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Jim C. replied to Michael Mifsud's question:

Cheat day - 1 waking day or 24 hours?

The 4HB cheat day is the waking hours of 1 day once a week. You can always experiment with a 24 hour cheat day and see how it works for you.

Feb 6th 2015
Jim C. replied to Kyla Wright's question:

still no results? (week 2)

It sounds like you are doing it right. A few questions though… 30grams protein in the beakfast? Are you eating enough 4HB meals during the day to keep you full? Are you eating enough on ...

Jan 30th 2015
Jim C. replied to Carlos Song's question:

Low fat cottage cheese stalls weight loss?

I don’t think it’s so much the calories as it is the Lactose (milk sugar) that is in the Cottage Cheese. In fact, I have read that the lower the fat content then higher the lactose, s...

Jan 12th 2015
Jim C. replied to Ruby Wiswall's question:

Aggression from too much meat?

Sounds similar to my experience. I found myself craving ‘something’ and ended up eating some meat or nuts-but that didn’t quite do it. I think what is going on is that the body...

Jan 9th 2015
Jim C. replied to Bas Hamer's question:

Looking for a stool softner

I agree that fiber is good but uou could also try the over-the-counter stool softener “Docusate” (brand name is Colace but generic works just fine). Do not use Peri-Colace since it al...

Jan 5th 2015
Robert Solomon asked a question:

Questions on getting protein when waking up

Hi, I have some questions to ask: I sometimes need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If I do, then do I need to take some protein in, or can I go back to sleep and wait till I w...

Dec 23rd 2014
Jim C. shared a tip:

"The Lowest Carb “Pasta” Recipes You’ll Ever Find"

Came across some good looking recipes and thought I would share. Most of these look like they would fit into our 4HB lifestyle or they can be slightly modified to work. Sorry about the ad when y...

Nov 7th 2014
Jim C. replied to Pooja CL's question:

Opinions on low carb bread?

It sounds like it might work but the only way to find out is to give it a try. Experiment and you might do just fine. Although it would be nice to actually be able to eat bread every day, I am ju...

Nov 5th 2014
Jim C. replied to Marina.Weible's question:

only 2 cm - on SCD since feb 2014

I take it that the 2 cm was lost from your waist. Were you lean to begin with? I notice that the breakfast seems light. You need to get the protein up to 30 grams or more within 1/2 hour after w...

Oct 1st 2014
Jim C. commented on Jim C.'s reply:

Any activity that doesn't burn a bunch of calories should be fine. I assume Yoga is ok but I really haven't tried it. You would know better than I...

Sep 21st 2014
Jim C. commented on Jim C.'s reply:

My cheat day is a blast--non stop pizza, donuts, candy, ice cream, moon pies.. you get the idea. I make sure to eat or drink carbs about an hour be...

Sep 20th 2014
Jim C. replied to Serkan Atila's question:

SCD & Maintaining Muscle

I workout twice a week. I work out heavy on my cheat day (lots of carbs) and lighter with more reps on the other day. I do have carbs before and after the lighter workout but I limit it to some f...

Sep 20th 2014
Jim C. replied to Justin Funk's question:

Jorge's Skinny Muffins

50 seconds in the microwave! This is a quick and easy to make snack. I cut back on the cinnamon to about 1 tsp and I dont use Stevia. I don’t feel it’s needed since I use some grass ...

Sep 8th 2014
Jim C. commented on Jim C.'s reply:

correction: should read "Having a LOW chol::HDL level is considered to be healthy as long as the ratio is 4 to 1 or less."

Aug 15th 2014
Jim C. replied to Kasper's question:

How to measure?

You can get cholesterol test kits for at-home use. Just search Amazon for examples. Some are just for total cholest. but I would opt for the kits that show HDL (good) and the LDL (bad) cholester...

Aug 15th 2014
Jim C. commented on Jim C.'s reply:

Out of the 6 SCD days I only eat a few fruit carbs on 1 of them, just before a workout. The morning O.N. whey protein is almost pure protein, so it...

Aug 12th 2014
Jim C. replied to David Hard's question:

I'm burning way more than I'm consuming and yet I'm barely losing any weight

I agree with Tanner. My guess is that you are not getting enough calories to fuel your high exercise levels and need to eat more 4HB foods. Also, your high activity level could be a cause of weig...

Aug 12th 2014
Jim C. replied to Pete Ingram's question:

Want to start running/insanity/workout

IMHO, if you’re going to be doing a lot of cardio and weights every day, your body will be in need of lots of carbs….. the 4HB doesn’t give you much in that department and probab...

