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Linsey Muse asked a question:

Not eating enough?

I've stalled this week and so I'm reviewing all of my eating. I eat the same thing every day and have lost 17lbs up to this week. I know I shouldn't go strictly by the scale so I took measurements...

Feb 10th 2013
Susan Swanson Fortner is doing a tutorial!

A-B-C of Kettlebell Swing by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss will show you how to properly do kettlebell swing using Zar Horton (Senior RKC) method broken down in 3 steps. Kettlebell Swing will h...

Dec 3rd 2012
Susan Swanson Fortner is doing a tutorial!

Fat burning circuit: Routine 1

Burn fat and add tone up with this series of 6 circuit training routines. Each full-body routine consists of 8 different resistance training exerci...

Dec 3rd 2012
agknothole replied to Tomhole's question:

Exercise and weight loss

We're not tired of it! I know I'm enjoying your progress, updates, and hacks. For me, a former serial dieter, it took four months for me to notice an increase in metabolism, which ties in with you...

Jul 1st 2012
agknothole replied to Liv Smith's question:

What do you eat when you work in a Gas station?

Beef jerky? The meat off of a sandwich if it's one of those gas stations.

Jun 28th 2012
agknothole replied to Coley Mitchell's question:

Final weigh-in on Sunday... about 6 lbs to go to reach goal. Need help!

In advance, sorry for my unpopular reply. If I've strayed mid-week, then have a pool party to go to on Saturday, I can eat just protein for two days. Works for me. I lose 5 pounds from gluten, sa...

Jun 27th 2012
agknothole replied to Mriordan Enter last name's question:

2+ month plateau - WTF?????

Yes to last mile! Look up on here what Laura cox did, and replicate that if you wish.

Jun 25th 2012
agknothole replied to rodtrueofabby's question:

60 day update


Jun 23rd 2012
agknothole replied to nimmermehr's question:

Another: please look at what I eat-Question!

Let's get personal: how much do you have to lose? How tall are you? OR, what's your bmr?

Jun 22nd 2012

Oh, I forgot: I started a group with several people trying to lose weight. About 20 people showed interest, but now there's three of us still plug...

Jun 22nd 2012
agknothole replied to justingus25's blog post:

justingus25 update -family progress

I want to lose 10 more, but I've stayed the same weight for 3 months now. I'm like you, I've kind of thought, "ehh I don't look too bad". So I've cheated a good bit but, I'm learning it...

Jun 22nd 2012
agknothole replied to koolsome's question:

When to do abs exercise and kettlebell swings in OP (if not on same day A and B, too exhausted after failure)

Do ab work first? Technically you can do ab work everyday. I didn't catch how adding ab work was going to make you work your biceps again? And, failure is so much that if I offered you 100k$ you s...

Jun 22nd 2012
agknothole replied to sustainability's question:

eggs - doc said max 2 a week !!! yikes

It's hard to say ignore the doc, cause obviously none of us want to kill you, but most of us probably swear by eggs as an important staple in our diets. I'm very interested to see if you can stay ...

Jun 22nd 2012
agknothole commented on Tomhole's reply:

Tom! won't this harm your protein shake for breakfast experiment?? Was that you?

Jun 21st 2012
Jun 21st 2012
agknothole replied to GillisJP's question:

What measurements and photos should I take

I did a full back photo, in addition to the above reply. It's by far the most motivating one, seeing my used-to-be love handles smooth and tone! And, wearing short shorts will help you see change ...

Jun 15th 2012
agknothole replied to Nader Tohamy's question:

Cheat day today!

Water, caffeine, glut-4 exercises, flax seeds in something towards the end of the day. Have fun with your cheat day! Have you taken 'before' pictures and/ or measurements? You may regret it if yo...

Jun 14th 2012

Oh, and... It's frustrating to stall, AND/ OR it's liberating to know what maintenance eating at a 40 pound loss looks like!

Jun 13th 2012
agknothole replied to GillisJP's question:

A good recipe for HIIT

The ultimate hiit workout: Do each for 30 sec, then rest for 90 sec. Work your way up to intense 60 sec, rest 60 sec. Then maybe even intense 90 sec, rest 30 sec. 1. Squats 2. Push-ups 3. Planks...

Jun 13th 2012
agknothole replied to lalasf's question:

a month later... still stalling :(

If loving sausage is wrong, I don't wanna be right! I'll "try" to help. Are you measuring every tablespoon and every 1/4 cup? If not, that could easily add 500 calories a day because o...

