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yeah I'm not all that interested in adding size or looking huge or whatever. I'm really interested in my results. I see the weight loss as a sid...

Feb 7th 2014

On the injury, I've been through physical therapy and have to stretch daily. Its weak muscle less mechanical at this point. I have a Chiro that ...

Feb 6th 2014

My meals are just how I eat normally, its actually kinda hard to stop... I didn't know there was an adverse affect. Part of my problem is I wake ...

Feb 6th 2014
Sebastian Champagne asked a question:

New slow carber

Hello, I'm Sebastian. I'm new to the slow carb life. I'm about 2 weeks in. I don't plan on stopping a little about me: I'm 35 in good health but bad shape, father of 2. Ive been recovering fro...

Feb 5th 2014
Sebastian Champagne asked a question:

Occams Protocol, substitute squats for Leg Press

I'm starting the slowcarb / Occcams Protocol. I have the gym equipment to do everything except the leg press, I don't have access to that equipment. Can I sub in body weight squats? I have a sq...

Feb 5th 2014
Tal P asked a question:

Eating a snack before surfing

Hi, I'm doing the slow carbs diet and IF at the same time. i wake up at 05:40 to surf and need to eat something cause i feel so weak. Trying to figure out what i can do which "cost" me ...

Dec 13th 2013
sollinger commented on Tomhole's reply:

Ha! Thanks for the welcome. 5'6", 32 and as of this morning a horrifying 161.8 lbs (female) which is my heaviest. I don't know my body fat an...

Oct 18th 2013

Should I just add more weights, or...? I'll add that: Not just my workouts, but my mood and day to day life is improved when I supplement with cr...

Sep 30th 2013
MetalMary Hamer asked a question:

How can one do Creatine + Slow Carb?

Creatine needs an insulin spike in order to be effective. How can this be effectively added in to the Slow Carb diet?

Sep 30th 2013
Arash Afshar replied to Christine Kolb's question:

Anyone tried Bulletproof Coffee?

How did this go for you? I started just a couple of weeks ago and I'm concerned that I might have gained weight from it though I'm finding no posts anywhere online about people gaining from bullet...

Apr 13th 2013

I would cut down on the Salmon and add some chicken/beef. I would also increase my water consumption to around 3 liters...I noticed that if I didn...

Jan 21st 2013

REALLY??? I'm going to try this because the above recipe although great tasting and juicy, they weren't as crunchy as I would have liked!!! Thanks...

Jan 21st 2013

yeah they are but I'm a fan of spicy buffalo style. I actually found a sauce called Moore's which is SCD friendly but I don't think I would eat it...

Jan 21st 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to BringOnTheBeans's question:

Question about Beans

The trick is to intake SLOW CARBS...and that's what beans are. So don't worry you are good! The trick to the slow carbs is that they control hunger between meals. Andy

Jan 18th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to Zara Podolak's question:

Weigh in #2, can i already be plateauing?

I don't think you can already be plateauing. I think that your body is just getting used to everything. Make sure you are drinking a TON of water. I drink about 4L a day and it greatly improves my...

Jan 18th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to Dustin Scherer's question:

Recipe Critique - Chicken Wings

I love wings and I'm definitely going to try these out on Sunday! I'm going to try to figure out a wing sauce that is SCD friendly (if i do I'll post it here). Thanks for the post and making me h...

Jan 18th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to Jordan Dinning's question:

I don't think it's working!

Drinking a lot more water increases my weight loss significantly so try it out and see what happens. I'm drinking about 4L a day, but I do pee about every 30 minutes. This lifestyle is all about e...

Jan 18th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to Casey N's question:

Standing outside in the cold vs. ice bath

I'm thinking it might not be as effective as the ice bath, but lowering your temperature should still work. I think it's all about your body trying to stay warm so anytime you are subjecting it t...

Jan 18th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to leblanc's question:

2 weeks with unexpected results

WATER!!! I can't believe the difference in my weight loss when I drink a ton of water compared to when I don't. I've upped my water intake to about 4 liters a day...the peeing every 30 minutes is ...

Jan 18th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

Funny Christmas story...

That's so funny and not at the same time. Maybe next year they should give them gift certificates to Golden Corral!! Thanks for the laugh before bedtime even though it shouldn't be funny! Andy

Jan 15th 2013

I completely agree with you! It's not about the weight loss...it's about the lifestyle gain!

Jan 13th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to Sapphire Robinson's question:

Let's do this. [Help please?]

Hi Ruby, I think that one of the best things that has happened to me since changing my lifestyle (this is not a diet and it's a reset and you will realize this after a couple of weeks) was how mu...

Jan 13th 2013
Andy Strachwsky replied to Mary Klaebel's question:

First week!

This might sound a little weird but it might help. I've always kept a journal/scrapbook of things that I want to remember that have happened in my life. A few years ago I quit doing it because I r...

Jan 12th 2013
Andy Strachwsky asked a question:

Just wanted to say hi and thanks!

Hi everyone! I must admit that I have been browsing this forum since I started my journey a little over a month ago and can honestly say it has definitely given me the inner strength to keep goin...

Jan 11th 2013
Emily Libby asked a question:

Am I in the right zone?

Hi all- I have been at this for about 6 weeks now and love it. Although I have not lost weight on the scale I can tell my body is leaning out. I am suprised I haven't lost weight like others here,...

Dec 8th 2012
Emily Libby commented on lisa_a's reply:

ps i only had 1/2 c beans with egg whites and spinach in the morning and the rest of the day had just protein veg and these fat items i listed

Dec 6th 2012
Emily Libby commented on lisa_a's reply:

sometimes i worry i eat too much fat - for ie today i had 1/2 avocado, serving of peanuts, serving of walnuts and salad with olive oil dressing - ...

Dec 6th 2012
Emily Libby replied to Sabina G's question:

No egg breakfast ideas wanted

cottage cheese & lentils & a veggie of some sort!

Dec 6th 2012
Emily Libby asked a question:

Skin question

Hi Windy, I just came across your post in the question about improving skin while on this diet. I am 25 and have had acne the past couple years like never before! (like you said it seems like it s...

Nov 20th 2012

omg i had a cinnamon role my last cheat day, it was huge mind you baked fresh from a bakery in town, and I literally felt this rush in my veins (p...

Nov 15th 2012
Nov 15th 2012
Emily Libby replied to sbrown's question:

What is your favorite cheat meal?

if you are from cali you prob know yogurtland- best place ever - self serve frozen yogurt & you put all the toppings on there you want - candy, cinn tst crunch, brownies, fruit etc. yum!

Nov 11th 2012

whats ur deviled egg recipe ??

Nov 6th 2012
Nov 6th 2012

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