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kla9 replied to swood07's question:

Before and After! Weeks 1, 4, & 7!

congratulations buddy, that is really awesome!

May 4th 2011
a thoresen replied to shane's question:

Where are you from?

Renton, Washington

May 1st 2011
jeffjpark asked a question:

Recovery & Length of Workout

If injuries have never been an issue for me in the past working out and if staying consistent with a workout program has also never been a problem (it seems these are the two most common reasons a...

Mar 5th 2011

I thought the whole point of the diet was that we didn't need to count calories as longs as our protein intake was sufficient. Considering that I ...

Mar 5th 2011
jeffjpark commented on shane's reply:

Shane: Thanks a lot for answering my question. Your advice about changing to the G2F workout over OP helped reinforce what I considered to to b...

Mar 5th 2011
jeffjpark asked a question:

Training Frequency if no soreness?

I recall reading in a lot of different fitness magazines and books that we should only work out once our muscles are not sore. I've noticed that as I work out more, my recovery period of not bei...

Mar 5th 2011
jeffjpark asked a question:

Cadence Question

Does it really matter if the cadence is 5/5 as outlined in the 4HB or if its 10/10 as generally recommended in the superslow/Body by Science circles? I assume a higher TUT is a better but does it...

Mar 5th 2011
jeffjpark asked a question:

Disappointment - 2nd Bod Pod Measurement

I had my second bod pod measurement done after about a week and half since I started OP. According to the book, I should at least see 2.5lbs of lean muscle per week minimum. But the results prov...

Mar 5th 2011
jeffjpark replied to a question I'm following

Gaining only fat on Occam's?

I've just started OP and I'm having the same problem after the 10th day. I got measured in a Bod Pod machine and I've only gained .32 lbs of muscle and 4.7 lbs of fat. And I'm not taking creatin...

Mar 5th 2011

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