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5 hours ago
Kimberly Tillman replied to Douglas Ackerman's question:

What's your Stake?

I am in control of this. After yrar years of letting my weight go out of control I realized.that. I have control of this one thing ans tb then I ko Looked at my lifeand realized I control tho this...

2 days ago

I went to the fat burner page and scrolled over to right side of the page were I was able to type new weight and measurments

5 days ago
Kimberly Tillman blogged:


Its amazing that i grab a chicken instead of a bag of chips and still loss half a ound a day.268 to 255 from cheat day to cheat day weight.

5 days ago
Kimberly Tillman asked a question:

im having a hard time communivating here

I have been trying to update my weight and abbb pics of food and back soace can yiu heLp me.

8 days ago
Kimberly Tillman asked a question:

how do i update my weight

I am Thinking about leaving tjhe sight i cant back spaveC i cant upload pocs I just dumb-hey font answer that. PleasE help me

8 days ago
Kimberly Tillman blogged:

how do I place my pictures here

how do I place my pictures here

12 days ago

Pork rinds

13 days ago

No cheese is allowed but at chipolte I still get cheese and corn and still lose. It is a personal thing, but Tim says no cheese that is for cheat ...

13 days ago
Kimberly Tillman blogged:

week 2 And still standing

So it’s only Tuesday and im doimg well. Yesterday O had terroble head ache. I took some asprin with caffeine. and turned in early. I eat mostly chicken salaad from chipolte. I would not sugg...

15 days ago
Kimberly Tillman blogged:

first cheat day

OK some im 1.5 pounds down the day after my cheat day. I have 100 pounds to loss so I think this is normal i startedye my day off with beans spinich and lamb chop fromtalk the nigtj:-(t before. I ...

17 days ago
Kimberly Tillman asked a question:

1week out AGAIN

I am 1week out and lossing a pound a day. Were do i JusT put my progress not just questions.

18 days ago
cnight commented on Minnesota's reply:

I was actually starting to wonder if you eat every 3 hours in LM because it increases metabolism, it sounds like I was on the right track there at...

Dec 21st 2012
cnight commented on Minnesota's reply:

Here's hoping you see this and can answer a bit more. I thought that LM was usually used near the end of a SCD. In fact from several posts on th...

Dec 21st 2012
cnight commented on lisa_a's reply:

But, I think TF states that with meals having chicken, eggs.. maybe 1 other (I gave my book to someone else for awhile so cannot check) you need t...

Dec 18th 2012
cnight asked a question:

Second time w/ Last Mile

So, I did not get answers on my first post (posted a week ago), maybe this one will pan out better. Questions on "The Last Mile": TF states you MUST have either almonds or peanut butter...

Dec 16th 2012
lemonems commented on Litfuel's reply:

You can't get too discouraged by one bad week. Maybe switching to the protein shake instead of eggs isn't working for you. When my cravings are ba...

Aug 3rd 2012
Hushpup3333 blogged:

Getting Discouraged - Need to Stay the Course

I am in the midst of week four and I am severely discouraged. I am trying to keep in mind all the posts regarding women needing to get through 5-6 weeks to really see results. However, this week...

Apr 13th 2012
Hushpup3333 changed Hushpup3333's photo!
Apr 13th 2012
Hushpup3333 blogged:


On week 3 of scd, 25 yo 5'6" female, started at 150#, sitting at 146# now.

Apr 6th 2012
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Apr 6th 2012
Hushpup3333 asked a question:

Workout or eating w/in 30 min of waking?

I work as an accountant and work long hours. The only time I can workout is early in the morning; however, on the days I workout I end up not eating within 30 minutes of waking. Once I workout, sh...

Apr 6th 2012

Nope, still lost about an average of 4lbs/week, give or take. I didn't really use cups of the stuff, though...just maybe a small handful here and ...

Dec 29th 2011
shouser144 blogged:

Hi, I'm shouser144

After forty I have noted the scale slowly climbing and the pants slowly tightening. I would like to reverse this situation.

Dec 17th 2011
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Dec 17th 2011
JenKon03 blogged:

Hi, I'm JenKon03

Likes: Content marketing, SEO, social media, Cleveland sports, reading Dislikes: Verbosity, spam, clowns, mayo and bananas

Nov 17th 2011
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Nov 17th 2011
ameliander asked a question:

No-soy vegan cheese allowed?

I used to sprinkle cheese on marinara sauce, and microwave it whenever I craved comfort food but was too lazy to boil pasta. I miss cheese. Is Daiya cheese allowed? The ingredients seem safe: F...

Oct 24th 2011

thank you so much

Sep 11th 2011
lemonems commented on Minnesota's reply:

Yes, very happy with the results so far! My husband has lost 20 lbs and I have lost 12 after 9 weeks. We've made some mistakes along the way, but ...

Aug 20th 2011
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Aug 1st 2011
lemonems blogged:

hello there!

My husband and I are doing SCD together. We are a few weeks in.

Aug 1st 2011
Voodabluebird shared a tip:

3 Bean Salad and a Very Good Sweet Salad Dressing

Hello! I've been doing the slow carb diet for about 3 weeks, and so far am really enjoying it. Especially the cheat days. The one thing I've been missing is my salads... before starting this prog...

Jul 17th 2011
ameliander asked a question:

bettering myself

In the past 19 years, my life has not treated me all too kindly. However, yy depression that had stemmed from certain events is slowly starting to ebb away, and I am determined to have the body I ...

Jun 24th 2011

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