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Robert Park replied to Ziv Kraizelman's question:

The Low Information Diet: should you not read books?

I’m a big reader as well, and I’ve noticed an annoying pattern in diet books. They almost all start out with variations of “everything you know about dieting is wrong!” and...

Jun 27th 2016
Daniel Carrier replied to prettypistolx's question:

Is Split Pea Soup okay for the SCD?

Also it's very easy to make homemade. Follow directions on a package of split peas. Very tasty and has no added fat. I just used ham, carrots and onions added to it.

Dec 29th 2012
kittykittykatkat replied to arctichacker's question:

Basic Baked Shrimp Frittata

Just made this with ham instead of shrimp! Tastes amazing!! Thanks for the suggestion!

Jan 12th 2012
Bear.and.Bittles blogged:

Fighting Against the Fatty First Year of Marriage

'Allo! Four months into our marriage and we're quickly falling into the pit of the "Fatty First Year" of newlywed bliss. He stands at 6'3" and approximately 260 pounds and she s...

Dec 30th 2011

Good for you to get back on! I recently had a week of not so great eating, and can totally understand where you're coming from. Also fc904 "...

Sep 15th 2011

I do that too! I use a 1.5l water bottle and fill it up two or three times a day. My friends who have seen me do this, dub it "Cameling"...

Sep 15th 2011
Aug 31st 2011
Sunrise commented on s joshua's reply:

So far so good down 5 lbs and some inches! the belt needs to be tightened up again, so all and all going very well ! Easy diet to follow!

Aug 30th 2011

I will give mashed beans and cauliflower a shot. Thanks!

Aug 30th 2011

Thanks! I'll give it a try tomorrow and see if it's manageable!

Aug 30th 2011
kittykittykatkat asked a question:

Liquid diet options?

So, this is a rather strange one. I've cracked a tooth and can't get to the dentist until next week. Because of my tooth, I can't eat most solid food, as it gets caught in-between the crack and hu...

Aug 29th 2011
Sunrise blogged:

Newbie to SCD

Just checking this out on my second week of the SCD

Aug 26th 2011
kittykittykatkat replied to dallasapollo's question:

Not eating enough?

I think I'm in the same boat as you, and reading your question just set of an "AH" moment for me. The week before last I lost almost 5 pounds, where as this week I only lost 3, and when ...

Jul 31st 2011

Agreed Although it's getting closer!

Jul 31st 2011
kittykittykatkat replied to Dmitry's question:

2 months into SCD 42.4 lbs down

Good for you!! Your results have inspired me to keep going!

Jul 31st 2011

Thanks for all the info. I tried the shakes, and they have helped, but really I think it was just the first week withdrawls. I've been on the diet...

Jul 31st 2011
kittykittykatkat asked a question:

Problems in the morning?

I'm recently back on the SCD after an extended period of being off. So far, my biggest problem seems to be first thing in the morning. I wake up and (try my very best) to consume a glass of ice wa...

Jul 12th 2011
optionseeker replied to ddub's question:

Running 0 to 5k - How do I start?

I started running 2.5 years ago and did 10+ half marathons and 1 marathon last year along with numerous shorter training runs. This was after years of trying unsuccessfully to become a runner. I...

Jul 5th 2011
optionseeker replied to Boardbunny's question:

Uggggg.... Soooo sick after first cheat day!

I felt the same after my first cheat day. I felt almost obligated to eat a bunch of junk which I never did before SCD. For my second cheat day (yesterday), I cut way back on the junk and tried t...

Jun 26th 2011

Hi, I'm pretty new to this as well so I will let others comment on the diet part. I really recommend a 'learn to run' program of some sort if yo...

Jun 26th 2011
travelgirl asked a question:

Yummy Mexican Black Bean Recipe

I've been reading posts on this site awhile so I figured it was time for me to contribute! I don't find enough recipes on here so I thought I'd share one of my favourties that's super easy! I use...

Jun 21st 2011
optionseeker replied to eversharp's question:

Cottage Cheese - Threat or Menace?

I like cottage cheese and one of my favourite ways to have it is with freshly ground pepper. Also, I sometimes make a 'dip' for veggies by combining 2 cups of cottage cheese with a tablespoon (or...

Jun 18th 2011
optionseeker replied to lassel's question:

Stalled a little after 5 months -- looking for motivation and exercise tips

Good Morning... I'm no expert but I have run for several years, virtually injury free and I would suggest two things if you want to resume running. First, find a 'learn to run' clinic or book and...

Jun 18th 2011
optionseeker replied to Nolan2332's question:

Best program, other than Stew Smith, to improve push ups?

I run quite a bit and whenever my legs have felt worn out it was usually a result of over-doing it and some rest was in order. That's one of the things I liked most about 4HB... the idea that if ...

Jun 15th 2011
optionseeker replied to sirspiffy's tip:

How to cook Stovetop Steak

A good choice for the pan would be a cast iron one. Durable and heavy enough to give an excellent 'sear'. Also nearly maintenance free if seasoned properly. I know whats for dinner tonight!.

Jun 15th 2011

Thanks for your comment! I also run regularly (3x/week) and am just starting to train for a 1/2 marathon. I am anticipating hitting the start li...

Jun 15th 2011
optionseeker asked a question:

Slow carb and HIIT

Good Morning.. I just started the slow carb diet after receiving 4HB as a present from my son on my 45th birthday. I recently began taking an HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit base...

Jun 14th 2011
cedar commented on leviticus's reply:

I would drop that protein shake upon waking - I'm guessing that it's not only high-calorie, but also high in sugars..... I'm about the same size a...

Mar 21st 2011
kittykittykatkat asked a question:

First day back on 4 hour body.

This is more to be held accountable then anything. I'm horrible with sticking to goals. I started 4 hour body in Feb. with quite good results, but kinda fell off the wagon and didn't get back on. ...

Mar 1st 2011
annibelle asked a question:

Playing Hockey

Hey, I play hockey once a week on Saturdays and have noticed a lack of energy which I attribute to zero carbs. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can eat prior to playing that would hel...

Feb 28th 2011

Thank you! I actually live in BC Canada, so I'll check out the health food store on Saturday.

Feb 17th 2011
kittykittykatkat asked a question:

Silly question about Almond Butter

I was just wondering where one goes about finding Almond Butter. I haven't seen it in my grocery store, and thought that maybe I'm looking the wrong section? Do you usually have to purchase it at ...

Feb 16th 2011

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