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PatrickZ is doing my tutorial!

30-day Six Pack Sprint: Day 6

Today's challenge will get you one step closer to your six-pack with a morning fasted cardio session followed by an evening weight training routine...

Jul 26th 2011
PatrickZ replied to willydogusa's question:

This might be a stupid tip

LOL. How convenient... I must admit I pee just as often at work too. I actually go to the second level of our office where no one is working to do wall pushups, cat vomits, regular push ups, and ...

Jul 26th 2011
PatrickZ is doing my tutorial!

Zero-carb Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes

This challenge will teach you how to make zero-carb pancakes for breakfast. These delicious pancakes taste close to real pancakes, just without the...

Jul 19th 2011
PatrickZ replied to jhowes84's question:

Tim's 'Wednesday' routine

i don't have the book in front of me but yes - you are suppose to use the same approach as occam's and do at least 2 forms of workouts. i could be completely wrong at the moment but i'll double ch...

Jul 14th 2011
PatrickZ commented on PatrickZ's reply:

Very cool... I was on SCD for about a month and I lost 10 lbs... went from 180 to 170 and definitely have a bit more definition now. I found it re...

Jul 13th 2011
PatrickZ replied to swood07's question:

What are possible maintenance plans post SCD?!!

I think the best medium (personally) is to basically follow SCB while being able to have carbs during the day without over doing it... any carbs after 5 - 8 pm (depending on your day) should be el...

Jul 12th 2011
PatrickZ replied to Dmitry's question:

Birthday and Las Vegas Trip in same week

I think you'll be able to enjoy healthy meals throughout the day - eggs for breakfast, steaks for lunch and dinner or whatever... I would have as much fun as possible - life is short so go crazy...

May 4th 2011
PatrickZ commented on orubella's reply:

Had my cheat day yesterday and it was Epic - Went to Happy Hour for sushi and I left a very happy man. Hardest part is when you go out and drin...

May 1st 2011
PatrickZ replied to Davemckinley's question:

Some Things I have Learned on the Slow Carb Diet.

Great advice. I can relate to a lot of your experiences. I ate out at a Mediterranean twice during my Slow Carb and those meals usually come with a lot of pita and rice (1 of the times I was onl...

May 1st 2011
PatrickZ asked a question:

Cheat Day Start in Evening?

Hi guys. Love the forum - happy to see you all doing so well. I'm on Day 5 of Slow Carb. My question is: Would it be okay to start my cheat day, lets say, at 9 PM in the evening? have a high p...

May 1st 2011

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