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Michelle Mui asked a question:

The challenges

I'm having trouble opening the challenges. Can someone help me please ?

Mar 5th 2014

Yeah I was just saying that because some people gave me a bunch of those shakes. Just wondering if they would work or if I have to throw them out....

Jan 7th 2014

How about this Atkins shake? http://www.atkins.com/Products/Advantage/Vanilla-Shake.aspx It says 1g of sugar and 2g of carbs. Is that too much?

Jan 7th 2014

Damn. Is there anything you recommend? I've been eating 5 eggs every morning and it's pretty taxing....

Jan 7th 2014
Matt Dorville asked a question:

GNC Amplified muscle meal

Hi, I just bought this (http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11044014). The guy at GNC told me this is what I should get but it's not whey protein isolate. Will this screw me up? I plan...

Jan 7th 2014

What about organic coffee?? Would that help and be okay to be able to keep drinking my coffee ? I used to be a huge coffee drinker now I have 2 cu...

Jul 30th 2013

Thank you @gretchenlin ! I am neither over forty nor a mother. I have not taken measurements, I feel good, my clothes fit fine...not really much m...

May 3rd 2013
Katie Adams asked a question:

Female Vegetarian?

I am coming up on the end of week 3 of trying the 4HB...So far, I have seen little to no results. I am down between 1-2 pounds total, and I believe I am following all the rules. I am a 32 yo fema...

May 3rd 2013
Troy Martin asked a question:

Worked for me but not my wife

Hi, I started the slow carb diet when the book came out. I was at 178lbs and dropped 13lbs in the first two weeks. I was able to get down to 143. My body fat was 22 percent and was down to 9.9 at ...

Apr 6th 2013
Christina Price asked a question:


Can I use Ruby Reds by New Vitality as a daily vitamin supplement? it has 0.5g sugar/serving, but not sure since it's derived from a lot of fruit and veggie powders.

Mar 14th 2013
adamclark shared a tip:

5 Tips for doing the 4 Hour Body

I posted this on my website, but wanted to share it here. On June 14, 2011 I started the slow carb diet, a weight loss plan prescribed by Tim Ferriss in his book, the 4 Hour Body. In just a fe...

Jun 25th 2012
4hrBoken blogged:

I'm excited for 4HB but family is skeptical

37 y/o male. wife and 2 kids under 5. looking to regain old self and get active so i can be a good example for my kids and get back the energy to keep up with them...

Jun 17th 2012
trojanator blogged:

I believe we have come to the right place...

MD with renewed passion for body recomposition.

Jun 11th 2012
changeup blogged:

Changing things up

Been through a bunch of ups and downs recently and want to take control over my body. Never really struggled with my weight but have always wanted to add muscle to my frame, but never seemed to m...

Mar 27th 2012
Mar 25th 2012
adamclark replied to thisisspartacus's question:

Any slow carb friendly meals at chain restaurants?

I'd check the ingredients of any chain or fast food restaurants. Even if they seem "slow carb" you'd be surprised. For instance: Wendy's Chili lists High Fructose Corn Syrup as a main ...

Dec 8th 2011
h0h0h0 blogged:

Getting back into shape.. for the first time

i'm jumping back in feet first and slowly working on changing my lifestyle and habits to be more healthy. I've been eating more greens but I'm heeding TF's advice and getting a baseline started n...

Nov 17th 2011
Nov 17th 2011
rebeccafe commented on JoyMc's reply:

Also - My goal is based on clothing size and not weight. I wear a US 18 now and I'd like to get into a US 12. That's as small as I can realistic...

Sep 24th 2011
rebeccafe commented on JoyMc's reply:

Thank you Joy! I took your advice and pushed my lunch back a bit and it made it easier to get through the day. I'm going to weigh myself tomorro...

Sep 24th 2011
adamclark replied to Vtine311's question:

What is your favorite SCD meal?

My go to dinner for the last 3 months has been pan fried chicken breast (seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano--or just Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic) in Mac Oil. A spinach/spring mix salad...

Sep 23rd 2011
Sep 22nd 2011
Sep 21st 2011
rebeccafe asked a question:

Getting started, could use feedback

hi all - I'm a 36 yo woman, 5'11 and about 230 lbs. I'd like to lose weight, which is why I started on scd. I'd love some feedback on my menu from my first full day. FYI, I love to cook and I ...

Sep 20th 2011

Trying scd! I anticipate that I'll need some help figuring everything out, though.

Sep 20th 2011
rebeccafe replied to guestnurse's question:

nausea and fullness upon waking

I'm brand new to this, but I am having the same reaction. After a really bad carb withdrawal yesterday, I woke up not hungry at all and not sure how I was going to eat. I had some ice water righ...

Sep 20th 2011
rebeccafe blogged:

Member intro: Trying something new...

Trying something new with SCD.

Sep 20th 2011
Sep 20th 2011
brees83 blogged:

Currently on slow-carb diet

Started the 4 hour body diet in the beginning of march at 210lbs, now I'm currently at 185. I am 6'5" so that is skinny but I'm looking to cut a bit more before I start bulking up

Sep 17th 2011
brees83 asked a question:

2 Cheat Days to Maintain Weight

Hi, I have a question about cheat days. Quick version: Do you think one can maintain weight with 2 moderate cheat days a week (Sat and Sun)? Background: I've been on the SCD for about 12 weeks an...

Sep 17th 2011
megatron blogged:

Member intro: Howdy!

Down from 215 to 155 since January! Feeling awesome!

Sep 9th 2011
adamclark replied to zannix's question:

How much beans do you eat with a meal?

I used to eat beans at lunch and dinner, but since i've adjusted to this diet, I have pulled back to just one meal. Just because I'm not a huge bean fan. The real goal is to make sure to eat enou...

Sep 2nd 2011
adamclark replied to jesswants4hb's question:

How does the Slow Carb Diet work without supplements

I've been doing the SCD for a little over 2 months, without taking the PAGG stack and have had great results. The second month I added kettlebells. I've lost over 17lbs so far.

Sep 1st 2011
adamclark asked a question:

Hitting a bit of a plateau

I've been doing the Slow Carb deal for a little more than 2 months and have been very satisfied with the results. However, the last 2 week's I'm hitting a plateau. I'm around 171 lbs (down from ...

Aug 26th 2011
adamclark asked a question:

Moving your cheat day?

Hey due to extenuiating circumstances (i.e. the Hurricane hitting NYC), I decided to bump up my usual cheat day (Sunday) to today. I'm not sure if that will alter my weight loss progress, but I r...

Aug 26th 2011
adamclark blogged:

slow carb fan

I basically want to be thin!

Aug 19th 2011
Blisteringherb replied to Carey Hurst's question:

stalling: sleep affect weight loss

I also take adderall weekdays for work, and I've wondered if it's affected my weight loss. I've been on the diet for 13 weeks, and I've lost 7lbs total, although some of the weight loss was offse...

Aug 12th 2011

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