Aug 9th 2014
Jim C. replied to Aaron Hunt's question:

Pea protein powder

The best thing to do is try it and see how your body accepts it. I don’t have much time in the mornings so I pour 4 oz egg whites, 1 or 2 whole eggs, 4 oz water and 1 scoop of Optimum Nutri...

Aug 1st 2014
Adria Acetaminophen replied to Stephanie French's question:

Non-dairy coffee creamers without sweeteners

Mimic Creme makes an unsweetened coffee creamer. I've tried the sweetened and sugar free.

Jun 17th 2013
Alison Davis asked a question:

Allergic to eggs!

Need some ideas for breakfast ? How about a protein shake? How do I make?

Jun 10th 2013
Jeanie McAlpine asked a question:

When does the the 30 minutes start for protein intake in the AM?

Especially when drinking this much water I often have to wake up to pee before my actual "wake up" time. I'm usually able to fall back to sleep pretty quickly, but this morning I woke up...

Feb 14th 2013
Aug 11th 2012
Gregory Miller asked a question:

3 Weeks in, Holding Back Water, I think

I am almost done with 3 weeks. Lost 10.5 lbs so far. This week, and I am sort of ok with this, I have plateaued. I have not changed anything but in general, I feel like I am holding back water. Af...

Jul 27th 2012
Leogurl commented on xtian's reply:

lol. It's okay. I haven't been around for awhile so it still counts.

Jul 18th 2012
Leogurl replied to Dana Reale's blog post:

New to SCD: Day 2

The book does allude to cottage cheese being okay but there are opposing views as to whether or not we should eat it. I say if you eat a little yogurt or cottage cheese and you continue to lose, t...

Jul 18th 2012
Jul 1st 2012
Leogurl commented on mjf0461's reply:

I just got over the same problem but my period finally showed up exactly 1 week late. Some member suggested I take potassium but I've been taking ...

Jun 18th 2012

Also I was eating apples 2 or 3 days a week and I didn't have trouble losing but you may be right about the bananas. I also know I can't eat canta...

Jun 9th 2012

First I have to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me. Whenever I get down on myself or think about jumping ship, I look at your before ...

Jun 9th 2012

I have been thinking about switching over to a naturopathic doctor to help me with my thyroid (I don't have one) problems but I don't have health ...

Jun 9th 2012

Oops that comment was directed towards dsheehan.

Jun 8th 2012
Leogurl commented on Leogurl's question:

Update: Well I spoke too soon, my Aunt Flo came to visit me this morning so I guess I'm okay. I'm going to follow SakuraDancers advice and start e...

Jun 8th 2012

LOL!!!! No Way!!!

Jun 8th 2012
Leogurl asked a question:

Menstrual Cycle Changes- Totally Miserable

I have been searching this site and haven't been able to find a solution to my problem. I started 4hb 5 weeks ago and last week was the week my period was supposed to start but it hasn't. I had my...

Jun 7th 2012
May 29th 2012
Leogurl commented on kifAmazon's reply:

That sounds good. I have black eyed peas in the cabinet and I have no idea what to do with them. Thanks for the tip!

May 29th 2012
Leogurl commented on Tomhole's reply:

Yeah I don't do the entire PAGG stack because I read the Policosanol and Green tea extract may interfere with my thyroid medication. I do take Alp...

May 29th 2012
Leogurl replied to vickskat's question:

How have your cheat days changed?

Hi, I just finished my 3rd week and I felt exactly like you after my 1st cheat day. So I decided to start drinking lots of water around 7pm or 8pm on the night of my cheat day and I noticed I no l...

May 28th 2012
Leogurl replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

My first anniversary of slow carb! 5-15-12

Congratulations on your achievement. I can't wait for the day to come where I can say I lost as much as you. You guys who've had success motivate me stick with this plan (I'm only in my second wee...

May 16th 2012
Leogurl replied to sherryl's question:

week 3-need help

Hi this is my first reply around here so please bear with me. I know where you're coming from because I have no thyroid gland at all so you can imagine how hard weightloss is for me. This is only ...

May 13th 2012
lrinac54 blogged:

Post-college Athlete

Have always been a fitness junkie and am always continuing to look for new and exciting things to try to keep in shape. After being an athlete in college and now working full-time, I struggle to f...

May 11th 2012
May 9th 2012
Leogurl blogged:

Member intro: Still trying

Still trying and looking for answers.

May 6th 2012

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