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Christopher Van Gompel replied to Ynna Domm's question:

Dinner for tonight

The tomato’s are suspect to some people, but I would say you are good.

Jul 9th 2014
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Moses Ong's question:

How many of you eat chicken with skin on, and/or deep fried?

Chicken with skin, yup I eat it. I tend to avoid wings though as they are a pretty fatty cut and are mostly skin. Deep fried - well that normally comes with breading so nope I do not eat that.

Jul 9th 2014
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Michelle Hill's question:

Alternative to Kimchi or Sauerkraut

Just a question, have you tried soaking the Kraut? just let it sit in water for about 10 min, and drain, it mellows/changes the flavor a lot.

Jan 17th 2014
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Michael James's question:

Got any Good Crock Pot Recipes?

http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/vegetable-chickpea-curry-1000000070... I just took out the things I couldn't have, works great. I have also simulated yogurt sauce by whipping cottage cheese in ...

Dec 28th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Kanard's question:

Non-US food

Greetings from America's Dairyland... Quark and Cottage Cheese are not the same thing (at least in America). Quark is kind of hard to find here, you need to find it at a higher end grocery store ...

Dec 3rd 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Christine Presto's question:

Stalling, need some advice

I would add some weights, I shot down 7lbs in week after adding some light kettle-bells.

Oct 30th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Jessi's question:

Beginner: any tips?

Do not forget to eat a big breakfast everyday, and drink a ton of water.

Oct 16th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to sunnymatilda's question:

2 month stall - HELP!

Have you been losing inches? You might just be displacing fat with muscle. The scale is not the king.

Oct 15th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Eva Lotte's question:

Kettle bells - what size/weight for a beginner?

I would error on the small side. If you haven't worked out with them in the past I would start with 5 lbs, at first. What you will find out is that Kettle bells work muscle groups you are not used...

Oct 1st 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Irene Voskamp's question:

First week - no change?

My girlfriend just started and didn't get any loss until the 3rd week. Just keep at it.

Sep 8th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Alexander's question:

Cheese and butter

For butter, I use ghee. I really can't tell the difference between the two anymore. Don't miss butter at all.

Sep 2nd 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to sunnymatilda's question:

Football Game Day Foods

I am a die hard Packer fan/owner - Yes I own stock. This is also my first season, I have been pre-seasoning it up. I have done Hot Wings. Dri-rubbed ribs. And Taco Salad - no shells/sour cre...

Sep 1st 2013

I would re-read the chapter on the exercises and other advice for helping with the effects of the cheat day. The coffee/grapefruit juice and exerc...

Aug 30th 2013

I am going to try this in the Winter. I will report back.

Aug 29th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to levar's question:

Cheat day gain

I am the same way, I lose all my weight on Thursday and Friday. But I always drop 1-3 lbs a week. I don't care as long as I am losing weight, this diet is a marathon not a sprint. Sprints don't re...

Aug 23rd 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Mitchy Campbell's question:

Eating on the go

Subway offers salads of most of there subs and Jimmy Johns you can get a unwich. Both are pretty easy to find.

Aug 15th 2013

Goya is a brand, in the Midwest you can often find it in the Mexican isle of the super market.

Aug 14th 2013

I would give you a recipe but its all in my head.

Aug 13th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Mike Anthony's question:

Help! ...need a sauce recipe for beans...

I finely chop up a chorizo sausage or two and add it to my beans (black or navy) along with some hot sauce and a like 1/4 onion. You can add spinach too.

Aug 13th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Jorge Quintero's question:

Eating 3 meals a day instead of 4?

I also eat 3 meals a day, I try to make the lunch one mostly raw veggies, it seems to keep my full longer, since raw veggies take a long time for your system to break down.

Aug 6th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Arjun Moorjani's question:

Any tips for working professionals in Chicago?

You live in Chicago, there is great Mexican food all around you, Tim recommends if you are going to eat out go Mexican. Just watch the cheese and carbs.

Jul 30th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel asked a question:

Nutritional yeast

Vegans eat the crap out of it, it is more of a spice than anything. It's really low carbs and a good parmesan cheese substitute is it SCD friendly?

