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Oatmeal is completely fine, it is low GI Tim has some problems with Gluten foods, so what, oatmeal in considerate amounts with an active lifestyl...

Jun 17th 2011
popilov asked a question:

Eggs, Meat and ... ?

These are my meals: Meal #1: Eggs + Beans + Veggies Meal #2: Chicken Breast + Beans + Veggies Meal #3: HAVE NO IDEA - so end up random snacking I'm still losing weight well but want to optimize t...

Jun 8th 2011
popilov replied to cbuijs's question:

Black beans = Ow.

HAHA I was going through a fart storm as well after black beans I guess you need to eat them for dinner, so you don't fart at work

Jun 4th 2011

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