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Neal McKenzie asked a question:

4 Hour Body Coaches

Are there local 4 Hour Body Coaches of some sort? Here’s me situation. 2 years ago I weighed 260 lbs (Male 5’8”, small frame, 60 yrs old). Dr recommended surgery or medication...

Sep 5th 2015
David Dishongh replied to Slow Carb Believer's question:

Slow Carb Pizza

Hi so yeah I would agree G G on waiting but if you've got some spare time on your hands another alternative is the cauliflower pizza: http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=24904...

May 31st 2013

I am pretty sure if the splenda is killing the good bacteria in the gut it's going to do the same to whatever probiotics you use. Seems logical. ...

Mar 22nd 2013
Travis Wilson replied to Drew Carter's question:

Water intake

I too am curious as to why unsweetened tea cannot count as water, since it almost entirely water. Not arguing, just curious as to yhe reason

Feb 4th 2013
Feb 4th 2013

ITT: the recipe is designed to yield multiple servings, but hindsight I decided eating it for my 15 meals wasn't plausible. Thanks for the tip on ...

Jan 18th 2013
Dustin Scherer replied to Minnesota's question:

Buddy System -- Let's do this, together.

I'm Your Huckleberry. Third time doing the diet. Last time "starting" the diet. I'm on my second week currently. height: 6'0 starting weight: 266lb age: 27 I'm willing to assist and /...

Jan 18th 2013
Dustin Scherer asked a question:

SCD Recipe Questions - Paleo Coleslaw

Was thinking about making this: Creamy Coleslaw And she uses this in it: Paleo Mayo Other than the carrots (which are a maybe food), is there any reason I couldn't have this on SCD? I'm not seei...

Jan 18th 2013

The two sauces they provide are both SCD friendly from what I can tell, right?

Jan 18th 2013
Dustin Scherer shared a tip:

White Bean / Chili Recipe

I had a slightly modified version of this for my 15 meals this week and it was spectacular. Especially with a little Franks. Still getting good results too. White Bean / Turkey Chili Modificatio...

Jan 17th 2013
Dustin Scherer asked a question:

Recipe Critique - Chicken Wings

I've been cooking my meals a week at a time on Sunday's and I was going to try this as my meals for next week. I've found Paleo meals to be really easy to modify to fit the SCD, but I wonder if th...

Jan 17th 2013

Week one done. Dieting only I'm down 10 pounds. Mostly water weight I'm sure, but this is also after my cheat day. I'm happy.

Jan 14th 2013

tracking is a MUST for me, and I intend to do cold showers every morning, but I wanted to make sure that wasn't too much. Thanks again.

Jan 7th 2013

How often do you gents do cold immersion showers? Days per week?

Jan 4th 2013

How often do you gents do cold immersion showers? Days per week?

Jan 4th 2013
Dustin Scherer asked a question:

Joining a 12 Week Weightloss Challenge is Slow Carb the W2G?

I've been invited to do a 12 week weightloss challenge, and I want to be as competitive as possible. I want to do slow carb, but I want to make sure it's the best route to take for a competitive w...

Jan 3rd 2013

Cinnamon has a lot of water-soluble fiber. That is why it coagulates into a slimeball in the bottom of the cup. If you stir it vigorously, or hit ...

Dec 9th 2012
Dustin Scherer blogged:

Back in the Saddle - Cheat Day #1

The bad news: Fell off the wagon a bit and was running the diet at about 65% everyday. The good news: Well I got back on the wagon and I did 95%+ all week and today was my cheat day. Ate like a f...

Nov 11th 2012
texas4hb blogged:

My Journey

Hello 4hour people, My name is Charlene and I have been fighting the good fight for a long time. The fight to look as good as I feel inside. When I was really young, before I had any body consci...

May 29th 2012
cameroncope commented on justin's reply:

I get mine from Quantum Nutrition Labs and 6 drops gives me 3000 IU and if i do it twice a day for a total of 12 drops it would last about a month...

Apr 16th 2012

This video is great - thanks! I can see what I was actually doing incorrectly myself. I was bringing the kettlebell to low to the ground. For her...

