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Lisa asked a question:

Egg Whites?

Hi- just started the 4 hour body diet today. I need to loose about 15 lbs and have recently gained weight due to stress eating and working long hours. This plan feels like it will fit in perfectly...

57 days ago
Annie Ramos asked a question:

Polyphasic Sleep

Dear Keithmattg, Hello, We are working on a story about Polyphasic Sleep. I am a producer at Fusion Netowrk (ABCNews/Univision). Would you be willing to share your experiences with the sleeping ...

Apr 7th 2014
Richard S replied to Kerri Goad's question:

Easiest way to get started?

Great question! Welcome. There are tons of great tips and advice here so keep researching. If you're like me who wants to just start a little at a time. This becomes almost a full-time job at s...

Dec 19th 2013

Thanks for the supportive comments! My cheat day was glorious!!! 7 strawberry muffins, philly cheese steak for lunch, pizza for dinner, white wine...

Nov 24th 2013
Nov 24th 2013
Mark Powell asked a question:

My week one

Hey, just wanted to say what a great time I'm having doing SCD. I've been on it 6 days and tomorrow is my first cheat day and I can't wait!!! I've already measured a 2.5 lb weight loss and a 1&quo...

Nov 23rd 2013
Richard S replied to Jessi's question:

Beginner: any tips?

Start slowly - It took me weeks for my body to adjust to the food. Some people are like to jump right in without a lot of information. I like to gather lots of info before I do it. I would sta...

Oct 16th 2013
Sep 25th 2013

Hey people! Where the heck can I find a dark bread in LA? Im European, lived in US for 5 years and have still not found a decent dark bread.Im tal...

Sep 24th 2013
imghtbewrng commented on G G's reply:

exactly how to you cook the sausage patties? how long and how high in the oven?

Sep 12th 2013
imghtbewrng asked a question:

Protein Shakes with or In place of breakfast

hello, i'm having a hard time eating 30 mins after waking. can i drink a protein shake only, and get my 30 grams, or should i just have a meal? the problem is by the time i have my meal read...

Sep 11th 2013
Aug 30th 2013
Richard S replied to Tomhole's question:

This made me giggle today

That's amazing! I look at my old photos and get depressed. lol. Such inspiration. Thanks for helping us all out Tom.

Aug 25th 2013
Aug 25th 2013
Richard S replied to Wendy Maldonado's question:

Doing good...just hate cheat day and its yucky feeling

Congratulations! Sounds like you're doing great! I've really calmed down on cheat day too and I feel a lot better. I pace myself to doughnuts and cake and ice cream in the evening along w/ some...

Aug 20th 2013
Richard S replied to densa56's question:

I'm afraid!

Congrats on your 1st week! Take a moment and be proud of yourself by rewarding yourself - taking a walk, talking to a friend, dancing, etc. The 'cheat food' is not necessarily a reward, but at so...

Aug 18th 2013
Richard S replied to Drewfis H's question:

One Long Year...

That's a great story! So inspiring!

Aug 18th 2013
Aug 18th 2013
Richard S replied to Abulonna's tip:

5 weeks on 4HB

Congratulations! It's success stories like this that help keep me going.

Aug 17th 2013
Richard S replied to jerseygirl's question:


Congrats and welcome back! I also tried the diet over a year ago and lost the initial 10 lbs. I stalled for weeks and gave up. I kept some of the diet tips and basically plateau'd. I think th...

Aug 14th 2013
Richard S replied to R B's question:

Don't you think that the SCD could be called "The Happy Diet"?

Congrats! I've been on 3 months. I feel a lot better about myself in general. I used to be a stressful eater / munch. I lost a lot of that urge. I don't get the huge highs and lows of eating l...

Aug 14th 2013

Congrats Getchenlin!

Aug 14th 2013
Richard S commented on Brenda 7's reply:

congrats brenda!

Aug 14th 2013
Richard S commented on s joshua's reply:

Brian, why do you eat flax seed before you go to bed? Do you take it via a capsule or a teaspoon?

Aug 3rd 2013
Richard S commented on s joshua's reply:

This is incredible research. I started implementing a couple of your tips right away. i.e. eating slower (except at breakfast) and in a specifi...

Aug 2nd 2013

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