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Jon Tao replied to Alexandra buta's question:

Slow carb diet for fit people?

I'm pretty sure the slow carb diet is supposed to get you down to 10-12% body fat. I don't think you can get below that on the diet. If you are over 12% body fat, then no problem! Go on the diet a...

Sep 24th 2012
Jon Tao asked a question:

Panda Express

Hi all. I'm a college student and I'm usually really busy during the week and usually need to eat out once a day. I usually go to Panchero's (similar to Chipotle), but I was thinking of a new opt...

Sep 20th 2012
eighdrose replied to Quirky Bagzo's question:

how much butter is a allowed per day for SCD?

i dont think you are thinking of the SCD right. while fat is ok glycemicaly, it has a high caloric density. by comparison, everything else allowed is low calorie density. even though he describ...

Oct 4th 2011
eighdrose replied to tpcdelisle's question:

How much protien

i THOUGHT the book said at least 20grams per meal. the past 1.5 weeks ive been making sure i have 1 cup of meat (pretty much any meat i looked up had at least 20 grams per 8oz serving). i dont t...

Oct 3rd 2011
MentalTrap commented on Steph's reply:

Thanks! I hope you are seeing the results you wanted as well.

Sep 24th 2011

Thank you! I wish the best for you as well.

Sep 24th 2011
eighdrose commented on oddjob's reply:

OH INTERESTING, i had completely forgotten about canned tuna. i think im going to have to buy more just for the sake of "dont feel like cook...

Sep 15th 2011
eighdrose commented on Beaver's reply:

ive heard of sous vide but never tried it. I always thought I should do my own with a crock pot but got tired of figuring out how/what i needed. ...

Sep 15th 2011
eighdrose commented on JJJ's reply:

i had not thought about making SUPER batches on sunday and freezing everything for the rest of the week. i COULD be up for that. do beans/scramb...

Aug 22nd 2011
eighdrose asked a question:

how do i cook 4hb food without lots of time?

ugh, 2nd time typing this out, lets hope the page works..... for the past 6 months i've done the diet, at least every other day i have to cook. i'll either cook meat, veges or beans. getting ho...

Aug 22nd 2011

i filled out the contact form. did you get my email on friday?

Aug 22nd 2011
eighdrose replied to MKrick's question:

100 lbs in 208 days.

can i ask you some questions over email? i started about the same time as you but have only lost about 50 pounds. in the past month i have pretty much completely stalled. I would love to get so...

Aug 19th 2011
Aug 16th 2011
MentalTrap commented on MaryC's reply:

G2F is Geek to Freak it is on page 187 in the book. As for the protein shake there has been some debate on whether the Whey in the protein causes...

Aug 12th 2011
MentalTrap commented on kubasjs's reply:

I'm glad I was a bit of inspiration. This box only allows so many words to be typed in it. So If I'm missing anything that you would like to know ...

Aug 11th 2011
MentalTrap replied to jhowes84's blog post:

A little laugh at Mr Ferriss' expense...

As a dental student I find this hilarious. Too bad it is taking me four years not four hours.

Aug 10th 2011
MentalTrap commented on kpartin's reply:

Thank you!

Aug 8th 2011

First off thanks for the nice comment! How do I survive for 4 hours and 50 minutes on just a protein shake? Well I have a feeling that my morning...

Aug 6th 2011
MentalTrap blogged:

Before and after: 3 months 32 pounds

Hello my fellow SCD teammates, Long story short, I started at 215lbs and I am now 183lbs. I followed the diet pretty strictly and went nuts on my cheat day. 7:00am wake up 7:10 am- prote...

Aug 5th 2011
MentalTrap replied to YouKnowMe's question:

A little awkward, but..

I think if there was a 15 minute organism for men the clean up would require professional assistance.

Aug 5th 2011
MentalTrap asked a question:

Standard process supplements

Hello my fellow 4HBer’s, I have a random question about certain supplements I have been taking. On occasion I visit the chiropractor and just recently he has been “licensed” to sell stand...

Aug 5th 2011
MentalTrap asked a question:

"BLOG" cheat day woes

Cheat day woes In our journey to obtaining that ever so elusive 6-pack I’m sure some of us have made a few mistakes on this diet. I find it interesting/funny to hear other people’s cheat day w...

