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Dreamer asked a question:

Might have to skip a week

Hi there, I have been on 4 hour diet for a month so far and I have been feeling great. However, I will have to go to a different state to attend a couple of wedding in the family. The 5 days of m...

Jan 28th 2014
Dreamer asked a question:

Can Spinach be totally replaced?

Hello, I don't like spinach but I love broccoli.. Is it perfectly fine to just replace spinach and switch to broccoli? Do I have to eat veggies on breakfast? normally for breakfast, I just eat gr...

Jan 18th 2014
Dreamer asked a question:


I love guacamole/avocado, can I eat as much as I want? How much protein does 1 avocado have?

Jan 4th 2014
Dreamer asked a question:

South Asian / Indian Food Reciepies

Does anyone here tend to eat Indian food at all or incorporate the recipes in some ways? I am not an Indian but I love Indian food and I cook a lot too. Also, I cant really stand the smell after I...

May 17th 2013

Haha, that was my problem with the Paleo diet too!!! I was eating upwards of two cups of nuts a day ... not only was that NOT helping me lose wei...

Apr 18th 2013

a week, 75 kettlebells @ 50lb + heavy lifting of upper body 3x week (I stopped doing most lower body exercises, like squats, since my butt has got...

Apr 18th 2013

Yeah, I've only been measuring body fat for about a week (got an Omron tester). Started at 23%, spiked up to 24.4% after cheat day, and it's been...

Apr 18th 2013
mcmurrington asked a question:

Building muscle just fine, but not losing fat?

Hey everyone; I've been following this diet for about four weeks; prior to that I was eating paleo for a few months so the food part of the program wasn't a huge change for me (mainly, I just had...

Apr 18th 2013
Karli Sande replied to Don Rush's question:

Slight headache and sore?

I sometimes get headaches when I'm dehydrated or hungry. I found that keeping a few raw almonds at my desk helped with this. However, your aches could be totally unrelated to your diet, like Chr...

Feb 11th 2013
Rosie Frank replied to Danielle Lanslots's question:

Hacking My Stall

Thanks so much for posting this! I'm having a similar experience. My Fiance and I are slow carbing together and he has lost about 10lbs in the first two weeks, while I've lost about 5.5. I think f...

Jan 23rd 2013
Karli Sande replied to leblanc's question:

2 weeks with unexpected results

It's definitely important to follow the rules for good, the bad and the seriously unattractive foods. The banned foods are banned because they divert the body's attention from burning fat for ene...

Jan 19th 2013
Karli Sande replied to Margarethe Albertyn's question:

Foggy on the whole "ketosis" thing...

My understanding is that the "bad ketosis" is the kind that people with type 1 diabetes have. Ketosis for the rest of us just means getting energy from fat. So it could be dietary fat ...

Jan 18th 2013
Karli Sande asked a question:

New Here Myself

Howdy! Thought I'd start off by being as stereotypically American as my keyboard would allow. Today is Day One for me but this is far from the first attempt at losing weight. I'm getting marrie...

Jan 7th 2013
Karli Sande replied to James Tyrrell's question:

SCD Milk in tea.

What I've read in a number of places is that if you will be using milk, it's better to opt for the full fat version. By removing fat from milk the percentage of lactose to fat is increased. The ...

Jan 7th 2013
Senna Maertens asked a question:

Help me out with my meals!

Okay all, I'm pretty much brand new to the SCD and dieting altogether. I've also seen that you have some pretty good advice, and i'd like a more experienced look at my daily meal plan that i've co...

Sep 12th 2012

And I don't think you should have any concerns with gastritis while on this diet - the basic foods on SCD are pretty plain, without a lot of spicy...

Aug 16th 2012

I'm glad I could help in any way! Miralax is a non-habit-forming stool softener, and it can be found at most drugstores (Walgreens, Target, CVS) ...

Aug 16th 2012
SakuraDancer replied to Minnie Mi's question:

Stomach Issues - giving up!!!

There are a few reasons why you may be having stomach issues, and a few things you can do to tweak your diet to get rid of any unwanted side effects. Broccolli every morning may be causing some...

Aug 16th 2012
SakuraDancer replied to Calley Nye's question:

It's been 4 weeks and I haven't lost anything!

Congratulations on not only sticking with the diet, but also for introducing others to the benefits of the SCD! It sounds like you have a pretty good base, I would just recommend a few tweaks: ...

Aug 14th 2012
SakuraDancer replied to Dana Reale's blog post:

New to SCD: Day 2

Quick tip: Greek Yogurt isn't SCD - it's dairy. A no-no for non-cheat days.

Jul 18th 2012

I agree with tomhole - WAY too many beans! Remember that beans are slow carb, but they are still carbs. Up your daily protein intake to 1-1.5g o...

Jul 17th 2012
SakuraDancer replied to mkr6taclai's question:

Anyone having muscle spasms in legs?

Potassium deficiency can cause muscle cramps as well - try picking up a supplement and adding that to your meals for a few days to see if it helps. They're pretty inexpensive.

Jul 17th 2012
Dreamer replied to seoulfully's question:

What are quick, easy and cheap sources of protein?

Hi, I had the same problem. I went to my local grocery store and started looking at different sausage varieties (hot dog meat type).. I found a turkey sausage which was not only cheap but very ta...

Jul 16th 2012
Dreamer replied to Ebescoby's tip:

From 228 to 184 in 12 months - Plateau Breakthrough

I eat a lot of eggs too. Can I just make an omelet of 5 whole eggs to count 30g ? will that have negative effect in any ways?

Jul 12th 2012
Dreamer commented on mizeriqua's reply:

Is the yolk bad for me If I scramble all 5 eggs and eat them ?

Jul 11th 2012
Dreamer asked a question:

Eggs only breakfast

I eat 5 eggs in the morning.. 4 egg whites and 1 whole egg.. Is that enough to make 30g ? Should I eat more whole eggs (including yolk) ?

Jul 11th 2012
Dreamer commented on 42Wired's reply:

Thanks! I would consider your suggestions in my meals

Jul 10th 2012
Dreamer commented on xtian's reply:

how many days do you work out? How intense?

Jul 10th 2012
Jul 10th 2012
Dreamer commented on xtian's reply:

Thank you that sure does

Jul 10th 2012
Dreamer commented on xtian's reply:

@xtian : I started the same time you did. I have only lost 12 lbs so far. Would you please post your daily meals and activities? you can look at ...

Jul 10th 2012
Dreamer replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

Week 64 Results

Would you please post your entire meals and activities in a day ? Do you work out ? It would help me a lot. I have mine here if you want to take a look at:

Jul 10th 2012

yup I am talking about what they have in a salad cart. they just taste natural to me. no flavors added!

Jul 10th 2012
Dreamer asked a question:

Cucumbers and Black olives not allowed? says Cucumbers and Black olives not allowed? Is that true?

Jul 10th 2012
Dreamer asked a question:

8 weeks and kinda frustrated :(

hello 4hour family, I am a long time lurker in this forum. I started SCD 8 weeks ago and have been following it very strictly. here's an overview of what I do : 6:30 am : Breakfast = 5 hard boil...

Jul 10th 2012
SakuraDancer replied to maddykiedis's question:

Is cake allowed on the SCD?

I would ask myself the question: Will I *truly* be able to enjoy the cake if I eat it on a non-cheat day? If the answer is "heck yes!": Then eat a small bit of cake, and just make sur...

Jun 28th 2012
Dreamer blogged:

Member intro: Trying to be healthy

Have been a little overweight for a while. Looking forward to loose some inches!

Jun 19th 2012

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