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Net carbs are generally calculated by subtracting the amount of fiber from the total amount of carbs (and sugar alcohols are sometimes counted in f...

Aug 30th 2014

Kishan - check the ingredients list on the almonds that you like. In general, you're looking for sugar, honey, molasses, anything ending with &quo...

Aug 29th 2014
Jessica S voted for Michael James's reply to:

Aug 29th 2014
Aug 29th 2014

Thanks for the answers! My concern is cheat day - won't the carbs raise blood sugar? Is "cheat day" for diabetics really just another l...

Aug 29th 2014
Jessica S asked a question:

Diabetics and SCD

I’ve searched through the forums but not had much luck getting this particular question answered: is there anything in particular that a Type II diabetic should do regarding the SCD? With t...

Aug 25th 2014
ChryssPalace replied to worldwidewebster's question:

Okay, anyone else find the prospect of a "15-minute orgasm" absolutely horrifying? :-)

Well, Tim didn't really provide much information on this topic - I thought his research report was quite sketchy. This kind of orgasm is really effortless, and the more relaxed you are, the bette...

Feb 9th 2012
somestuff blogged:

Not the man I want to be... yet

Turning 37 and have come to an awareness that if I want to be happy I need to change how I am treating myself. Today is day 1.

Dec 17th 2011
freshcitrus asked a question:

Slow-carb without the Cheat day

So, I started the diet in the spring, and at worked slightly. well, except for the cheat days. In the end, I fell off the wagon, but kept up a binge eating mentality that I gained from improperly ...

Jul 11th 2011

the part about removing a portion is a great idea, thanks! Also, I thought that the sugar in balsamic vinegar was natural, not added?

May 3rd 2011

thanks! I'm not replacing tofu for protein, but it is present in my diet... I'm trying to eat less of it, but If I see results, I'll try to slowly ...

May 3rd 2011

It's pretty difficult to cut out tofu, because sometimes that's the main dish of dinner. But I don't replace tofu for protein or anything, so i don...

May 3rd 2011
freshcitrus commented on Convo's reply:

I'm taking in about 96-120 oz. per day...

May 3rd 2011

Thank you for the detailed reply! i do have one question... In one of Tim's youtube videos when he shows a 30g breakfast, I'm using the same brand...

Apr 27th 2011
freshcitrus asked a question:

Lack Of Progress after at least 5 weeks

Five weeks ago, i started this diet, and I have made absolutely no progress. Could anyone offer some advice? starting/current stats: Sex: female age: 20 Weight: 136 Height: 5'3" inches lost:...

Apr 25th 2011

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