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Robin M commented on ironcheftj's reply:

Thanks IronChefTj, (re: answer 2) I actually do not eat dairy at all except for cheat day... but I do use liquid splenda and take a lot of suppleme...

May 8th 2014
May 8th 2014
Robin M replied to jlimislandmusic's question:

No Love for carrots or Tabasco?

Sriracha has sugar in it and therefore isn’t really allowed at all. I’m not sure what is in Tobasco, but I use Frank’s Red Hot like it’s going out of style.

May 6th 2014
Robin M replied to Sumsum77's question:

Skin Changes on 4HB

I don’t really have any breakouts other than normal, but I did start getting a rosacea like irritation on my face. I haven’t really solved it yet, and it’s been 15 months. ItR...

May 6th 2014
Robin M asked a question:

IF before and after cheat

Hi, your progress is amazing! I was wondering if I could ask you a question. I was just reading your post about fasting before and after cheat day. Right now we fast after, but not before. Fasti...

May 6th 2014
Robin M replied to Ana Sofia Hibon's question:

Bean/Pea flours

I can’t speak to whether it’s technically allowed, but we use Garbanzo Bean Flour to bread things from time to time and haven’t seen a problem from it. We haven’t done anything like tortil...

Mar 14th 2014
Feb 19th 2014
Amy Cohen asked a question:

I stalled and lost my umph

I can't seem to get back into the sc lifestyle and I need help! I was very strict with myself and lost a lot of weight, getting down to 116 from 158 (I am 47 and 5ft tall woman). I starting gett...

Feb 18th 2014
Robin M replied to Shari Bayani's question:

5 lbs lost first week, 5 lbs gained cheat day...is this normal?

Hi Shari, It should come back off pretty fast We do an intermittent fasting day on Sunday to help correct for cheat day. We stop eating around 10-11 on Saturday night, and don't have anything u...

Jan 13th 2014
Robin M replied to wingtcoach's question:

How many of you have dropped the beans?

I am approaching one year and haven't given up beans yet - but I just have a bit with lunch and dinner and don't go too crazy with it. Do you deal with hunger at all? I think that's where the bean...

Jan 13th 2014
Robin M replied to Christine Presto's question:

Stalling, need some advice

What does your cheat day look like? How about your average calories during the week?

Nov 7th 2013
Robin M replied to Andrea Holloman's question:

PAGG Stack

Actually, I am taking this right now and I am sending it back (both my husband and I have been taking it). Weight loss has totally stopped since switching to this brand. I get the worst heartburn ...

Jul 11th 2013
Robin M replied to G G's question:

Lentil Pasta - 1 Ingredient, Lentils!

I eagerly await your update!

Jul 11th 2013
Laura Ramsey replied to slow_carbing_it's question:

calcium supplement

I've had a lot of luck with the "vitamin shoppe" private label. I haven't used their calcium specifically, but I've found all the others without additives there- except green tea.

Jun 25th 2013

I just added an update to my original post. It wouldn't let me edit my question on here, so I wrote it as a new question/tip on the board. I've li...

Jun 24th 2013
Laura Ramsey shared a tip:

Adjustments for Women (Update from Question bo

I tried to add this as an update to a question I recently posted, but my computer kept having an issue loading the page. It's been 2 weeks since I first posted, and I am happy to report that I a...

Jun 24th 2013
Jun 18th 2013
Laura Ramsey commented on Merri's reply:

I knew carrots were off limits but didn't realize about peas- though that makes sense. I'll cut those out. Other than those my veggies consist of ...

Jun 13th 2013

Thank you for your response! Here's a sample of my daily meals: Breakfast: 1 egg + 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup ground turkey, 1/4-1/3 can of black beans...

Jun 10th 2013

Thank you for the quick response! I keep trying to edit my original post to include meals, but the page won't load, so I'm going to post details h...

Jun 10th 2013
Laura Ramsey asked a question:

Adjustments for Women? No success so far...

I've been following the slow-carb diet for 8 weeks now. I've read & re-read the book, I take the supplements, and I am strict about what I eat. My boyfriend has been living the 4-hour lifestyl...

Jun 9th 2013

Thanks, Tanner. I may just go for it then. Binging curbs my craving during the week anyway. I'm going to try fasting for 18-24 hours after my last...

Jun 9th 2013
Jun 9th 2013
Chris Cas asked a question:

Cheat meal vs cheat day?

What do you think about a cheat meal vs a cheat day? I've been seeing great results, and I'm wondering if I can get more results faster by taking it easy on the bad foods on Saturday. Thoughts?

Jun 8th 2013
Chris Cas asked a question:

How do I post before and after photos?

Hi all! Dumb question...how do I go about attaching a before and after picture?

Jun 8th 2013
Amy Cohen replied to Travis Mitchell's question:

Getting made fun of because of your diet?

I work in a kitchen and bake fresh pita bread everyday. I am surrounded by lots of temptations. Most people are very impressed at my ability to stay on my SC lifestyle. Many ask me what I am doing...

Feb 3rd 2013
Amy Cohen replied to wombat's tip:

Chicken Fried... not Fried Chicken

Sounds really tasty. I'm going to try it this week. Thanks

Dec 16th 2012
Oct 29th 2012
Kim Evans replied to NatalieGS's question:

Ladies- changes in your period???

I was up half the night googling what might be wrong with me! I'm two weeks into the SCD... my cycle came right on time but was extremely heavy. Being on the pill, this is way out of the norm. ...

Sep 16th 2012
Aug 14th 2012

WoW. At your progress. Way to hang in there.

Aug 10th 2012

What do you track in your spreadsheet?

Aug 2nd 2012

I made it a bit more descriptive.

Aug 1st 2012

Sorry, the boxes that say start typing are auto-complete. You just start tying a value, in this case you can type weight, blood sugar, waist etc. ...

Aug 1st 2012

Invited you, let me know if you have any troubles.

Jul 31st 2012

Should have kg/cm by the end of the week, and everything can be as private as you want it. The privacy system is similar to googles circles.

Jul 31st 2012

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