Apr 16th 2012
cameroncope asked a question:

Elbows hurt when doing Kettlebell swings? Female perspectives?

Hi, My partner Katie tried the Kettlebell swings today starting with 20 lbs and then at 15lbs - she complained that at both weights her elbows hurt when she tried to get the kettlebell to come up...

Apr 16th 2012

I drink at least 3 liters of water every day and I take a serving of psylium husks 30 minutes before my first meal. I have a bowel movement at lea...

Apr 16th 2012
cameroncope commented on Jake's reply:

I just saw a video with tim ferris on youtube where he demonstrated the proper technique and mentioned that he would do the kettlebells 48 hours a...

Apr 15th 2012
cameroncope blogged:

New to 4HB

For the past 2 months I have been on a ketogenic diet - limiting my carbs to below 20 grams per day (not including carbs from dietary fiber). I've already lost 18 lbs. I started at 212 and now I a...

Apr 15th 2012
cameroncope voted for Jake's reply to:
Apr 13th 2012
znye01 asked a question:

2 week update, losing hope - not inches

I tweaked my diet after a month of no results. My new diet as of last 2 weeks is : Breakfast AGG 2 scoops casein protein powder mixed with water (48-58g protein, 6 carbs 240 cal) Lunch AGG 1.5...

Mar 30th 2012
znye01 commented on Graham's reply:

I've started drinking about 36 oz of a casein protein shake in the morning in lieu of a meal. 2 scoops is 50g of protein and 6 carbs. Plus casein ...

Mar 26th 2012
znye01 asked a question:

One month in ZERO results.

I've been on the SCD/4HB for a month as of today. Here are my stats I'm 23 6' 205-210 lbs. 40'' waist Not very active, but working on changing that. For the first three weeks my diet consiste...

Mar 24th 2012
znye01 blogged:

Seeking Help!

I've been on the slow carb diet for about 3 weeks and have lost nothing!! I adhere to the 30g of protein within 30 min. of waking, and always within 45 min to an hour. Every morning I measure m...

Mar 8th 2012
Feb 27th 2012

I just tell myself that I can have whatever I want on cheat day. Having that cheat day, makes it so much easier to stick with. Eat a hard boiled e...

Feb 24th 2012

Oh, man. I am excited about losing this weight, but the idea of excess skin makes me sad! I should start saving for plastic surgery now!

Feb 24th 2012

Yeah, I have been good with the salt. I usually don't use any when cooking and almost never salt my food and have been eating "very low sodiu...

Feb 24th 2012
Feb 24th 2012
gracefulklutz asked a question:

Darn the hormones!

I was looking and feeling so much slimmer. Drinking three liters of water per day and doing kettlebell swings (with barbells) three times per week. Progress was good and..... BAM! I feel bloated a...

Feb 24th 2012

I have heard that calcium, magnesium and potassium are good as well. Can't hurt! Good luck and keep us posted!

Feb 24th 2012

Well, the scale said I had gained it back plus one pound, but my pants are so baggy that I need to go shopping! I am only going to weigh on Monday...

Feb 23rd 2012
gracefulklutz replied to Marie_Mtl's question:

1 month on the SCD and only weight gain :(

Hello there! I started three weeks ago Tuesday. When I weighed myself on Monday morning, the scale showed a 5 pound weight loss. Just for kicks, I weighed this morning and it showed that I had gai...

Feb 23rd 2012

This post rocks! As a former Atkins follower, I couldn't agree more! Atkins was so against cheat days. I felt such tremendous guilt on holidays ea...

Feb 23rd 2012
Feb 23rd 2012
gracefulklutz replied to Dustin_Lund's question:

Roasting Vegetables

Roasting vegetables does bring out the sugars, but those sugars are already in the veggies to begin with. You are going to consume those sugars no matter how you cook them. As long as they are SCD...

Feb 23rd 2012

I just take a women's multi. I am going to add calcium, magnesium and potassium. So far, I have lost 5 pounds. I don't intend to do the pagg stack...

Feb 23rd 2012

I tried this last night with speckeled butter beans and a tablespoon of nutritional yeast. I used a whole stick of butter for the whole batch. The...

Feb 23rd 2012

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