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Joann Waclawek replied to MamaCooks's question:

South FL BMI testing?

Hi, we just opened up a DEXAFIT location in Boca Raton on 2499 Glades Rd. Ste. 201 on St. Andrews & Glades. We are NOW OPEN! Feel free to book online at www.dexafit.com or call 561 923 8833.

Jun 30th 2016
Dee W asked a question:

Transition from Medi Weight Loss to Slow Carb

Hello. I am just finishing up 9 weeks on the Medi weight loss program. I am a 5’4 female and I started at 151 and am ending at 127. For those who are unfamiliar with Medi, it is essentiall...

Feb 9th 2015

Well I have been experiment alot in the last 6 months, Ive tried doing this through IF, ive also added cardio, removed cardio, increased my fat int...

Mar 9th 2014

I work out daily, weights with no cardio

Mar 8th 2014

So technically I lost 50 lbs on the scale but have dropped like 10% bf . I've had no changes in habbit I've just stalled for to long

Mar 8th 2014
Luis Mejia asked a question:

I am thinking of quitting after doing this for over a year

I have been yo-yoing all week with no explinations. I have cooked my own food and made it safe and still i go up two lbs and then lose them the next day and then up two lbs. Its maddening. And i ca...

Mar 7th 2014
Luis Mejia replied to Jennifer Hill's question:

What's up with The Almond Discrimination?

i've actually been able to make a cake with almound flour and it uses CUPS of it and been fine. just play around with it, same with coconut flour, and chickpea flour

Feb 26th 2014
Luis Mejia asked a question:

quick breakfast that i have been doing

So I've been eating a 5oz. of california style cottage cheese by Friendship Dairy with either smoked salmon, a fried egg, or turkey bacon. I noticed it has like 3 grams of sugar. I have been on a ...

Feb 12th 2014
Luis Mejia commented on Tomhole's reply:

Awesome gonna start drinking 3 cups a day then

Dec 10th 2013
Luis Mejia asked a question:

Green Tea whats the word

So I drink Organic Green Tea, am I damaging myself at all with this? I drink it straight no sweeteners just plain old green tea. I drink 1 cup daily but have been thinking of upping it to three as...

Dec 10th 2013
Luis Mejia asked a question:

When do you give yourself a cheat day if your delaying cheat days

Ok so ive been playing wtih delaying my cheat ive gone at max 21 days. My question is, those of you who do delay cheat days. How long do you wait? When do you say its time for a cheat day and how ...

Nov 27th 2013
Luis Mejia asked a question:

PAGG Timing

how long is it effective? I.g. I take it now 10-15 minutes before I eat, how long till the effects would wear off? I sometimes eat a lil portion of food at work for example and then a larger porti...

Nov 20th 2013

right now im at 21-23%, ive gotten down to 220. I eat on point daily and try to limit my sodium intake and take PAGG and rink 4-5Liters of water d...

Nov 19th 2013
Luis Mejia asked a question:

Random Yo Yo weight in the week

So, this has been happening to me often lately and I just wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience. I drop weight in the week, then gain, then drop then gain and then by the end of the...

Nov 18th 2013

Ive been taking it for a while now and thats never happened to me. Same brand and everything

Nov 13th 2013
Juan Pinillos replied to Moses Ong's question:

Stalling suggestion and troubleshoot please!

Hey Moses, Can you post what you eat every day? this way we can better gauge or spot maybe anything you might be doing which could be causing the up and down

Oct 31st 2013
Juan Pinillos replied to Daniel's question:

The math & Black Beans?

Hi Daniel! First of all welcome to the lifestyle! Black beans are totally allowed. They are one of the essentials of this diet, especially at the beginning when you are transitioning away from ...

Oct 30th 2013
Juan Pinillos replied to Josh Neumann's question:

Replacement for carrots?

Hey Josh, Yeah carrots are good to a limited amount, actually tomatoes fit this category too, they're not something to completely indulge in as they both have sugars. Snacks are a tricky thing ...

Oct 29th 2013

I think I will be leaning towards this. My birthday "cheat day" really wouldnt be a full-on cheat day like other times but more of a &q...

Oct 29th 2013

Yep, I know that plan B will lead to a fluctuation. Last year I actually managed to lose weight with a similar plan during the holidays but I comp...

Oct 28th 2013
Juan Pinillos asked a question:

Cheat days and Holidays!

Hello Everyone! The holidays are near and I think it is time to start preparing for the holidays and to make sure we somehow fit in delicious food before then. My cheat days are usually Saturdays...

Oct 27th 2013

I agree, never low fat for me either. If anything eating too little fat has been the cause for stalls before.

Oct 27th 2013
Oct 27th 2013
Luis Mejia replied to Alexander Zamani's question:

white carb exemption 30mins after resistance training

I eat a protein cookie by chef jay. They taste good portable and have 18 g of protein per pack and 34 g of carbs

Oct 24th 2013
Juan Pinillos replied to MamaCooks's question:

Gluten free on "treat day"?

This is a great experiment and something I've been bordering on doing. I've noticed the "Sick" feeling i get on cheat days tends to correlate to the amount of wheat I have throughout th...

Oct 18th 2013

agree with wombat, there is no real "light" beer. It still has carbs and sugars. Same thing with the beans. You already are eating ca...

Oct 11th 2013
Juan Pinillos replied to Karen Russell Rhodes's question:

New to SCD: 30 in 30 question.

Hi karen! First of all welcome to the site. Second, The meal isn't 30g of carbs, it is 30g of protein. The rule is within 30 minutes *or* one hour, 30 minutes being the golden mark (I've tes...

Oct 9th 2013
Juan Pinillos replied to Alexander's question:

Book "Diet 101: The Truth About Low Carb Diets" by Jenny Ruhl

Thanks for the tip! I just got finished re-reading Why We Get Fat and I was looking for something new to read on nutrition

Oct 9th 2013
Oct 4th 2013
Oct 4th 2013

Wombat! yes! it is one of the things i've been hearing of lately, that I look like the younger brother of my old self. I guess i do look a lot yo...

Sep 28th 2013

Hi Lucas, I am currently using a body fat monitor/scale. While not the most accurate thing it is good to keep track of changes over time. PSOne...

Sep 28th 2013

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