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Thanks Jim.

Feb 7th 2015
Michael Mifsud asked a question:

Cheat day - 1 waking day or 24 hours?

I assumed the former basically just the waking hours of the designated cheat day. Alternatively can you do 24 hours over 2 calendar days? For example start dinner on day 1 and finish before din...

Feb 6th 2015
Oct 2nd 2014

Hey Kisha, can completely understand the hunger pains after sports/working out, I also get the munchies after exercising haha. A great protein bar...

Aug 26th 2014
Gary Stewart replied to Kishan Kumar's question:

Acceptable Snacks in 4HB regimen

Hey Kishan, just a heads up with the protein bars, they normally contain a lot of hidden sugars and carbs. For instance, I use to snack on these ‘low sugar and low carb’ bars but then ...

Aug 21st 2014
Gary Stewart replied to Timo Dygryn's question:

3dr day of LCD, 3 day of headaches

Hey timo, just a suggestion but I think you are not consuming enough protein in your diet. Firstly you should be consuimg 30 grams in 30 minutes of waking up, 3 eggs would definitely not suffice...

Aug 21st 2014
Dec 28th 2013
Kadva Korp replied to mandy's question:

Dubious food item: papadums?

Many ways to make them. The easiest, healthiest and fastest way would be the microwave oven. The Papadum tray can help, with that chore. Just like popcorn at home, you now have a specific microwav...

Dec 28th 2013
Tyrone King replied to nice2bme's question:

Pea Protein tastes horrible. Suggestions?

I have pea protein with water almost every morn... Mmmmm creamy and delicious haha. It's not the best tasting stuff in the world. The colder the water the less u notice the taste. Try some cinnamo...

Sep 25th 2013
Sep 17th 2013
Tyrone King replied to Alex Abernathy's question:

School Nutritionist

Smile, nod, go about your business and let her go about her bullshit

Sep 12th 2013
Aug 12th 2013


Aug 12th 2013
Tyrone King commented on Jake's reply:

Sounds like they need a trip to harajuku!

Aug 12th 2013
Jul 28th 2013
Tyrone King replied to Leslie Evarts's question:

Quick Reference Sheet Few good cheat sheets here...!

Jul 22nd 2013
Tyrone King commented on G G's reply:

I guess the main reason for quinoa after certain workouts is for an added starch for building muscle according the the principles in occams protoc...

Jul 20th 2013

Your suspision is correct... I cannnnt friiiiken wait! But I am patient and will stick to my commencing date. I've spent a bit of time in preparat...

Jul 20th 2013

That time shall come . !

Jul 18th 2013
Tyrone King commented on K. S.'s reply:

Thanks so much K.S. I appreciate it. Ill def keep youz up to date

Jul 16th 2013

Thanks again josh for your valuable advice. The Instagram or twitter idea is genius!

Jul 16th 2013

Plus the epic-ness sounds good too. And sorry for my abbreviations in the last post I ran out of charactersssss

Jul 16th 2013

Thank you josh 4 for taking time 2 read my post and for ur compliments, planning is good but can also be a curse! Lol. Knowledge is knowing and wi...

Jul 16th 2013

First of all thanks Brenda for your input and taking the time to read that ginormous post. One reason for the wait is because I am trying to get ...

Jul 16th 2013
Tyrone King asked a question:

Hi, my name is Tyrone King. My Journey to become a complete human starts August 19th. Your thoughts about my strategy? ---->

Hi everyone! My name is Tyrone King. My journey to become a complete human starts August 19th. Please lend me your peer pressure so i can weild the fear of losing and looking like an idiot in pu...

Jul 15th 2013
Tyrone King replied to sunnymatilda's question:

Eat before or after morning workout?

Using Sir Ferriss"s blood glucose experiment results found in the book, it was my understanding that he found the food he ate took much longer to reach the bloodstream than expected... Approx...

Jul 5th 2013
Tyrone King replied to ultraking's question:

Martial Arts

Hey bro nice work on the strict regime. I'm due to start mine August 19th, so amped 4 it ay. Ill be attending Muay Thai/ ju jitsu classes at least once or twice per week which are pretty intense ...

Jul 4th 2013
Jun 27th 2013

hey just letting you know I am still very much an active member!! thanks guys for the feedback.. even though it is a year later! lol.... ive been ...

Jun 10th 2013
DanniElle Jackson asked a question:

Husband wants to go out to dinner?

My husband wants to go out to dinner tomorrow night and it isn't my cheat day. We are thinking of going to a Brazilian BBQ where there is lots of different meats, salads and vegetables and also b...

May 24th 2013
DanniElle Jackson asked a question:

How long to to 4HB before break?

I have been on 4HB going on 7 weeks and I am LOVING it! I am 100% strict and although the weight hasn't fallen off it is in a downward trend which is all I can ask for, and I have just hit my fir...

May 18th 2013

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