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Amy Amendola replied to Danielle Waldo's tip:

Crackers made from broccoli

Did you bake them, or just raw?

Sep 6th 2012
Amy Amendola replied to xtian's blog post:

WHOO HOO!!! I broke my plateau!

Jergens skin firming lotion works well. Give it a couple weeks, but I've had good luck with that. It's relatively inexpensive and smells nice. Good work on the loss and sticking with it!!

Aug 17th 2012
May 29th 2012
jessm926 blogged:

29 y/o F 150 lbs/5'4"

This is the last summer I have that I will be in my 20's. I have fluctuated with my weight over the years and I want to focus on a overall healthier lifestyle. I want to gain better self disciplin...

May 28th 2012
jyoung2gu blogged:

Just checkin out the forum

I've been working out for about 7 years now. I'm about to be 27, have my 2nd kid on the way and after 3 years of grinding my ass off day in and day out, am finally making enough money to know that...

Apr 26th 2012
Lawrence Albano shared a tip:

Avoid clumpy casein by using hot water

For those of you who use a chocolate casein mix (I used Gold Standard). Try using warm or hot water. This really breaks down the casein much better than cold water and resembles hot chocolate. I h...

Mar 6th 2012
Dec 29th 2011
Lawrence Albano replied to 42Wired's tip:

Slow Carb Diet FAQs

This tip has given my SCD new life. Thank you so much. You put my diet chaos back into perspective completely.

Dec 28th 2011
Lawrence Albano blogged:

Member intro: 4 Hour Cheater

I started the Slow Carb diet with great success in February 2011. My starting weigh-in was unknown but was probably around 390-400lbs. In June I slimmed down to 360 pending my summer vacation at t...

Dec 28th 2011
Buffalo_Tim blogged:

Hi, I'm Buffalo_Tim

Hi Everyone. I am 30 years old, and a new dad. I am loving the 4 hour body because it is so simple, effective, and efficient. It allows me to get in shape, lose weight, and still have time to spen...

Dec 11th 2011
phild3791 blogged:

Member intro: 40 and Unfit

Just turned forty and I need to undo 18 years of neglect. I had my body fat measured today in the Bod-Pod, grand total 33% body fat. Will be going for blood tests this week and getting out the tap...

Sep 1st 2011
Joiedevivre replied to odac25thka's question:

Can I take Casein or Whey alone or take together?

I had this dilemma & I was going to pick casein because TF said that whey could make you stall (in dairy products), but then thought about the 30 grams in 30 minutes of waking, and I think it ...

Aug 29th 2011
nati commented on Katherine's reply:

I'm beginning my 5th week and I lost 8lbs. and lost 2 inches from my waist and hips. I gain 2 lbs after cheating days so far. i was om my mestrual...

Aug 29th 2011
nati commented on Minnesota's reply:

thank you! looking forward to reaching my goal.

Aug 28th 2011
nati blogged:

Member intro: It's a lifestyle!

I am so excited about this "lifestyle" that is right! it is not a diet. at least that is how i see it. I' ve tried many ways to loose the 15 to 20 extra pounds. I been succesful but onc...

Aug 27th 2011
11camden11 asked a question:

Is going to the gym hurting me?

I have been on the slow carb diet for about a month now, during the first two weeks I wasn't working out and I lost a total of 14 pounds. I then lost 2 pounds during each of the following two wee...

Aug 18th 2011
11camden11 asked a question:

Weight training on the slow carb diet

Is going to the gym detrimental to the slow carb diet? How can I enhance my time at the gym to ensure strong results? I still have a lot to lose!! I have been adhering to the 4 hour body for ab...

Aug 18th 2011
11camden11 blogged:


I started the 4-hour body about a month ago. So far I have been pretty pleased with the results. The day before I started the diet I stepped on the scale and discovered a horrifying number, 287....

Aug 18th 2011
Joiedevivre replied to willydogusa's question:

Bresaola and Prosciutto crudo

Those are rich meats and you wouldn't be eating large portions of them. They would not have a significant impact on blood sugar, so I say go for it in moderation!

Jul 27th 2011
Joiedevivre commented on Trust1's reply:

Interesting thought, but previously sensations were intact and in proper working order. Will ponder this one, though.

