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Emily Grossman replied to Laura Ramsey's question:

Adjustments for Women? No success so far...

I am having super similar problems! I don't know what is wrong, but maybe you are on to something with the "women" thing as my boyfriend already has a six pack and after 4 weeks, I remai...

Jun 23rd 2013
Emily Grossman replied to gny's question:

slow carb diet not working for me

I am having the exactly same problems! It's been ~4 weeks and I've lost only 6cm from all my measurements combined -- that's ~2cm only on my waist! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I follow the...

Jun 23rd 2013
rkm commented on Julian Hale's reply:

I don't think I know how the voting system works here but thanks for your answer. That's interesting to think about.

Apr 25th 2013
Apr 25th 2013
Ryan Yates replied to Lisa Hanna's question:

No changes... what do I do now?

It looks like there are 6 grams of sugar in a serving of string bean chicken. Is there a way that you could try a week where you eat something else? If you can up the morning meal to 30g protein...

Apr 8th 2013
Shawn Bross replied to Xynarah's question:

Are any grains at all allowed?

No grains. Zero. Legumes only.

Oct 8th 2012
Michael Amidei asked a question:

Peanut Butter???

Anybody else craving peanut butter on Slow Carb? It literally ate a small jar last cheat day and am wondering what is up. It's been going on for months..

Sep 9th 2012
Emceesher blogged:

Member intro: back to fightin weight!

I'm a political hack based in Denver Colorado.

Jun 17th 2012
May 23rd 2012
adacandoit replied to Smiley's question:

Bummer...this diet for women?

Smiley, you sound just like me after one week - I expected faster results and was impatient and frustrated. My advise, relax, stay with it. You will start seeing results soon, trust me! I'm 8 m...

May 12th 2012

My "skinny" picture is going up on the fridge - thanks!!!!

Mar 27th 2012
adacandoit asked a question:

How do I get my focus back?

I started the diet 8/10/11 and lost over 20 lbs. and got down to even lower than my goal weight. I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and, although I did not go crazy, I got off the diet. Now I have i...

Mar 26th 2012
adacandoit replied to Paula30's question:

Peas and green beans only for legumes?

Peas are a no-no so I would avoid them. You may want to psyche yourself up to like beans and lentils better because for various reasons they are important on this diet. Maybe you should try expe...

Mar 9th 2012

I do the cauliflower mash and love it but what is the "rice"?

Mar 8th 2012
adacandoit replied to mocaloca's blog post:

Black beans & pork loin on slow cooker (feijoada)

Great recipe! I'll try it, thanks!

Mar 8th 2012
adacandoit replied to Mexicana's question:

Mix legumes in 1 meal?

I like to go to Mexican restaurants because I can stay on the diet - I order my meals w/o rice and double beans; no tortilla, but replace with guac. Of course my favorite meat is "carnitas&q...

Mar 8th 2012
adacandoit replied to jroskott's question:

Is it me, or my scales???

Don't freak out yet! I've noticed that every once in a while I'll jump 2 lbs. even when I've been pretty good. Like others said, it could be water retention, waste in your colon or a little grem...

Mar 8th 2012
lizmarvan replied to ericaishere's question:

am i going to lose?

Erica, I have been doing this for 6 weeks and have lost 7 pounds. I had the same issue with coffee and sugar. I switched to cinnamon, vanilla and heavy cream. It is pretty good and I do not miss m...

Mar 4th 2012

I skipped it yesterday and am feeling damn good, down to 192 (8 lbs in the first 5 days!) CHEAT DAY!

Mar 4th 2012

Blah. Thanks for the hard truth. I had just worked it in my head that tomorrow was cheat day, so delaying it takes a little wind out of my sails. ...

Mar 2nd 2012
BoxJohnson asked a question:

Taking your cheat day early in the 1st week?

Hey everyone, first question... in my first week. I've been on since Tuesday and been very strict so far. My only cheats are a sprinkle of cheese on some refried beans and five macadamia nuts aft...

Mar 2nd 2012
BoxJohnson blogged:

My first diet ever. I know, you hate me.

