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James Pierce replied to Jessee Derringer's question:

Third week in and seeming to stall.

Don’t drink calories. Change your Diet Lipton Citrus Green Tea for Crystal Clear Pure Exclusive Water. Instead of Morning, First Snack, Lunch, Second Snack, Dinner, do Meal 0, Meal 1, Meal...

Aug 29th 2015
Elaine Shi asked a question:

$40 DEXA Scans in Los Angeles

All, wanted to share a DEXA scan service in Los Angeles and Orange County. www.body-spec.com BodySpec charges $40 for first scan and $55 for scans thereafter but you can also buy packages subse...

Jan 29th 2015
ironcheftj replied to Jane Sickels's question:

New Recipe??

I don’t see anything here that sets off any alarms. I bet this version is oddly more filling than the regular. :-D -IronChefTj

Jun 19th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Jane Sickels's question:

vegetable on the list?

Beets have a high glycemic index (they are sweet after all) but have low glycemic load due to the amazing amounts of fiber in them. Here’s one of many web articles you can check out: http://...

Jun 19th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Lactose Free Milk or Regular?

I agree with Tanner. Why not just take some Vitamin D supps? Find out how much your doc recommends. I started on 1000 IU but now I take 2000 IU daily. Zero impact on diet. Milk isn’t th...

Jun 19th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Haavard Jutudey's question:

Protein shake as lunch substitute

Wow that is a great question! Ok I am not Muslim, nor do I live in a Muslim country. However, depending on where you will be, it is my understanding that eating or drinking during the day can be ...

Jun 9th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Erin Dunn's question:

Modified Slow Carb

I use a couple strategies to prevent getting sick on cheat day, but I still go all out. First off is I cheat on Saturday. Saturday is also conveniently long run day. So I get up and crank out 6-...

Jun 6th 2014
ironcheftj replied to cdsrc's question:

deviled eggs as a snack???

You should be able to use any dill pickle that does not have added sugar. Check out the refrigerated ones, I seem to have better luck there. Also be careful with hummus as that is a domino food....

Jun 5th 2014

Do you log your food by chance? It would be good to know how many calories you are eating in a day. The fact that you need snacks makes me think ...

May 30th 2014
ironcheftj replied to cdsrc's question:

I've been hovering around the same weight

So how many weeks have you been doing SCD? More than 6? If so, it’s probably time to track your food for a week and let us take a look at what you are doing. Give us a sample of what a typ...

May 29th 2014
ironcheftj replied to cdsrc's question:

silly question abt tingling

With all the walking you’re doing, you could be experiencing a version of “itchy legs”. Here is an article that explains it.

May 29th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Khari Graves's question:

Are Seeds Allowed?

Those GoRaw snacks are amazingly delicious and addictive! I would caution you that they are quite easily a domino food, and you are going to have to portion them so you don’t eat the whole ...

May 28th 2014

Depending on your age, a traditional US doctor would start ordering the "standard blood panel" as a part of your yearly physical. If non...

May 27th 2014
Trey Stinnett asked a question:

I want to track my blood where to I start?

So, I’ve been doing slow carb and now paleo for a while and I feel great. I’ve shed weight and my energy levels/mental clarity are off the charts. My questions is: am I actually heal...

May 25th 2014

Swimming is a full-body exercise, and aerobic to boot. I love it. But be careful as you might burn too many calories and put yourself in a starva...

May 22nd 2014

This is more a cheat day thing.... But, I tell people I am allergic to potatoes and rice. It's just easier than explaining that they hurt my body...

May 21st 2014
ironcheftj replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Just some questions

Here’s a big HUG for you, Grace. Take a deep breath. Ok, good. When I read this, all I can think of is inflammation and bloat. When I hit cheat day I can gain anywhere from 1lb - 7lb. Th...

May 20th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Donna Layton's question:

Wondering How Much Weight I Should Lose

For women, you need to wait 4-6 weeks before you’re going to see results. I don’t know why. It’s just the way of things. Hang in there for 4 more weeks…. Then we can se...

May 19th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Jasbhir Sadool's question:

Is zucchini allowed

I use zuchinni a lot as well! Buy one of these Veggettis and use it to make zuchinni noodles for pasta. It works really well for zuchinni. I’ve only tried that and sweet potatos so far...

