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Camilo Moreno-Salamanca replied to Tomhole's question:

Occams, muscle building and weight loss

So what you are saying is that you are doing Occam diet (which is SCD+rice/potatoes), but you are not doing Occam's workout and by changing the workout you are finally seeing muscle gain and no fa...

Apr 4th 2013
Camilo Moreno-Salamanca asked a question:

Changes in diet/exercise for muscle gain without increasing body fat %

Hello gang, So after some discipline and support from people here I currently sit at 160 lbs and 13% body fat. I hit my weight goal, but I'm 3% away from my body fat goal. However, I also want t...

Mar 29th 2013
Mar 3rd 2013
Camilo Moreno-Salamanca asked a question:

Measuring protein

Hey guys, Quick question: Do you guys have some resources on a good guide to measure grams of protein in my diet? I got an app, but it I'm not sure its completely right (e.g. 1 cup of spinach is ...

Mar 1st 2013

Hey guys, just a quick update. I took out the protein shake and started drinking about 3L of water a day. Good results! I'm at 161.4 with BMI of 1...

Feb 17th 2013
Feb 11th 2013

Hahaha true. Part of why my grocery bill is higher is because I got my Mom and my brother to do SCD as well. So we are buying about $160 of chicke...

Feb 11th 2013

Hmmm, for some reason I thought berries were ok, but you are right; after reviewing the book you are right I don't see any mention. The protein po...

Feb 10th 2013

urbatan: So what do you suggest? carlipie: I'll cut down on the corn and peas.

Feb 8th 2013
Camilo Moreno-Salamanca asked a question:

New Year's SCD and Occam's: Good progress, but advice needed.

Hey guys, I started the SCD after owning the 4HB for over a year and having it beef up my unread book collection. In short, I hated vegetables and being South American my diet consisted heavily ...

Feb 7th 2013
scottnonnenberg blogged:

WAPF and Four Hour Body

I've been interested in fitness for many years - running, lifting, yoga, cycling. I try to live based on a blend of principles taken from a number of sources: Four Hour Body, the Weston A Price Fo...

Dec 5th 2011
battleship asked a question:

Has anyone used techniques in the book to prepare for events like Tough Mudder?

I trained hard but without a coherent plan for my first Tough Mudder. The event was the hardest thing I have done but now I am looking to improve my performance. That involves losing weight, incre...

Jun 16th 2011
edtrem asked a question:

aren't refried beans full of lard?

I am puzzled that the slow carb diet allwos refried beans as i thought that they were fatty becasue they are fried in lard. is that not the case?

Apr 21st 2011
Shams commented on natswart's reply:

Thanks Stompie (that's a biblical name, right?) - I think I'm going to experminet with cutting out the whey protein in the morning as Brady had...

Apr 15th 2011
Shams commented on s joshua's reply:

You can experiment with using unflavored whey protein too. It has no carbs, and basically tastes like nothing.

Apr 12th 2011
Shams commented on Shams's question:

Hi everyone, I haven't had any comments on this post yet. I think my post got in the pile somehow. :) Anyway, all comments are appreciated!

Apr 12th 2011
Shams commented on civico's question:

This recipe is on my menu for this week! Will let you know how it turns out. Sounds awesome.

Apr 9th 2011
Shams asked a question:

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi everyone, This is my first post on this site - apologies in advance for a long one. I am looking for a little help and wanted to arm you with as much info as I could. I'm wondering if I'm...

Apr 8th 2011
Shams asked a question:

Anyone else nervous about what happens after muscle gain?

Hey folks, I'm currently on the SCD. Phase II is to get into the gym and starting building muscle. I'm sure I'll see good gains as I haven't been regularly working out for a while (thus, lots ...

Apr 8th 2011
Shams asked a question:

Gaining Muscle Mass vs. Getting Stronger

Hey everyone, Can you help me? My understanding on gaining muscle mass is that it has two benefits: 1) increased fat burning as muscle will require more calories and 2) asthetics (you'll look b...

Apr 8th 2011
Shams asked a question:

Good, affordable unflavored whey protein?

So, I just bought some unflavored whey protein on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Foods-Whey-Protein-Isolate-100/dp/B0015AQL1Q/... It costs Just under $11/pound for it. I need to do this, as the...

Apr 8th 2011

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