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Orules12 blogged:

New to "Dieting"

I started this diet the day i listened to the audio book. So far, i love it, and I have lost 25 pounds.

Feb 15th 2012
david123 replied to DexV's question:


I think 50lbs is going to be heavy to start with swings. I got a 36lb kettlebell to start with, and I'm still using it after 3 weeks. I'm up to the 75 reps, but it hurts! I figure another few w...

Feb 10th 2012
david123 replied to smudge14255's question:

No energy for running

This isn't an answer, but if you are running between 35 and 120 miles a week - why are you looking to reduce your carbs? You should be burning plenty of calories. If you want to reduce your BF o...

Jan 31st 2012
david123 replied to Sephog OG's question:

Ultra endurance

I did my first marathon last year, so I am no expert but, ... For a marathon, you will have to put in some distance work. HIIT will help with your speed, but for endurance, I think you'll have t...

Jan 31st 2012

I've seen DEXA scans for about $100. I have a Tanita body fat scale, and it seems to give fairly consistent and accurate results. I haven't look...

Jan 30th 2012
david123 blogged:

Just starting on SCD

I'm one week on the SCB. Started at 206lbs, 20% body fat. After one week I was down to 202.5 and 21% body fat (I'm starting to question the accuracy of scale to measure body fat). I also lost a...

Dec 20th 2011
david123 replied to kaplan's question:

Vitamin D price

Vitamin D is pretty cheap. I got mine off Amazon. I take 2 2000mg pills in the morning and 2 at night. I think you miscalculated if you are taking multiple bottles per day. The bottle I got wa...

Dec 20th 2011
david123 replied to mehereuthere's question:

Chicago Dexa prices?

I live near Chicago. I haven't had one done yet, but I found this place on the web: www.dexafit.com. Their web site has a lot of information. Looks like it is $100, but they have other package...

Dec 20th 2011

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