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ironcheftj replied to Caroline Ince's question:

To booze or not to booze

I stick to red wine during the week, and margaritas or beer on cheat day. I probably drink 4 or 5 glasses of wine during the week. It just depends on the mood. Iron Chef Tj

7 days ago
ironcheftj replied to G G's question:

A great Video on tracking Weight/Measurements

This IS a great video. Thanks for sharing G G. - Iron Chef Tj

8 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Andrea McElaney's question:

Body Image

I don’t know if any one person has the answer to this. Body Image is a HUGE area. I suffer from body image problems as well. When I look at a picture of myself, I see the 4 things wrong...

12 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Andrea McElaney's question:

Variance in Weight Loss

Yes, it absolutely varies from week to week. And Lady Time makes things rather unpredictable. But really, Lady Time weight gain/loss is rather unpredictable on any eating plan. So don’t l...

12 days ago

What legumes are you eating? I don't see any mention of legumes. I also don't see you eating protein at every meal. Are you? I think this is wh...

12 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Madison Perry's question:

Is it better for women to skip cheat meals all together?

Madison, get out the measuring tape and start recording your measurements. This is SO important I can’t even begin to stress it enough. My personal experience is that it takes me 4-6 weeks...

14 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Mary Compton's question:

Sick with the flu...what to eat?

Sometimes we need a reminder….

14 days ago

In a really general and super generic way, the doctor's warning makes sense. Tim himself mentions that SCD won't support high activity, thus his w...

14 days ago

I use various cheeses on occasion. I can't say it has been "good" or "bad". On the weeks when I didn't see the results I want...

14 days ago

I just got back from Sandals Bahamas and I gained 1.7 pounds this time. :) Now to battle thru a light SCD flu and get back on with training.

14 days ago

I'd eat that jerky, Dominic.

14 days ago
ironcheftj asked a question:

Hitting the food wall... aka I'm Full!

I remember this happening before, but I don't remember what I did to get around it, or how I broke through it. When I sit down to eat, I feel full fairly quickly and it takes FOREVER to get throug...

42 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Mindy Parmett Fiddler's question:

Vacation and 4 hour diet

Woot! I'm going to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean soon too. :) OK last one I went was Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica. This strategy will work for both Sandals in Whitehouse and Negril. ...

42 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

One year! Fit-aversary!

I needed this today, Juan. Thank you for being an inspiration!

42 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Dominic Haines's question:

onnit.com buffalo jerky?

I saw these in Sprouts the other day and I was also tempted by the Buffalo one. So the reason I put it down and did not buy it was: Dried Cranberries. I have no idea why companies insist on soak...

42 days ago

Here's the recipe I use for crock pot ribs. I am actually making these today! http://lowcarbcrock.com/2013/05/low-carb-crock-pot-ribs-dry-rub/

44 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Luis Mejia's question:

I am thinking of quitting after doing this for over a year

I'm getting to be a broken record here but it's SO important. I think the most important part of the book is where Tim tries to encourage our own experimental nature. It's really a book about his ...

45 days ago

OK so I have been thinking about this all day. Because of the schedule u have 2 work with, ur breakfast is VERY important. Make sure u get up ear...

48 days ago

Lastly, I recommend you take some time to figure out what is REALLY up with the snack situation. It's real common to not eat enough. That's my 1 ...

49 days ago

Chocolate covered Katie bar seems to be the lesser of the two evils. But you are cautioned to NOT omit the chocolate chips, and 1/3 cup agave seem...

49 days ago

Web page ate the rest of my post grrrrr... Long story short -- The proteinpow.com bar seems like a poor choice. Goji berries, Almonds, and too m...

49 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Are these protein bars alright?

So my question here is: Why are you desperate for a snack? Are you hungry? If you are honestly hungry, you are not eating enough. If you need a snack to help curb (or break) a long-established ...

49 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Michelle Mui's question:

The challenges

I can't seem to open them either. You're going to need a website admin's assistance on that one. - Iron Chef Tj

49 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Jason Grasl's question:

Are supplements with trace amounts of rice flour alright?

My question is... How trace is trace? Like is it one of the bottom 3 ingredients? Or in one of those "2% or less of..." If we are truly talking trace amounts, I would wager it should ...

49 days ago

I think the most important part of the book is where Tim tries to encourage our own experimental nature. It's really a book about his experiments,...

