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Scott Mayfield asked a question:

Spinach, squeezed lemon smoothie with Almond Milk

I always start my day with a spinach smoothie, usually add 2 carrots, cup of almond milk and a squeezed lemon. Specific questions 1) Is a cup of almond milk too much 2) Carrots should be ok, ri...

Nov 17th 2012
whitecsw is doing my tutorial!

Fat burning circuit: Routine 2

Burn fat and add tone up with this series of 6 circuit training routines. Each full-body routine consists of 8 different resistance training exerci...

Aug 18th 2011
whitecsw is doing my tutorial!

Geek to Freak Routine at Home

For anyone who wants to do the Geek to Freak at home instead of joining a gym, here's a version of the exercises you can do with just 2 pairs of du...

Aug 8th 2011
whitecsw blogged:

Member intro: Question on PAGG stack

I have taken the PAGG stack combined with the slow carb diet for just about a month now and everyone has noticed a difference. I was unclear on when to take the PAGG stack. Do I take it with my me...

Jul 21st 2011
May 27th 2011
mlodico replied to lltaleman's question:

How do i get "cut" in the least amount of time?

I like snacking on handfuls of almonds and walnuts as a way to keep metabolism going all the time. .Feels and tastes good.

May 9th 2011
Jamie_p replied to a question I'm following

Slow-carb foods allowed / not allowed

Wow, no wonder why people have so many questions, Tim forgets what he says sometimes: April 19, 2007: "Cheese (ideally low-fat), nuts, and occassional fried food (ideally without a ton of br...

Jan 28th 2011
Jamie_p replied to a question I'm following

Grass fed/hormone and testosterone free - really necessary?

Per Tim's blog: "Grass-fed, in addition to those reasons, has higher nutrient content, such as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)"

Jan 28th 2011
Jamie_p replied to a question I'm following

what do you guys think about kombucha?

Sorry, not allowed, only on cheat days, per Tim's blog: "Thanks, Erin! Treat both corn and kombucha as “Saturday foods.”

Jan 28th 2011
Jamie_p asked a question:

Protein shake has 975 calories!

Is there's a special recipe adapted to women for the protein shake? As soon as I started taking it I got fatter the next morning. Then I found out it had 975 calories, which is 450 calories for br...

Jan 19th 2011
Jamie_p asked a question:

Can't stand beans/Mexican food, alternatives please?

I really don't like beans or Mexican food at ALL. Yes, they're gassy, but it's more about the taste and texture. I love to cook but I find beans really hard to integrate into my cooking. I tried p...

Jan 19th 2011
Jamie_p changed Jamie_p's photo!
Jan 19th 2011

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