Jul 17th 2011
MentalTrap replied to Shogun's question:

Lack of complex carbs has my doctor concerned

http://www.weightlossforall.com/complex-carbs.htm Check this website out. At the bottom of the chart it shows beans ( baked) and lentils( boiled). I have zero educational background in nutrition...

Jul 1st 2011
MentalTrap replied to Mauro's question:

Anyone with IBS doing the slow carb diet?

I have a slight case of IBS and it worsens during stressful situations ( i.e. school, work, dinner with the in-laws). Anyway since I have been on this diet my IBS has improved. A good day for me i...

Jun 29th 2011
MentalTrap commented on Ruby's reply:

Thanks to both of you I wanted to vote both answers as great answers, but it will only let me like one( But both are equally as good). Good luck t...

Jun 25th 2011
MentalTrap asked a question:

Burning that midnight oil….

Burning that midnight oil…. This is a question to anyone who stays up late to study/write/create or anything that uses mental power. I have been on SCD for a bit now and have seen pretty good r...

Jun 17th 2011
Jim asked a question:

Where are my professional students at?

Hello my fellow four-hour body enthusiasts, This is my first time posting on this site and while I do not have a question I would like to provide some real-life experiences on emotional...

Jun 16th 2011
MentalTrap asked a question:

Professional Students "BLOG"

Hello fellow 4-hour body readers, This post is for any student actually, but through my trials and tribulations through academia I noticed that my studies in professional school have...

Jun 16th 2011
MentalTrap replied to alandor's question:

BUN count up the roof!

Alandor, I have just had some pretty extensive blood work done myself because of a recent c.diff infection. I'm not on occam's protocol but I'm on the SCD. All my blood work came out within no...

Jun 16th 2011

so you are also advocating LOTS OF THE GODS DAM VEGETABLES. hmm, lately ive slipped back into equal portions of meat, beans and veg. in the coup...

May 30th 2011
eighdrose commented on Jay_S's reply:

no kettlebells yet. im busy as all hell this month so that might have to wait until july to start.

May 30th 2011
eighdrose commented on michele's reply:

my lowest weight has been 455, i was 458 this am. def making progress, slower than i wanted. trying to only have cheat day when i loose 5 lbs. ...

May 30th 2011

Thanks NeoFight. I figured this was the case but wanted to check and make sure. I am currently trying a combo of moderate exercise 2-3 times a ...

Apr 6th 2011
tombomb101 asked a question:

Should I modify SCD if I have < 20 lbs to lose

Hello everyone! I only just started reading 4HB, even though I got it for Christmas, and I'm loving it. I have been following the SCD for the past 2 days (6 meals) and can already notice some sm...

Mar 31st 2011

hmmmm, dont think i have any chopsticks. will have to visit the nearby asian stores. ill add this to the pile of things to try.

Mar 22nd 2011

been watching my water, i normally get just over 2 liters a day. i can do 3 if i have salty stuff. i think its going to be very hard to have 3 li...

Mar 22nd 2011

shit ok, at my size i guess i still need to worry about calorie counting a little. with the big shift to vegetables idk if i need to, but i'll try...

Mar 22nd 2011
eighdrose commented on Shery's reply:

i can tell im eating less than before diet. i was just fine with all the spinach because of the animal fat (tasted like meat not spinach). i was ...

Mar 16th 2011

doing some cold water therapy, at least 500ml water at waking, and 5 mins cold shower once a day. i doubt the hidden sugar in my pasta sauce, beca...

Mar 16th 2011
eighdrose asked a question:

i'm 500 pounds, day 45 on diet and 0 weight change

im feeling pretty frustrated on the 4hb right now. im sticking to my no cheat days and enjoying my saturday with whatever i want. this is a (somewhat typical, i may change lunch or dinner around...

Mar 16th 2011
eighdrose asked a question:

bloated after eating, hard to keep up blood sugar, help?

just over a week into the diet ive noticed some problems. after i eat, it takes a WHILE for it to raise my blood sugar, so i feel like i should eat more (for up to an hour after a meal) even thou...

Feb 3rd 2011

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