I'm on day 3. I'm not sure how I'm doing, if I'm cheating, or really whats going on. I've never dieted before. It's finally getting tough, so I turn to you. I'm not sure how to repost it here, so...

Mar 2nd 2012
adacandoit replied to Plasmian's question:

No Bread at all?

I was (am) a bread addict too and it took me a while to get over my intense cravings for bread. But I did it and you can do it too. Just focus on your goals and think how happy you will be when ...

Feb 24th 2012
volfan27 blogged:

Member intro: Denver resident

Read Tim's book and now trying to implement it.

Feb 18th 2012
volfan27 asked a question:

Is there anyone actually following cold therapy?

I think Tim has some great advice but the cold therapy just doesn't make sense. He is all about things that are simple and easy to implement. I have yet to see anybody who can stand taking cold ...

Feb 18th 2012
lizmarvan replied to Minnesota's question:

Check-in Time ! -- January

I have been doing the SCD for about 2 1/2 weeks and it is going pretty well. I was a massive sugar junkie and have completely eliminated sugar except for my cheat days. I thought that was going to...

Feb 5th 2012

My husband will be happy to hear I get to reduce the bean intake I will need to find mother breakfast I can premake since I should not do the cot...

Jan 25th 2012
Jan 25th 2012

Thanks for the welcome, hopefully this will work for me.

Jan 25th 2012

I hope it is too many. I do not love beans, I just thought we needed beans at every meal.

Jan 25th 2012
lizmarvan asked a question:

Newbie with a few questions

I have been doing the 4HB for 4 days and wanted to make sure I was not inadvertently eating the wrong thing. I have never been one who enjoys preparing breakfast or lunch so I premade big batches ...

Jan 25th 2012
lizmarvan blogged:

Member intro: Sugar-a-holic trying this out

I am a 41 year old mother of two who has found my weight creeping up every year. The last few months it has been going up very quickly and I figured I needed to do something but could not stand th...

Jan 25th 2012

I've been following your posts and you know your stuff, Akane!! Yes, you're right about the marinades, I buy ones with the dry rubs, pepper!

Jan 12th 2012
adacandoit replied to Dana.C's question:

Typical Daily Meals

Some thoughts, Dana. I find it easiest in the morning to scramble 2 eggs with diced ham (you can buy packages at the store already diced) and mix in about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of thawed spinach - add s...

Jan 11th 2012
qackmd replied to Minnesota's question:

Check-in Time -- November !

I feel kinda bad because I took November off... I didn't however gain any weight at all! Had two big thankgivings, and enjoyed some other foods. I re-started the diet monday and now have a friend ...

Dec 6th 2011

For breakfast I often saute onions & lots of *green peppers* and add one egg and two egg whites scrambled together and about a half a cup of t...

Nov 29th 2011
malebostar replied to heyitsmeb's question:

Lemon - with meals or before?

I have lemon water with my meals and afterward sometimes. Although contrary to the cold water in the morning bit, if you drink warm lemon water in the morning, it clears you up of all waste in you...

Nov 18th 2011
malebostar replied to Jake's question:

Reached my goal. Now what?

Lookin good Jake. Phenomenal job! I would like some guidance from you. I started at 169 in May and I'm only down to 151-154. Can you give a scenario as to what your regular week looks like. Eatin...

Nov 18th 2011
malebostar replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

End of 1st 6 months today; 35 lbs lost!!!

Great job. That's great progress. I started just a few days earlier than you on May 11 and I'm only down 18 lbs. I have tweaked and and tweaked this diet to see what works and I have stalled for...

Nov 16th 2011
malebostar blogged:

Slowww Loss

6 months on November 11 and only 19 lbs lost. Feel good, but maybe this is not the diet for me. The week I lost most weight was when incorporating lemon water. I lost 7 lbs that week alone and tha...

Nov 11th 2011
zhunt replied to Starlily's question:

Gained 6 pounds in Week 2--HELP! :(

Hi, I think one of the missing links for a lot of people/women particularly, is what our habits are going into SCD and letting your body readjust. I was eating fairly clean coming in (now in wee...

Oct 31st 2011

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