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russell replied to jitkajulie's question:

Do you ever think about..

I'm 52 and have 2 eggs for breakfast most mornings. My last cholesterol test was on the low side of normal. The doctor asked if I was on a diet. "Not really" I said, "I just don't e...

Sep 19th 2011
russell blogged:

Self development is fun

I've experienced some interesting health challenges after being injured in 2 serious car accidents at age 17 & 24. Since then I've come to the conclusion that most heath issues can be helped ...

Sep 19th 2011
russell replied to jitkajulie's question:

when not feeling like eating...

Often if you're feeling ill and not wanting to eat that's a good sign that your body has enough to deal with getting rid of whatever has caused the problem. A few weeks ago I was in Rarotonga and ...

Sep 19th 2011

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