Jun 12th 2012
Jun 9th 2012

Oh, and this is my week 10 also!!!

May 2nd 2012
agknothole replied to Mriordan Enter last name's question:

10 week update/Plateau

I'm sorry no one has answered you. I hit a plateau, changed all kinds of small things trying to figure out the plateau. Turns out it was cheat day for me. So, I stopped and lost four pounds after ...

May 2nd 2012
agknothole replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

lost the weight

way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 14th 2012
agknothole replied to erdunn75's question:

Need thoughts on my Workout regimen!! Too much?

you're not working out too much. you will be thrilled with yourself that you are doing weights from the start! he's thinking about people that are called out for excessive cardio, which makes the...

Apr 14th 2012
Linsey Muse replied to locarb4health's question:

Women and the 4 Hour Body

I've been on this diet 8 weeks and I've lost 15lbs. I feel like I've lost the same five pounds for a few weeks now because of cheat day. Today I'm changing cheat day up a bit to see if I can keep ...

Apr 14th 2012

Oh, and is a website of recipes. I feel like its somebody's sweet grandma who is low carb. Some stuff is not scd compliant, so tweak acc...

Apr 11th 2012
agknothole replied to angelinazabrat's question:

slow carb recipes PLEASE

The trick is pre-planning meals, always being prepared. My freezer is full of meats I have measured into portions. Cooking a lot of stuff one day a week makes it easier, too. In fact, it'll be eas...

Apr 11th 2012
agknothole replied to Charley's blog post:

Time out for a week

I think a lot of us took off for the weekend or so.... I'm wiped out today from getting back on the horse!

Apr 11th 2012
Apr 11th 2012
agknothole replied to erdunn75's question:

Avacado's/Potassium Supplements

The potassium thing is because of the work the liver does in processing all the protein, and the diuretic effect of the diet. So, you drink more water to aid your liver, which in turn pulls out p...

Apr 9th 2012
Linsey Muse commented on Linsey Muse's profile:

Just finished my 8th cheat day. Every cheat day carbs make me feel worse and worse. After I eat junk I feel shaky and sick and weak. I am thankful ...

Apr 8th 2012
agknothole replied to ebacklund's question:

Time to move onto something else?

I wonder if you took new measurements and compared them to the old ones... I have also stayed the same weight for four weeks. I am not as satisfied as I could be. But, the silver lining is that I...

Apr 6th 2012
Linsey Muse commented on Beaver's reply:

@kcsportsdoc Trigger foods around the house are the worst. I can't stand the thought of throwing them away so I make my husband hide them from me...

Apr 5th 2012
Linsey Muse commented on Linsey Muse's profile:

Start weight was 303lbs This morning 289.6 I'm in the middle of my eighth week.

Apr 5th 2012
Linsey Muse replied to 4hBod's question:

Stopping SCD but can I stay here?

I wish you the best of luck but I must say you're plan sounds extremely complicated. I love the simplicity of SCD!

Apr 5th 2012
agknothole replied to dimbooti's question:

Double checking

There are others that will help. I wanted to say: What is your water intake? I eat high fat, too, but I eat my fats the first two meals. Check how much mercury you're having from that fish intake...

Apr 4th 2012

Daily? Without being too graphic, why do you take it daily? This diet seems like it takes care of business with all the healthy fats and veggies....

Apr 4th 2012
agknothole commented on Graham's reply:

I think re-feed means eating after starvation if you look it up, but re-feeding for low carb dieters, paleo hacks, and body builders means carb re...

Apr 3rd 2012
agknothole replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

In US, CBS 4/1/12 6p C, Show about SUGAR!

I'm so excited about this! Thanks for the heads up!!!

Apr 1st 2012
agknothole replied to mmg2681's question:
Apr 1st 2012
agknothole replied to Getfitgirl's question:


You go get 'em! I'm going to eat my scd b'fast then head straight to dairy queen for a "chocolate extreme blizzard".

Mar 31st 2012
agknothole replied to Kris tohm's question:

Slow carb week 3

A gallon of water, then tea as much as you want is a good choice. Not enough protein for breakfast, I don't think, but if it is, maybe get more from meat, less/ no beans. Nuts... Maybe not with th...

Mar 31st 2012
Mar 31st 2012

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