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Pooja CL commented on Tomhole's reply:

agreed, it gets really expensive and there's very little to no pay off. I stopped taking it and I don't notice a difference so far. Only that my li...

31 days ago
Pooja CL commented on Moses Ong's reply:

I didn't take it on Saturday (cheat day) and I didn't notice any difference in weight. I still gained about 2 lbs which is normal for me after chea...

31 days ago
Pooja CL asked a question:

Can I take PAGG only on cheat day?

Hi all, I’ve been taking the PAGG stack for about a month now but haven’t really noticed any result from it. I only introduced it after being on the diet a year because I was annoyed...

34 days ago
Pooja CL asked a question:

how much protein is too much?

I know this question has been asked before by other people but none of them were similar enough to my current weight so I figured I would ask for myself. I've been doing slow carb for about a year ...

50 days ago
Mike C replied to mooreadamc's question:

New to Slow Carb - Few questions

The diet will keep you full if you follow it to the letter. The first few days, however, will be a period of adjustment and might be a little tougher if your body is used to eating a larger quant...

Jan 4th 2014

After measuring my blood sugar I realized that my problem wasn't the amount of legumes I ate, but the cheat days. Last week I had a moderate cheat...

Oct 25th 2013

Next thing I am reading is the book on ketosis recommended by Alexander where according to him, it also says that if you overeat you defeat the p...

Oct 24th 2013

I read "Diet 101: The Truth About Low Carb Diets" by Jenny Ruhl and it was the best thing that happened to me. By checking my blood suga...

Oct 24th 2013
R B commented on Tomhole's reply:

wise words.

Oct 21st 2013
R B commented on R B's reply:

I will check out this book. thank you, Alexander.

Oct 21st 2013
R B replied to Alexander's question:

Why is SCD so efficient? just because it's a moderately low calorie diet?

I totally agree. I eat as much as I liked and I did not lose one single pound in three months. If felt great and cravings free but I did not lose any fat. I started counting calories, including ...

Oct 21st 2013

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