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omg I was in full on panic mode. I must have checked 20 times

Aug 1st 2011

I am scared to cut out the cardio, probably because I am addicted to it. I spend 60 to 90 minutes at the gym a day. I do step classes, interval ...

Jun 15th 2011
lauraareson replied to TeaLove's question:

I Was 'Stalling' and Here Is Why...

I am currently doing as much cardio/HIT training as you were doing initally. Why did you cut down on the cardio?

Jun 14th 2011
lauraareson commented on tendim's reply:

thanks for the advise, I'll try 1 cheat meal. I say this as I am cringing inside!

May 26th 2011
lauraareson asked a question:

never again

I've been doing this for 12 weeks without a cheat day. I broke down on friday (while tailgating at the sugarland concert). Consumed many yummy drinks as well as many, many carb-y snacks. I was ...

May 25th 2011

dumb question--what is dry curd??

Apr 28th 2011
lauraareson asked a question:

Lactaid cottage cheese

Being a vegetarian and an egg-hater makes things a bit more difficult. Do you think Lactaid cottage cheese would be ok to have twice a day? Has anyone used Lactaid cottage cheese?

Apr 28th 2011
lauraareson commented on VinceG's reply:

Thanks. Good point. I've been looking on you tube for the proper swing and there seems to be a discrepency on how much you have bend your knees. ...

Mar 24th 2011
lauraareson asked a question:

Kettlebells on the Last Mile

I am on the last mile. Has anyone gone beyond doing just the two handed swing. Should I be doing more with the kettlebells?

Mar 22nd 2011

ohh my word, that is so not appealing at this point!!!

Feb 28th 2011
lauraareson asked a question:

myotatic crunch

is the myotatic crunch as good as he says it is?

Feb 28th 2011
lauraareson asked a question:


I have cut out aspertame and splenda totally, which is so hard because I am an ex smoker and have developed a bubble gum habit in it's place. I have been chewing spry gum, made with xylitol. Is ...

Feb 28th 2011

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