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Thank you so much! I still can't do it correctly because I dont feel sore after, but I'm working to get there! It is just strangely uncomfortable f...

May 15th 2014
May 15th 2014
Marie-joelle Desjardins asked a question:

cat vomit questions

Hi everyone! I was wondering about the cat vomit exercise: When you guys do it, does it hurt? I’m not talking about muscle pain, I’m talking about feeling the guts inside of you bein...

May 4th 2014
Dmayoff Mayoff shared a tip:

Slow Carb Chicken "Maki"

Hey all, Made up some SCD Sushi "Maki" I used 2 seaweed rolls some cooked chicken (I'd love to try with Tuna) Avacado Bean Paste (some black beans, wasabi paste, soya sauce, vinegar, s...

Jun 2nd 2013
Canadian commented on Minnesota's reply:

Hey Minnesota, do you think there can be benefit from taking it for longer? I've had crappy bowels and intermittent diarrhea for years. It seems t...

May 11th 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff replied to Alexander's question:

Recipe critique: cabbage stew with bacon

I can't critic this since it sounds too delicious. Apart from the potential sugar in the bacon (and lack of legume) it seems "legal" SCD to me! I'm gonna try it

May 8th 2013

I've considered the coffee angle..but never tried it...interesting. What I usually do is blend the plain stuff with peanut butter, and water, als...

Apr 21st 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff shared a tip:

How certain foods make certain people fat...maybe

Just read this article...figured it may help some of us that have plateaued...or may not. The concept in this article is not car...

Apr 20th 2013

Hey Tillyander, what did you mean by the latest update? Is that a blog post, or an update the book, etc.

Apr 15th 2013
A B commented on Mike Anthony's reply:

I'll keep all that in mind. Thank you!

Apr 11th 2013
A B commented on sabre2hopes's reply:

I should probably invest in a digital scale. Thanks!

Apr 11th 2013
A B commented on Angela Dean's reply:

Thanks for the motivation!!

Apr 11th 2013
A B commented on 4hourRookie's reply:

That sounds like a good starting point - thank you!

Apr 11th 2013
Apr 11th 2013
A B asked a question:

Not sure where to begin

Hi! I am a 19 year old University student looking to shed some of that extra padding that I've accumulated. I am about to start the SCD and I've read Tim's book already. I know this is a frequent...

Apr 10th 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff replied to Tomhole's question:

Nice plateau

Great update! Keep it up

Mar 31st 2013

yes. yes it does

Mar 31st 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff replied to Stephen Shores's question:

How do I learn to love spinach?

Have you tried crispy? Try this without the sugar of course (maybe dash some salt instead)

Mar 31st 2013

Go for it!

Mar 17th 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff replied to Tomhole's question:

Stopped gaining strength

Disclaimer - 4HB 'rules' say we don't need to do all of this excersice...but since you asked a specific question to "strenght", here goes: Why do only 1 set? For strength: Maybe you ne...

Mar 16th 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff asked a question:

Pigeon Peas

Hey all, I bought a can of these things called Pigeon Peas: Anyone ever tried them?

Mar 13th 2013

GNC sells calipers (at least they do in Canada) Good luck!

Feb 12th 2013

Most proteins and beans have a lot of calories that add up. If you use oil for anything, it adds a whole bunch more. Top that off with 3-4+ meal...

Jan 31st 2013
Amir Lehrer commented on G G's reply:

Yeah, you can find anything to support any argument on the internet. I also eat eggs every morning. I wouldn't mind eating for more meals though...

Jan 31st 2013

I am okay having the same meals every day. I eat egg/whites with beans and vegetables for breakfast, salad with tuna and beans for lunch and stir...

Jan 31st 2013
Amir Lehrer asked a question:

Eggs for multiple meals?

Everyone is talking about how great eggs are for the SCD and along with vegetables is one of the greatest sources of fat loss. They have tons of protein, not too many calories and you can do a lo...

Jan 30th 2013
Amir Lehrer asked a question:

Are we really supposed to ignore calories?

I have always been a big eater and I am active enough that I have never been very overweight. I Have done the SCD a few times, lost 30 lbs the first time (in 2007) but haven't lost much in later ...

Jan 30th 2013

Hi Erin, I am not sure where you are, but online I found this: I have been taking a gen...

Jan 21st 2013

I totally agree with Andy totally, because the same was/is true for me. The moment I cut out snacking on PB/Nuts/Cottage Cheese my weight loss st...

Jan 19th 2013

I was totally losing more when I wasn't eating nuts as much... Recently, I tend to snack on Almonds or other nuts, and go a bit nuts (pun intend...

Jan 15th 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

Raise your hand if your cholestrol has gone up.

Great question. I want to get tested. My Cholesterol was amazing 2 weeks before I started this diet...I plan to get tested in a month or so to find out actually...I'll look back for this space w...

Jan 15th 2013
Jan 12th 2013

Surprisingly, the only times I get gassy is when I have lentils, or when I eat my SCD bean breakfast on cheat day. I was however having issues on...

Jan 11th 2013
Dmayoff Mayoff blogged:

Christmas CheeT (and the importance of cheaR day)

Merry Xmas to you all. I had a cheat "night" Friday, and Saturday (due to planned events I was attending) and by Sunday I still hadn't had a proper cheat "day" and was start...

Dec 26th 2012

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