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Thank you so much! You are a true inspiration and knowing that it works with real people (no gimmicks!) is truly motivational! I will definitely h...

Nov 4th 2012
Vladimir Paniouchkine asked a question:

not a bad start to a work out

kicks but and instantly got my blood pumping finished it with the rest of my leg day work out.

Oct 5th 2012
greenie blogged:

Big changes, a little at a time.

I am brand spankin' new to the world of 4HB, but I'm here to learn and share my progress. I started a week ago at 260 pounds, and I'm down 5 lbs since Day 1. Can't wait to learn, share, and get in...

Oct 15th 2011
TheWorm blogged:

Member intro: Matt

I started the SCD in the beginning of this year. I am a 28 year old 6'2" male. When I started the SCD back in January, I was 201lbs and 26% body fat. After just 30 days on the diet I went ...

Aug 13th 2011
TheWorm asked a question:

A Crossroads

I am a 28 year old guy, and I have been slow carbing and following the exercises in "building a better posterior" since January this year. I am down 23lbs and have dropped 9% of my body...

Aug 13th 2011
Jul 18th 2011
Jul 18th 2011
Timo shared a tip:

Before and after wipe

Hey I found a cool jquery tool today thought it might be something fun to add to the site - Check it out: code from

Jul 16th 2011
taeger99 replied to Jessica Sleight's question:

How much should I be eating please help

I too sometimes cannot take my breaks at work . I usually keep cottage cheese, carrots and a small amount of almond with me because these can be consumed rather quickly and can help if you have a ...

Jul 8th 2011
taeger99 replied to holla1ha's question:

When I start eating normally again, will the weight come back?

I agree with many of the other answers on here. The way I am looking at the diet is that it is NOT a diet but a way to change my eating habits going forward. Unfortunately, if you eat exactly the ...

Jul 8th 2011
taeger99 blogged:

Member intro:

Hey everyone, my BF and I started the FHB diet at the beginning of June and I have lost about 15 pounds so far. I feel more energized, and love that is doesn't feel like a diet because I never go ...

Jul 8th 2011
wresin8 asked a question:

High Protein Hempseed

Anyone introduce a High Protein Organic Shelled Hempseed into their Slow Carb Diet? Pros/Cons? Recipes?

Jun 29th 2011
Athena Marchisheck asked a question:

I have 60lbs to loose, why am I only loosing 1lb a wk?

Does anyone have any idea why I am loosing weight sooo slow? OI have 60 lbs to loose. I started SCD 10 wks ago. I have only managed to loose 10 lbs, at a rate of 1lb a wk. Have lost 6 inches off ...

Jun 16th 2011

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