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Ben2TheMax asked a question:

Pu-erh tea

Hey SCDs, I’ve been on the SCD for over two years and have lost over 80lbs from 252lbs to 170lbs. It’s become a lifestyle for me even through a huge transition from the Cayman Islan...

Apr 12th 2014

Thanks Dylan. I've done some tweaking since then, cutting out all the other things (occasionally 3 brazil nuts or a tbs of almond butter before...

May 8th 2013

Hey Jay, First let me say that your comment coming today is very interesting. I was on the site earlier today b/c I've hit another stall and was ...

May 8th 2013
Jan 12th 2013
Ben2TheMax shared a tip:

Very interesting article re: gluten & wheat

Hey all, As an almost year long 4HBer, I've been astounded at how hard it was to wean myself off grains. I stuck to it and have lost nearly 60lbs since January. As we head into the holiday seas...

Dec 13th 2012
Ben2TheMax replied to garystewart51's question:

sweet and sour stir fry?

Funny thing about this post... Last night I bailed on making my typical bulletproof SCD baked chicken w/ EVOO, spinach, and black bean salad for dinner in favor of a take out from an Asian place. ...

Dec 2nd 2012
Dec 1st 2012
Dec 1st 2012
Oct 31st 2012

Thanks Drewfis. Please do let me know. It DOES feel awesome... and I'm EXTREMELY appreciative... I want more, and I know I'm nowhere near 'The La...

Oct 31st 2012

That's what I'm thinking, Brenda... And couple that with what DSheehan is saying as well with the good fats, there was this almond butter from On...

Oct 31st 2012

Thanks Brenda.... Abt 1/4 to 1/3 cup of bb per meal. I use heavy whipping cream and approx 1 tbsp per cup of coffee. Will double check the turkey...

Oct 30th 2012

Thanks Jones... Been having major issues with people who have the body/metabolism/whatever to drop more weight than I have in a shorter period of ...

Oct 30th 2012
Ben2TheMax asked a question:

How to be happy w/ this?

Hi all... I've been doing the 4HRBody since January 7th. I am 5'11" and was 252lbs and at the beginning the weight was pouring off. I've stabilized quite a bit and eventually came close to ...

Oct 30th 2012
Ben2TheMax is doing a tutorial!

Intermittent Fasting for 9-5ers

This challenge will introduce you a weight loss tactic known as intermittent fasting (IF). Don't worry, it's not a starvation diet, it's simply a m...

Oct 3rd 2012
Ben2TheMax replied to Jay Zaroda's question:

PAGG on cheat day

Yes. P/AGG on cheat days. Also try the air squats and triceps presses in the lav before your first binge meal and then 90 mins after your last bite of said meal. This keeps my gain to around 3...

Sep 14th 2012
Ben2TheMax replied to Merry Popkins's question:

Off wagon for 3 days now. Not giving up.

We all feel your pain.... Back on the wagon is fantastic. Kudos! Remember the 80/20.... 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. Try to make small changes that lead to big gains. How a...

Sep 13th 2012

The *only* way I've been able to dissolve cinnamon in my coffee is by putting it in a tiny amount of cold water, nuking it for 30 seconds then bre...

Sep 13th 2012

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