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jhladki asked a question:

Week 14 - 2 day cheat ... Ahhhh

So I've been feeling so great... Clothes feeling better, down 27 total pounds, head held high, but I cheated for 2 days, yesterday and today, and I'm freaking out about delaying my progress. Anyo...

Jun 8th 2013
jhladki replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

Overdue for a check-in, Just hit a massive landmark!

Juan, You are amazing! 100 lbs! Tremendous! This is my second start at SCD and I'm down 18, but am committed to this for life. Keep inspiring others and enjoy all the perks of your hard work! ...

Apr 21st 2013

i only pagg stack on cheat day and one day after. since i cut out the legumes altogether (but will eventually cycle them back in), i'm thinking ab...

Aug 20th 2011
4HourStudy asked a question:

sleeping less at night, want more naps during day

I'm now averaging around seven hours a night, if I'm lucky. However, I pretty much need a nap every single day at some point in the afternoon. My best guess is that having gone more much ketogenic...

Aug 19th 2011
4HourStudy asked a question:

who skips SCD breakfast on cheat day??

is it really that big of a deal to skip the traditional 30g protein/legumes/greens/etc. as the first meal of cheat day? if i'm reading "damage control" correctly, the SCD breakfast is s...

Aug 14th 2011
paulcolumbo blogged:

Member intro: Glad to be here

I'm a personal Trainer (C.S.C.S.) and former gymnast/gymnastics coach (University of Florida) that loves everything about fitness/nutrition, and 4Hr. Body.

Aug 12th 2011
4HourStudy asked a question:

How do you stay "regular" on cheat day?

To keep it simple. Six days a week I've been excellent at an MED fasted workout upon waking, having a casein shake within 30 minutes, followed by 16-20 ounces of coffee. Now, without fail, by the ...

Aug 12th 2011
goblueunion asked a question:

How to recover from cheating?

If you were to exceed your one cheat a week, say with cookies or something of the sort. Is there anyway to recover from this? Or do i have to wait till tomorrow and move on.

Jun 4th 2011

Thank you very much!

Jun 4th 2011
goblueunion asked a question:

Garbanzo beans

Truth be told there the only "beans" i can stand eating i know there they lack protein and such but what is the limit i can eat on the 4hb diet?

Jun 1st 2011
isojealous asked a question:

Update - 28 days later (minus zombies)

So I have completed 28 days of the slow carb diet and felt like I should post my progress. I plan on sticking to the diet for 12 weeks. Start 204.2 lbs 28% Bf Week 2 196.4 lbs 26.6% bf Week 3 ...

Mar 16th 2011
isojealous asked a question:

Started last Sunday

I started the Slow Carb Diet on Sunday. So far I'm not finding it too difficult as many of the basic principles already fairly align to my normal eating habits. I have been on a low-carb diet in ...

Feb 18th 2011

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