I have also found personally that including lean beef into the plan has enhanced fat loss. Good luck!

May 22nd 2012

Agree with the wine suggestion. It gives me something to Look forward to

May 22nd 2012
Wil Moushey replied to 42Wired's tip:
May 18th 2012
May 15th 2012

I agree with you. I just went with the regular beef. I decided if I am ever absolutely craving a good grass fed steak, I will just go to whole foo...

May 15th 2012
4hrfiddle replied to Wil Moushey's question:

Grass fed beef?

I have bought both grass-fed 85/15 and regular 85/15 beef. The grass fed tastes a little better I'd say, but is almost twice the price. When I think of all the things I eat under the SCD, I don'...

May 15th 2012
4hrfiddle replied to roxymuzic's question:

Is this plan ok for me: F/47/106lbs?

I don't see why you can't follow the slow carb eating plan (note that I did not say diet). I am now pretty close to my target weight and I still follow the slow carb plan with some minor modifica...

May 15th 2012
4hrfiddle replied to erdunn75's blog post:

6 week Mark! 11 lb down!

Congratulations! I waited until three months into the slow carb diet before starting the PAGG stack, because I had serious doubts about it and it seemed overpriced. Well, I found a low cost opti...

May 15th 2012
Wil Moushey asked a question:

Grass fed beef?

So I'm making my weekly stop at Costco today, and was just curious if anyone had an opinion on their Kirkland 85/15 grass fed ground beef. I typically try to go for leaner cuts of beef but because...

May 14th 2012
Wil Moushey commented on DerekM's reply:

Derek- awesome job on the testosterone paper! Made for a great read on a quick flight. Thanks for sharing!

May 11th 2012
Wil Moushey replied to H0llyw00d's question:

Sugar Fix?????

Tim suggest sugar free jello, make sure it's in moderation though. For me, a TBSP of almond butter or all natural peanut butter always does the trick.

May 2nd 2012
Wil Moushey replied to dylan debiase's question:

Constant Hunger!

Adding fats is a good suggestion. I am also a younger active male (23) and I have found since adding more Grass Fed Beef to my diet I have felt more full. Then again I am at more of a maitenance p...

May 2nd 2012
Wil Moushey replied to sbajz's question:

Cheat days

5 pounds really isn't much of a gain at all! If you want to try to speed up the process of getting back to your normal weight, I have found drinking more water on cheat days helps out a lot. But l...

May 2nd 2012

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