May 13th 2014
ironcheftj commented on G G's reply:

So I recently switched to Paleo, and adding in the fruit has sent some sugar cravings OUT OF CONTROL! So I would say make sure to stay away from f...

May 13th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Sumsum77's question:

Skin Changes on 4HB

Answer 1 is for the “new to SCD crowd”: Some breakout is normal during the first 3 months of your switch to slow carb. You’re detoxing. Drink lots of water! Answer 2 is for th...

May 8th 2014
ironcheftj commented on Robin M's reply:

Ingredient number two in rooster sauce is "sugar" so I don't use it. I second Red Hot because I think it has better flavor profile than ...

May 6th 2014
ironcheftj replied to jlimislandmusic's question:

No Love for carrots or Tabasco?

Eating a lot of carrots can cause digestive issues for some folks. I couldn’t find a solid reference, but here are two pages that summed it up “good enough”… Side effects ...

May 6th 2014
ironcheftj commented on G G's reply:

Beast mode, Tom. Beast mode. *clap*

May 4th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Tomhole's question:

First powerlifting meet this Saturday

Good Luck Tom! And BTW you should take up yoga anyway. It is an excellent counter to all that lifting. ;) Mobility mobility mobility!

Apr 30th 2014
ironcheftj commented on Tomhole's reply:

Where did you get your suggested calorie intake from? The app? An online guesstimate? You might try to see if you can find somewhere local to te...

Apr 28th 2014

And you have the story from December forward. :) I evolved, as did my fitness level. And as far as I can tell, now my eating must evolve too. I...

Apr 28th 2014

After the post-launch layoffs, I found myself working at a smaller game company and had more free time on my hands. Spring 2013, I did the 90 day...

Apr 28th 2014

I was an SCD eater before I decided to take on 3 sports at the same time. :) When I first started eating SCD I was working a lot of hours at a des...

Apr 28th 2014

+1 for the rooster!

Apr 24th 2014
ironcheftj replied to HanibalLuis's question:

New Member / Tweaks Suggestions for the Sporting Folk

Re: The Workouts. Depending on how fit you are to start with, you can maintain a fairly hectic workout schedule “for a while” and then you’ll flat out bonk. This cycle I was str...

Apr 24th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Caroline Ince's question:

To booze or not to booze

I stick to red wine during the week, and margaritas or beer on cheat day. I probably drink 4 or 5 glasses of wine during the week. It just depends on the mood. Iron Chef Tj

Apr 16th 2014
ironcheftj replied to G G's question:

A great Video on tracking Weight/Measurements

This IS a great video. Thanks for sharing G G. - Iron Chef Tj

Apr 15th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Andrea McElaney's question:

Body Image

I don’t know if any one person has the answer to this. Body Image is a HUGE area. I suffer from body image problems as well. When I look at a picture of myself, I see the 4 things wrong...

Apr 11th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Andrea McElaney's question:

Variance in Weight Loss

Yes, it absolutely varies from week to week. And Lady Time makes things rather unpredictable. But really, Lady Time weight gain/loss is rather unpredictable on any eating plan. So don’t l...

Apr 11th 2014

What legumes are you eating? I don't see any mention of legumes. I also don't see you eating protein at every meal. Are you? I think this is wh...

Apr 11th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Madison Perry's question:

Is it better for women to skip cheat meals all together?

Madison, get out the measuring tape and start recording your measurements. This is SO important I can’t even begin to stress it enough. My personal experience is that it takes me 4-6 weeks...

Apr 9th 2014
ironcheftj replied to Mary Compton's question:

Sick with the flu...what to eat?

Sometimes we need a reminder….

Apr 9th 2014

In a really general and super generic way, the doctor's warning makes sense. Tim himself mentions that SCD won't support high activity, thus his w...

Apr 9th 2014

I use various cheeses on occasion. I can't say it has been "good" or "bad". On the weeks when I didn't see the results I want...

Apr 9th 2014

I just got back from Sandals Bahamas and I gained 1.7 pounds this time. :) Now to battle thru a light SCD flu and get back on with training.

Apr 9th 2014

I'd eat that jerky, Dominic.

Apr 9th 2014
ironcheftj asked a question:

Hitting the food wall... aka I'm Full!

I remember this happening before, but I don't remember what I did to get around it, or how I broke through it. When I sit down to eat, I feel full fairly quickly and it takes FOREVER to get throug...

Mar 12th 2014

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