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Thanks Michael. I guess more protein doesn't do any harm, right?! I'm making better progress now. After 17 days I've lost just over 6 pounds but a...

70 days ago

Thank you. I wasn't sure so have been avoiding it .

71 days ago
72 days ago
Jasbhir Sadool asked a question:

Is zucchini allowed

hello is zucchini allowed on the plan?

73 days ago

Hi Ben Thanks for your reply. I have been losing weight but it's almost all muscle. I've lost almost 6 pounds in the 12 days I've been doing SCD b...

76 days ago
76 days ago
Raj Koria asked a question:

Breakfast Time

Hi all I’ve been doing the SCD for just over a week now and it’s going well so far. Unfortunately I am NOT a morning person! It takes me half an hour of hitting snooze on the alarm t...

80 days ago
83 days ago

cheers thanks mate

Mar 11th 2014
Patrick McCay asked a question:

Do you reckon any truth to this

I eat at least 150g of protein a day but feel pretty healthy. Wondering if this applies to scd or paleo http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/mar/04/animal-protein-diets...

Mar 4th 2014

Its a 5km run and not sure how fast as I have never done anything like this before, I just want to be able to finish it and within a reasonable tim...

Mar 4th 2014
Markus Muller asked a question:

Will cardio effect my gains on OP

I have been Occams protocol for the last 4 months and have seen great results. In a few months i will doing a charity run and want jump on the treadmill 3 to 4 times a week to prepare for it but w...

Mar 3rd 2014
Alexander replied to wingtcoach's question:

Carb Nite vs Slow Carb

After SCD and then strict prolonged keto I personally inevitably ended up with cycling carbs: ultra-low carb (ULC) high fat 6 days a week and carbnite on weekends. Why? First, it's a damn simple...

Mar 3rd 2014
Patrick McCay asked a question:

Challenges with slow carb diet question

Putting a question out there What's the biggest difficulties you have with the slow carb diet? For me it can be planning meals and changes in my routine whereby it's not possible/convenient to ea...

Mar 2nd 2014
Patrick McCay replied to Michael James's question:

Got any Good Crock Pot Recipes?

Here's one of my faves. Cook it in batch to eat throughout the week or feed your friends and family! Pork goulash - 6 servings Can be made in one batch and frozen to be eaten another day 900g di...

Feb 23rd 2014
Daniel Muller asked a question:

What exercise should I add to my routine

Workout A Wide grip Lat pull Close grip lat pull Calf press Pro Leg rase Pec dec Leg extension Ab crunch Workout B Shoulder press Chest press arm curl Leg press seated row ab crunch ...

Feb 13th 2014
Feb 12th 2014
Feb 11th 2014
Alexander replied to Moses Ong's question:

Sleepy in the afternoon.

Is it sleepiness or tiredness? In the later -- maybe you're not eating enough. On SCD is quite easy to eat less that you actually need.

Feb 11th 2014
Alexander replied to ms504's question:

Is Mayo ok?

Mayo is similar to cheese and butter which are in the "grey" area of SCD. Why? Not because it's about lactose (butter and cheese) etc. It's just because these things are almost pure FATS...

Feb 10th 2014
Alexander asked a question:

Mood swings after the cheat day

Maybe my question isn't quite fair here because I'm on Keto/Carbnite doing ultra low carb during the week. And maybe my reaction on ingesting carbs differs from people eating beans. But it's inter...

Feb 7th 2014
Alexander replied to Moses Ong's question:

Recommended reading: New Atkins for a New You

I read lots of opinions that playing low-carb (not ultra-low carb having 30g carbs a day or less) game inevitably leads to a stall. I'd rather stick with ultra low carb and maybe refeed from time ...

Feb 6th 2014
Alexander voted for Tomhole's reply to:
Feb 6th 2014
Alexander replied to wingtcoach's question:

Carb back loading

Carb back-loading can be used along with Carbnite (cheating in the Kiefer's protocol). I know folks who do back-loading on heavy training days, plus they do a cheat day as well on weekends. You wo...

Feb 1st 2014
Feb 1st 2014
polyhive asked a question:

Blood issue.

My wifge has to take blood thinning agents daily and her count has crashed on the diet due we are pretty sure to the amount of green veg she is consuming. A good count is 2-3 and she is at 1.2 las...

Jan 30th 2014
Alexander replied to Caroline Ince's question:

Seeking a diet buddy.

The same stuff. Seeking for a diet/workout buddy in London. Forums are fantastic but sometimes you need a live person to have a chat or maybe even train together. I'm sure that the sex doesn't mat...

Jan 30th 2014
Jan 30th 2014
Jan 28th 2014

Carbnite Solution is quite similar to SCD without beans. You do ultra low carb 4-5 days (under 30g carbs per day or less), then on your carbnite d...

Jan 28th 2014
Jan 23rd 2014
Alexander shared a tip:

Good forums, websites and youtube channels about dieting

At the moment these are resources I’m checking out almost daily. http://4hourpeople.com/ http://athlete.io/ http://marksdailyapple.com/ http://reddit.com/r/keto YouTube: DH Kiefer http...

Jan 23rd 2014
Alexander asked a question:

To have or not to have breakfast

A few popular low-carb diets (CNS/CBL, Bulletproof, Leangains etc.) recommend to ditch breakfast. You may eat ultra-low carb breakfast but carbs for breakfast are really big "no-no" in t...

Jan 22nd 2014
Alexander shared a tip:

Tips about how to time carbs/cheating from John Kiefer

I'm not convincing to jump onto Carbnite or Carb back-loading at all but this video gives some insights how to time carbs properly to minimize or even eliminate gaining fat, which is useful on che...

Jan 17th 2014

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