Jul 28th 2013

I ended up making pesto: 2 huge handfulls of basil. 1/2 a handfull of Macadamia nuts 1 tablespoon-Minced Garlic 1 tablespoon - Nutritional yeast ...

Jul 28th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Karinna Serantes's question:


I go for sugar free popsickles 1 does the trick.

Jul 24th 2013

Wow, good idea, I miss sushi, so I am totally going to try thing.

Jul 24th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel asked a question:

Basil recipes?

So it is gardening season here in Wisconsin (US), and I have a ton of basil. So if anyone has any good summer recipes that use a lot of basil, please post them.

Jul 24th 2013

Pork Rinds, but you shouldn't have to many. I also eat maybe of a handful of Salted/Flavored Almonds (I like the Wasabi). You can get them in most...

Jul 24th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Lawrence Abbott's question:

Cramping in legs

I got the same thing for the first few weeks. I had low potassium, after I noticed that, I added white beans, which are really high in potassium, on my cheat days I always have 1-2 bananas.

Jul 22nd 2013
Christopher Van Gompel replied to Alex Abernathy's question:

To eat or not to eat, that is my dilema

I am not sure if you have read the 4 hour work week, but one of the guiding principals in that books is if the rules are not in your favor, you need to change them. If I were you I would find out...

Jul 16th 2013

That might not work for him, sadly good Mexican food can be hard to find in the EU.

Jul 14th 2013

BEER and MORE BEER! - I am from Wisconsin.

Jul 14th 2013
Jul 7th 2013

If I drink a drop of hard stuff I lose nothing for the next two days. Not sure why, wish I knew.

Jun 20th 2013
Christopher Van Gompel asked a question:

Protein bar

Ok so next weekend I am staying in a place where I pretty much have to cheat (its a long story) one thing that would help me is if someone can recommend a low cal, low carb protein bar.

Jun 16th 2013

If you want a really easy, cheep and painless way to make your diet better, switch from butter to organic ghee. It has all the taste of butter, if...

Jun 13th 2013

Shrimp stir fry and a nice lentil soup seems like it would work for you.

Jun 12th 2013
Jordan Sokolowski-Perez asked a question:

Wheat Protein Isolate?

I just purchased a wheat protein isolate as an alternative to Whey. I have read some negative things about whey protein on this forum and am wondering if this is just as bad? Also, I usually consu...

Jun 7th 2013
Jack Packard asked a question:

Cold Food Recipes

As the weather is getting hotter I'm not looking forward to being any where near the stove top for lunch and dinner. Does anyone have any ideas for cold meals...Salads ect. I'm very used to the bi...

May 30th 2013

Probably not, I should have also mentioned that my husband has a vasectomy and I did a pregnancy test last weekend just in case. The diet is the ...

Mar 3rd 2013
Lisa Packard asked a question:

43 days since last menstruated

I've read that diets can affect your cycle.... Should I be consulting my doctor on this now? I'm 30 years old, Two months on diet and down 10 lbs

Mar 3rd 2013
a_glassman replied to Steve Melby's tip:

My first bout with lost motivation.

I've had the same experience. I hate being 'that guy' when hanging out with friends. Minor cheats didn't seem to effect my overall weight loss. There were times I'd be at a bar on a thursday w...

Dec 14th 2012
Mags replied to schmano's question:

4HB Slow Carb question... Help!?

Hi there, all I can tell you is just experiment and track your progress. Ive done protein shakes sometimes too, but my protein is completely sugar free and aspartame free. Just try the shakes and...

Apr 29th 2012
Mags commented on LauraCox's reply:

dude, if you ate freaking radishes in your salad, you aren't going to gain weight. people who drench their salads in cheese and ranch dressing and...

Apr 14th 2012
Mags replied to ericnentrup's question:

Cycling the 4HB way.

Hi there! I did a 6 hour stationary cycling marathon while on slow carb... it was amazing! I was probably in about 3-4 of doing slow carb, and cycling really improved my numbers. It also slimmed ...

Apr 14th 2012

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