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Paul Bella commented on Tomhole's reply:

Thank you for answering! So it won't make a difference? I am worried that if I eat as much on rest days as I do on workout days I will gain more f...

Jan 7th 2014
Paul Bella asked a question:

Eating on rest days during Occam's Protocol

Today is my first day of following Occam's Protocol and I have been eating a lot. Am I supposed to eat as much on rest days as I do on workout days?

Jan 7th 2014
epr asked a question:

shangri-la diet with scd?

Hello! I am just starting the SCD- couldn't put Tim's book down this weekend, experimented with a few of the SCD meals but today is my first real day. I also got some supplements- including the A...

Jun 21st 2011

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