Jul 26th 2011

My baby is actually 19 months old, but still have the separation. Not sure what ab exercise is the best... Thanks!

Jul 11th 2011
Joiedevivre asked a question:

Can the myotatic crunch worsen diastasis recti?

The separation of the abdominal muscles after childbirth/during pregnancy. I swear mine has gotten worse and stomach looks bigger because of the separation. Please advise.

Jul 11th 2011

If you are losing inches, don't even look at the weight. I was working out with weights and was losing no weight and getting discouraged. My tra...

Jun 18th 2011

A lot of times just switching diets makes you retain water. I gained 3 lbs going (low carb) vegan for a week- go figure! That gets things moving...

Jun 18th 2011

They also have unflavored whey and 10% off if you spend over $50 with flat shipping of $6.95, I think. They do have flavored ones sweetened with ...

Jun 18th 2011
Joiedevivre asked a question:

TIP: I found casein powder without artificial sweeteners.

I was looking to switch up my whey shake that has acetasulfane K (sp?) and sucralose and found it on a bodybuilder forum. Not a bad price, either. http://www.musclefeast.com/

Jun 17th 2011
Joiedevivre replied to Stephen's question:

Questions about the 15 minute female orgasm for Nicole Daedone and OneTaste

Any suggestions with females that have little feeling in the genital area? (ie: need stronger stimulation/lack sensation)

Jun 8th 2011
Joiedevivre replied to escherwisser's question:

Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) yes or no?

I am a pharmacist and vitamin D3 is the "natural" form of vitamin D. More readily absorbed, etc. It is rare to overdose on vitamin D, and most people are deficient-especially in the No...

Jun 8th 2011
Joiedevivre replied to shane's question:

Where are you from?

Buffalo, NY And I do "Love Shack" at karaoke. Once at the "Cat's Meow" in New Orleans and it was awesome! I felt like a rock star. ( I did the boy's part.)

May 26th 2011

I do have the book, but haven't finished it & wanted to get started right away. I did read the SCD part and certainly understand the 'no frui...

May 25th 2011
Joiedevivre replied to alisac's question:

Prior Atkins Dieters

I have been doing Atkins for 15 years and have started SCD with very little visible results (weight, BF%, inches). I think if you have been eating carbs and went to SCD, it would be more noticabl...

May 24th 2011

Not much success so far and actually gained a few pounds after cheat day- even a few days after being back on SCD. I admit, I am mostly eating pr...

May 24th 2011
Joiedevivre replied to Cat34's question:

Slowish Carb Oatmeal ;)

You can make hot cereal from flax seeds, too. They are pretty much 99% fiber. You can use water and a little heavy cream or almond milk, cinnamon and stevia.

May 24th 2011

Wow, thanks for the great advice! I am going to check out the casein protein. I wonder if Netrition has it? Or if it is really expensive? (I get...

May 18th 2011

I only get the natural peanut butter (no sugar no hydrogenated oils) and eat 100% chocolate since I don't eat sugar on Atkins- of course in small p...

May 18th 2011
May 18th 2011
Joiedevivre asked a question:

Atkins to 4HB

I know my results will not be as significant as someone who has been routinely eating carbs. Does anyone have any tips on maximizing results going from Atkins to the SCD? I am hoping the cheat d...

May 18th 2011
Joiedevivre replied to Mags's question:

Anyone know how to make riceless sushi?

I get sashimi grade tuna at my local grocer, thaw (if frozen) & serve cut up with soy, wasabi & sesame oil. Yum! My local sushi place has sushi without rice as well, or you can ask them ...

May 18th 2011
Joiedevivre asked a question:

Getting used to diet- need advice on calories/carbs

I have been doing Atkins for 15 years, so I feel ignorant on the SCD. I thought it was pretty much the same except the cheat day, but now I'm not sure. 1. Is there a certain amount of calories ...

May 18th 2011
Joiedevivre asked a question:

New to 4HB - food question

Just starting and have been doing Atkins for 15 years... so not too much of a change, except for cheat days. Will be an adjustment eating carbs again! Does peanut butter (natural) count as a leg...

May 18th 2011

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