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FloridaMike asked a question:

Shirataki Noodles - SCD Friendly?

Has anyone used these before? I read this posting this morning on a Yahoo site that it is carb friendly. Would be great to have a pasta alternative. Pasta lovers, it's time to throw an Italian ...

Jan 13th 2013

Had it for lunch today. You are right. Was enjoyed by non-scd'ers as well as myself!

Jan 12th 2013
FloridaMike replied to brotherwayne's question:

what's with the sludge in my coffee? (cinnamon?)

I recently bought an Aeropress coffee press after reading about it on here. It is great! Best coffee I have ever had and...really makes a great cup of cinnamon coffee. Cinnamon coffee before wa...

Dec 9th 2012
FloridaMike replied to Luis Mejia's question:

What do you eat if you can't make breakfast?

I always keep radishes, baked chicken and boiled eggs in the refrigerator. They are great when time is tight. Also easy to eat when you are driving to work. Mike

Nov 21st 2012
FloridaMike replied to Drewfis H's tip:

Clothing dilemma solved!

Hi Drew. I had / have a similar issue. I have dropped almost 90 pounds since beginning of January and recently took a 4x pile, 3x pile and 2x pile of clothes to Goodwill. Instead of buying new ...

Nov 20th 2012

Thanks Gretchen!

Sep 23rd 2012

Gretchen, You had mentioned your 3 month plateau. I have been on a plateau for over 2 months now. Can you give me some insight about what got y...

Sep 23rd 2012
FloridaMike replied to Michael Amidei's question:

Peanut Butter???

I am doing the same thing. I crave peanut butter and crackers like crazy. Never been a big fan of it, so it is kind of strange. Glad I am not the only one. No idea why it is happening though.

Sep 9th 2012
FloridaMike blogged:

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Has anyone else tried this? I saw a video on youtube from Dr. Oz, where he proclaims it to be something new to try for weight loss. I looked in the archives and found some comments, but did not ...

Sep 6th 2012

Thanks for the encouragement! I really want to make this work, so I question things, probably when I just need to be patient. I drink water, but...

May 27th 2012

My scale has the digital body fat reading. I have started this week to track that on the morning of my cheat day. I think that will help encoura...

May 27th 2012

I can definitely feel my clothes coming looser. I have bags of 4x and 3x clothes that I have tucked away in the closet...just in case. I know I ...

May 27th 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

Exercise / Weight Loss Help Needed

Hi Everyone! I appreciate all the posts...read them daily to stay motivated. I am 48, male, and am now down about 60 pounds since January. I now weight 247. 2 weeks ago I started exercising. ...

May 25th 2012
FloridaMike replied to 42Wired's question:

Trouble Viewing Site

I have had the same problem for several days. I am assuming it is a problem with the site itself. Seems to be working better today. Mike

May 7th 2012

BigWoz, Was Kettlebell Hell in the book? Where can I find it? You are doing amazing, keep it up. Mike

Apr 7th 2012

Very inspiring! Keep it up!

Apr 3rd 2012
FloridaMike replied to Sam Green's blog post:

I threw out my scale, feel like I've been missing reality for over 2 years..

Sam, I wish I had words of wisdom to help ease your mind. You can hear the sadness in your writings. The only thing I can add is that you are obviously an insightful, motivated, and educated yo...

Apr 2nd 2012

Thanks for the encouragement. I agree that life begins today, but...I look forward to enjoying life and not being out of breath...lol. I am read...

Apr 1st 2012

Thanks! I will read up on the kettle bell and ab exercises tonight.

Mar 31st 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

Next Phase - Exercise?

Hi Everyone, I am now down 42 pounds after apx. 13 weeks so feeling pretty excited about that. I want to start exercising, but don't want to mess with the weight loss that I have accomplished so...

Mar 31st 2012
FloridaMike replied to DeeBee's question:

How to make hard boiled eggs so they don't stick to the skin

I found this online when I was having similar problem. It works for me. THE EASIEST WAY TO HARD BOIL EGGS Printed from COOKS.COM 1. Put eggs in a heavy saucepan. 2. Cover with water and add 1...

Mar 28th 2012

Thanks! I am reviewing the book over the weekend.

Mar 24th 2012
FloridaMike blogged:

12 Week Update - Woo Hoo!!

Hi Everyone, I started January 5th weighing 305.6. Today I weighed myself and was 265, for a total loss so far of 40.6 pounds. My initial goal was to be 270 by the end of March. I was excited ...

Mar 24th 2012
Mar 10th 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

Cinnamon - What does it do?

I see many people post about using cinnamon in their coffee or taking it as a supplement. Can anyone tell me why? I could not find the answer looking through the archives and do not remember it ...

Mar 9th 2012
FloridaMike replied to mygrin's blog post:

Week 8 update

Mygrin, I was considering the IF on Sunday as well. Can you tell me what that entails? I am assuming that means just water, coffee and tea after a full SCD breakfast until the following morning...

Feb 25th 2012

That is helpful. I definitely need to be more consistent with having beans / lentils at each meal. I think I need to increase my vegetables. I ...

Feb 20th 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

Clarification on Food Ratios

I am a bit confused and could use some assistance. I know that I am supposed to eat until full. What are the recommendation though, as to ratio of meat to beans to vegies? And...should I try to ...

Feb 19th 2012

Thanks! I am motivated and can feel the difference, both in my clothes and my energy level. 20 pounds down...80 more to go!

Feb 17th 2012

Thanks Sam. That helps alot!

Feb 13th 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

Is Green Tea Extract the Same as Green Tea Flavanols?

I was considering order the PAGG nutrients and could not find Flavanols but found Green Tea Extract. Is it the same thing? Thanks again! Mike

Feb 11th 2012


Feb 11th 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

Over 40, 4 -6 week for SCD to Kick In?

Thanks everyone for all the great posts you have done. I read them in the evening and it gives me encouragement and guidance. Last night I was reading a post from Tim's blog where he talked abou...

Feb 10th 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

Celery for Snack, Hot Sauce

I know we are not supposed to be snacking, but I find I want to snack on something just out of boredom, I think. I love celery and have assumed that it is ok to snack on. Can anyone see a proble...

Feb 10th 2012

Moved from Woburn, MA a year ago...we were practically neighbors! Mike

Feb 1st 2012

Thanks for the info!

Feb 1st 2012

Thanks! I am excited to be a part of this group. Mike

Feb 1st 2012
FloridaMike asked a question:

How often to use Yerbamate Tea?

I just bought YerbaMate tea today. I know I am supposed to use it on cheat days or after a high calorie meal but I was wondering if I should use it more regularly? Being that it streamlines the ...

Feb 1st 2012
FloridaMike blogged:

Member intro: I Am Ready to Begin the Journey

Hi Everyone. I am Mike. I live in Florida, am 48 years old and until recently was almost 310 pounds. Last year at this time, I started the 4HB diet and through diet and exercise dropped to 240...

Feb 1st 2012

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