49 days ago

Hit up the tracker this week, and let's see what is up. It's probably something simple. - Iron Chef Tj

51 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Josh McMahon's question:

No tape loss measurements after first week

Rule Number 1: Don't Freak Out! Ok so your first week didn't go as planned. No worries. Let's see if we can figure out what improvements to make for this week. 1) Are you getting 30g of prote...

51 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Marie-joelle Desjardins's question:

No more periods on SCD

Females with eating disorders and female endurance athletes (who have their own special kind of disordered eating) often lose their period as their body adapts to stress. I really liked the inform...

52 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Patrick McCay's question:

Challenges with slow carb diet question

For me, it's eating larger meals. Eating the volume of food required to keep up the calorie intake is a challenge. Sometimes I feel like eating is my job. It mentally wears on me, and then I fin...

52 days ago
ironcheftj replied to FitSA80's question:

Meal Replacement / To Few Calories

I'm guessing that for a guy with your level of fitness, the answer is: Yes. Not enough calories at all. (Edit: My assumption is that your icon is a pic of you btw.) Try plugging your info into...

56 days ago
FitSA80 asked a question:

Meal Replacement / To Few Calories

I am starting the 4 Hour Body again, but had a couple of questions about protein shakes as meal replacements. I take Jay Robb Egg White Protein (http://www.jayrobb.com/protein/egg-protein-vanilla-...

56 days ago

This past cheat day I felt like I didn't eat as much as I normally do, but I was uncomfortably full. Some cheat days I'm a garbage disposal of foo...

58 days ago

Why not make ribs... in the crock pot with a dry rub? http://lowcarbcrock.com/2013/05/low-carb-crock-pot-ribs-dry-rub/ I've tried a recipe very s...

59 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Amy Cohen's question:

I stalled and lost my umph

Well I think that acknowledging that you feel big and sluggish should be a pretty good motivator. But I know it isn't quite that simple. Start with the small things to re-ignite your fire. ...

64 days ago
ironcheftj commented on Tomhole's reply:

I would keep the coffee. The headache isn't worth giving it up. :p Also you're changing a lot of things... maybe too many. You might not be a...

65 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Mindy Parmett Fiddler's question:

Come to a stall?

Are you tracking your food at all? It's not a bad idea for those who have stalled. I would be concerned that you are actually not eating enough. If you aren't eating enough in the first place, ...

66 days ago

Try upping your intake to say... 2400 calories. You might be amazed.

71 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Moses Ong's question:

Sleepy in the afternoon.

Yes. For me this is usually a combination of: 1) Not enough quality sleep. 2) Not eating enough. 3) Too many hours in front of the computer screen. I fix the sleep by sticking to a schedule, ...

72 days ago

Bottom line: I wouldn't use this product, and especially not on SCD. Pick up the book, follow Tim's recommended meal plan for a couple weeks and...

72 days ago

Lastly, I am concerned that you said you had only eaten 180 calories between 8am and 3pm. That's not healthy AT ALL and is certainly NOT what Tim...

72 days ago

Since you are new to SCD, I recommend following the "30g of protein within 30 min of waking up" guideline. In order to accomplish that ...

72 days ago

The edit screen ate half of my response twice! While the nutritional label suggests 7g of carb with <1 sugar... I see at least 4 sugars: Malt...

72 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Scott Schuhwerk's question:

Are ViSalus shakes okay for SCD?

Note: I am not a dietitian, nor a chemical engineer. This is my evaluation of the nutritional label based on years of reading labels and researching ingredients. Hi Scott. I assume you meant ...

72 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Alexander's question:

Mood swings after the cheat day

Feeling crappy the next day is your body's response to what you did the day before. Now you are bloated, inflamed and your system is full of toxic sugars. Who knows what was really in all that p...

75 days ago
ironcheftj commented on Tomhole's reply:

I recommend Yoga for everyone and anyone as it complements just about everything. The trick is to find the right TYPE of yoga for your body. I u...

76 days ago
79 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Tracy Maité's question:

Creo que descansare unos 4 dias '-.-'

Title: I think I need 4 days to rest. I've had my big cheat day now and it hurts my abs from eating so much ... But I am about to go on a trip I think I'll take a break. Do you think taking ...

79 days ago
ironcheftj replied to Christine Germinario Gucker's question:

Discovered Green Olive Tapenade is this a yes yes?

I've been working on this one for a while now. Through a lot of searching and researching, I cannot find the glycemic impact (or index) for any type of olive listed anywhere. I took a look at a ...

79 days ago

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