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Kelly Michalak replied to Jennifer Walker's question:

Having trouble getting enough protein

Be careful with the peanut butter. It might hinder your weight loss a bit (if that is what you are after). You can cook eggs in the microwave, scrambled so if you can fit a half dozen or so in y...

Aug 8th 2015

also, do you drink anything in your coffee?

Aug 3rd 2015

Sounds like a lot of beans. Beans, especially black beans are good but do contain a ton of carbs. I would back off a bit on them. We limit ourselve...

Aug 3rd 2015
Kelly Michalak replied to Katie Jester's question:

A tip for women who might be struggling...

In the book, it details that you can have coffee, but to limit the sweetner/cream to a very VERY minimal amount everyday. I quit drinking coffee all together when I started the diet and switched...

Jul 21st 2015
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Jul 3rd 2015
Jul 3rd 2015
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Jul 3rd 2015
Jul 2nd 2015
Jul 2nd 2015
Jun 30th 2015
Sha Vid asked a question:

Acai Berry Pills?

I usually take 2 Acai Berry vitamins before I go to bed and 2 more when I wake up. Is this okay on the 4H plan? What about B12?

Jun 26th 2015
Jun 26th 2015
Jun 25th 2015

We have trouble timing out the 4 hour window but try to maintain a good spacing between meals. Is it possible to include one of the portable premad...

Jun 13th 2015

I use it as a mid day snack. It can be difficult when you are running between meetings to actually sit down to eat something. Grabbing something th...

Jun 5th 2015

By Little bit, I mean about a Tablespoon a day

May 28th 2015
Kelly Michalak asked a question:

Food Mistakes

What is one food that you thought was safe, but then found out from Trial and Error that it is not safe. During the first two weeks I would eat a little bit of Organic, Natural, no sugar no salt...

May 28th 2015
Kelly Michalak replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

We have been using Muscle milk and have still been seeing fantastic results. Then again we use the Sugar free, Lactose Free and Gluten free version. I really love it.

May 26th 2015

Enough to keep you feeling full. If for any reason you feel like you are lightheaded etc then you should eat more.

May 23rd 2015

I don't think the point is to really count the calories as it is to keep an eye on your protein intake. I haven't counted a single calorie yet and ...

May 23rd 2015
Kelly Michalak replied to AJ McMath's question:

List of Protein Powders Approved for Slow Carb Diet

We have been using the Sugar Free, Lactose Free and Gluten Free Muscle Milk premix ready to go protein shakes. They have been doing pretty well and have a great taste. Plus they are really easy ...

May 22nd 2015
coolbeans replied to tknc's tip:

Texas Caviar - Burns Fat Like a MoFo!

This recipe sounds delicious! Couple questions, when you eat this...how much do you eat per meal? And is this all you eat at meal time or do you eat some kind of protein as well?

Jun 27th 2013

I can definitely add butter and olive oil to my food...and I looove avocado!! And I didn't know heavy cream was allowed...that will definitely mak...

Jun 25th 2013
coolbeans asked a question:

Trouble eating enough food...

Alrighty....I can't seem to get enough food in during the day!! As I said before, I'm mainly a vegetarian, so my options are a bit limited. I lost 5 pounds my first week, gained 1 back on cheat da...

Jun 25th 2013
coolbeans replied to Falcon76's question:


This post is exactly what I needed! I was getting ready to post the same exact thing I'm only in week 2, but week 1 went great. Lost 5 pounds in total week 1, started cheat day (Sunday) at 194......

Jun 13th 2013

I never even thought about carrying a few hard boiled eggs and some almonds around with me! That would work perfect when I need to eat lunch in th...

Jun 5th 2013
coolbeans commented on Merri's reply:

This roll sounds delicious!! And I love the idea of the mint leaves, I'm definitely going to pick some up. Thanks so much!

Jun 5th 2013

Careful with that eslowcarbdiet.com site, a lot of its information is just wrong, i.e. no to cucumbers, cauliflower, zucchini, among a few others,...

Apr 10th 2013
Mar 27th 2013
Evan Stevens replied to Mike Anthony's question:

JUMPED into a bag of chips...

Kimchee. It's salty, spicy, and loaded with fiber and pro-biotic enzymes. A couple of fork fulls when I'm feeling snacky and I'm satisfied.

Mar 24th 2013
Evan Stevens replied to Matty Staudt's question:

Advice For Newbie

3 eggs for breakfast is not enough! Add some bacon, 2 egg whites, a small breakfast steak or some lean ground beef to your morning meal. I was stalling out for a while, and when I looked at my mor...

Mar 24th 2013
Evan Stevens replied to Stephanie Miller's question:

Blue corn??

Hmm. Try it for a week or two? If you stall on your fat loss, it's a NO, if you continue to see progress, then it's a YES.

Mar 14th 2013
Isaac Figueroa asked a question:

G2F, take supplements but regular workout regimen?

I already go to the gym and have a pretty good workout regimen. I need the extra boost to get really shredded and of course put on extra pounds of lean muscle. Does anyone know if its a good idea ...

Dec 2nd 2012
Isaac Figueroa asked a question:


I've been trying to find it and it keeps saying it's discontinued, can anyone shed some light on this?

Nov 26th 2012

I'm trying to find bodyquick and it says its discontinued. Anyone know about this?

Nov 26th 2012
hyperzx commented on LauraCox's reply:

this is a lot more detail that some of you might want to read but overall very interesting. http://www.leangains.com/2010/11/cheat-day-strategies...

Oct 11th 2012

I am following the lean gains protocol by Martin Berkhan. He is pretty well known in the IF world I'd assume. Along the protocol, it works real w...

Oct 5th 2012

I am currently doing the lean gain IF method of 16/8 hr per day of fasting and eating. I feel great while still maintaining my my slow-carb diet....

Oct 2nd 2012
evan_stevens replied to Alexandra buta's question:

Sport and diet?

If you aren't willing to accept a few extra recovery days, and don't want to surrender some portion of your workout regimen, then this diet, as written in the book, is not for you. HOWEVER, with a...

Sep 26th 2012

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