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Danny Yellin asked a question:

What do you use in your coffee

i need three cups off coffe a day. its not sn option. i usually get a dop off half and half and one splenda. do you guys feel its messing up my weight loss? what else has everyone used instead of ...

2 days ago
Pooja CL commented on G G's reply:

Hi G G.. Protein sources are usually chicken, turkey, and fish.. only occasionally I supplement with a protein shake or bar (Quest) but it's rare t...

Mar 10th 2015
Pooja CL asked a question:

Gaining weight not losing??

Hi, Apologies in advance for this bit of a long post… I’ve been doing 4HB since 2013 and had a lot of success with it. As of December 2014, I weighed 117 and my measurements were 3...

Mar 6th 2015

Cheating begins after a proper breakfast, as well. Tim suggests you have your normal breakfast followed by drinks such as grapefruit juice and cof...

Feb 9th 2015
Pooja CL commented on G G's reply:

Yeah, I agree it's not 100% slow carb.. I'm trying to eat it in moderation anyway because it's a bit pricey to buy regularly so I figure it can't h...

Nov 7th 2014
Pooja CL commented on Jim C.'s reply:

thanks! we'll see how it goes...

Nov 6th 2014
Pooja CL asked a question:

Opinions on low carb bread?

What do you guys think about low carb bread, specifically this brand? —> http://www.thinslimfoods.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=8 I bought their plain bread the other day and, ma...

Nov 5th 2014
R B commented on G G's reply:

G G, You are right. My point is that resistant starch is one of these variables and one of the main benefits of beans. When it comes to the cheat d...

Oct 8th 2014
R B asked a question:

Resistant Starch

Anybody following Richard Nikoley’s freetheanimal.com? For me it is pretty obvious that the reason behind the effectiviness of the SCD is the resistant starch. But there are not a lot of dis...

Oct 8th 2014
Eric I commented on 4HourBod's reply:

To add a point about tomatoes, be advised that certain varieties of tomatoes contain a lot more sugar. Most notably, Sun Dried Tomatoes. While 100 ...

Sep 4th 2014
Eric I shared a tip:

Checking in after over 2 years in - Down 120lbs

I haven’t been overly strict about my diet for a while. I hit my one year goal of 100lbs just a month late. Still, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge about proper diet, helps me make b...

Sep 4th 2014

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