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Eric I commented on 4HourBod's reply:

To add a point about tomatoes, be advised that certain varieties of tomatoes contain a lot more sugar. Most notably, Sun Dried Tomatoes. While 100 ...

27 days ago
Eric I shared a tip:

Checking in after over 2 years in - Down 120lbs

I haven’t been overly strict about my diet for a while. I hit my one year goal of 100lbs just a month late. Still, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge about proper diet, helps me make b...

27 days ago
Eric I asked a question:

Oligosaccharides, anyone?

I’ve been noticing a lot of low carb sweets recipes out there that have been using products containing Oligosaccharides, Erythritol and Inulin. One sweetner brand in particular is called Swe...

27 days ago
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27 days ago
Eric I replied to Mags's question:

Best protein powder for weight loss

Tera’s Whey & Designer Whey are two that I use that are very low in sugar. Both have 2 grams of sugar per serving (need about 1 1/2 servings to get the 30 grams). If you are only doing a...

27 days ago

I started this diet 2 weeks ago, weighing 139.5. The first week I lost 3 pounds in the first 4 days! I felt like crap - really tired and super ba...

79 days ago
Jennifer Schultz asked a question:

Want to Lose weight with Garcinia Cambogia

Hello, i am willing to lose my weight fast and I saw Dr. Oz show in which he recommended Garcinia Cambogia as the holy grail of weight lose and I saw some great information on a website http://w...

May 7th 2014
Carrie Barber asked a question:

Does SCD and 4HB work for someone in "Normal Weight Range"?

Hey! You seem to know a lot about 4HB and SCD and so I wanted to ask you this quesiton directly. I just started 4HB(2 weeks in) and I notice a difference in my energy and mood and my clothes are l...

May 4th 2014
Pooja CL commented on Tomhole's reply:

agreed, it gets really expensive and there's very little to no pay off. I stopped taking it and I don't notice a difference so far. Only that my li...

Mar 24th 2014
Pooja CL commented on Moses Ong's reply:

I didn't take it on Saturday (cheat day) and I didn't notice any difference in weight. I still gained about 2 lbs which is normal for me after chea...

Mar 24th 2014
Pooja CL asked a question:

Can I take PAGG only on cheat day?

Hi all, I’ve been taking the PAGG stack for about a month now but haven’t really noticed any result from it. I only introduced it after being on the diet a year because I was annoyed...

Mar 21st 2014

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