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28 days ago
Sha Duv replied to Carola Varnet's question:

Can i use chickpea flour to make bread or cookies ?can i use chickpeas at all? thnks

I would say you probaly can if you can eat everything that goes into the “bread”. Can you eat a tortilla made of thin egg whites…yes. I used to eat paleo and almond flour was fin...

Nov 4th 2014
Tina Bloodaxe asked a question:

Josh help!

Hi Joshua! I just started the slow Carb diet yesterday. Is it normal to feel incredibly nauseous and weak at first? For breakfast I had the eggs and a bowl of lentil soup. For lunch I had chick...

Oct 14th 2013
Taylor Lannan replied to Chad Hassler's question:

From 300 to 210, 265 to 195, 258 to ???

Chad, Your story was amazing to read. You obviously have the motivation within, it sounds like you just need that extra push to stay with 4HB for the full 6 days. My boyfriend and I have found t...

May 19th 2013

We were feeling bloated after our first high carb meal, but I think we will take it easier on the next "treat" day. I am so surprised wh...

May 19th 2013

Sometimes I will add black beans with my salad and do a southwest with salsa instead of the mustard vinaigrette, that's normally the only time I e...

May 19th 2013
Taylor Lannan asked a question:

Week one and trouble with binge

Hi everyone, I'm new to the 4HB, this is my first week on the "new life style" I call it that because for me, this isn't just a "diet" but a lifestyle change. My boyfriend and ...

May 19th 2013
Heather Lichtensteiger replied to rafaeld's question:

Slow-carb foods allowed / not allowed

What is the deal with Sweet Potatoes? By all accounts, it's not on the allowed list but I'm reading Tim's new book, the 4 Hour Chef, and he says all recipes included are SCD friendly yet he's use...

Mar 12th 2013
Feb 13th 2013
Feb 13th 2013
Jan 29th 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

8 Month Check-in

Hey Juan, I JUST saw this post and I am SO happy for you! Ahhhhh CONGRATULATIONS!! You'll get to your goal real soon and when you do, you'll have someone across the country celebrating your suc...

Jan 28th 2013

I have to agree with Danielle here. I'm always a pound or 2 lighter in the morning as soon as I wake up. However, like Tim said, we have to experi...

Jan 28th 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to leblanc's question:

2 weeks with unexpected results

I noticed in your detailed question that you didn't mention anything about water your intake? I use to drink 6 glasses of water a day, barely making my 8 glasses minimum water requirement. I now ...

Jan 14th 2013

Because peas are HIGH in sugar. 1 cup of peas is equal to 8.2 grams of sugar.

Jan 14th 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to Shari Bayani's question:

5 lbs lost first week, 5 lbs gained cheat day...is this normal?

Hey, Don't worry, it's completely normal. The day after my cheat day, I usually weigh 2-3 lbs more. Give yourself a few days to lose all that weight (for me I lose it all by midweek.) To help...

Jan 14th 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to cruey's question:

what do you guys think about kombucha?

Kombucha is AMAZING. Too bad it's forbidden on non cheat days. However, on my cheat days, I follow the citrus and kombucha method as well as the mini exercises before each meals. It helps keep m...

Jan 14th 2013

Juan, I have and now I'm just going through it again and making all the recipes:) Thanks to the 4HC, my morning eggs are so much more enticing wit...

Jan 8th 2013
Jan 8th 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to Jessica Stuart's question:


The other day I made curried cauliflower mash. It's straight out of the 4HC book. It definitely helped with my carb cravings. It was a little sweet, almost as if it could easily pass by as a deser...

Jan 7th 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to James Tyrrell's question:

SCD Milk in tea.

Hey there, I would quit milk and use a substitute if you really can't stand the taste of it plain. A splash of dairy here or there may not seem like a big deal but when you add it over time, i...

Jan 7th 2013
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Jan 6th 2013
Jan 3rd 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

Happy New Year! Plus new pic

Holy AMAZEBALLZ! You look great! Congratulations, Juan:)

Jan 2nd 2013
Bluezen1014 replied to Mags's question:

How to cure cheat day sickness?

TF mentioned this in the 4HB which has helped me considerably--I make my first meal a non cheat meal + at least 5 oz of citrus juice before my first real cheat meal. I don't gorge myself with not...

Dec 27th 2012
Bluezen1014 replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

Merry Christmas

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Sorry I have been MIA.This is my first time online since last week (been in Arizona for the holidays). Will be back for regular accountability email broadcasting...

Dec 27th 2012
Bluezen1014 replied to Tiffany Thiessen's question:

First week breakfast question

Hey there, I get a lot of my meal idea from Paleo websites. Here's one of my favorites. I just omit anything not scd approved. There's a great breakfast frittata you can make ahead of time and...

Dec 19th 2012
Bluezen1014 replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

Flu Medicine?

Hey Juan, Although vitamin c won't alleviate your symptoms but it may help shorten the duration of a cold/flu. When I'm too sickly to eat any broccoli or other foods vitamin c loaded veggies I...

Dec 17th 2012

Thank Pierre, the SCD is more of a lifestyle for me and the last thing I want is to regret it when I'm older and end up with heart problems like D...

Dec 16th 2012
Dec 15th 2012
Bluezen1014 asked a question:

What's the difference between the Atkins Diet & Slow Carb?

Does anyone know the difference between the Atkins Diet and the Slow Carb Diet? I've read that Dr. Atkins had a medical history of myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and hypertensi...

Dec 14th 2012
Dec 14th 2012
Bluezen1014 commented on wombat's reply:

This is your personal journey & I think telling your family that they can't eat chocolate in front of you in their OWN house during the holida...

Dec 13th 2012

@jdpriode-- check out what the fried veggie chips are made of. I would avoid anything with hydrogenated oils because instead of burning that fat f...

Dec 13th 2012

Based on that particular study AND the math, that means you can have 6 nuts instead of 5 if almonds have 20% fewer calories than they originally t...

Dec 13th 2012

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