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natrock commented on natrock's reply:

@jodyalbritton, thanx--I hoped that animal and bean protein had to count the same.

Apr 22nd 2012
natrock commented on natrock's reply:

OK, Chrisburneko, I'm feeling confused . . . I was under the assumption because I'm also eating legumes with that meal, I would count the legume p...

Apr 22nd 2012

Thanx, "Jodyalbritton". Your weight loss is INCREDIBLE--"first twenty in thirty days"????? WOW!! Congratulations!!!! And ...

Apr 22nd 2012
natrock replied to chrisburneko's question:

Can't seem to get out of this stall

Hi "chrisburneko": I'm a 4HB newbie, and I'm in the same situation; I'm frustrated, too, but, I only started at the beginning of April doing this. Now, THAT being said, when I did Weig...

Apr 21st 2012
natrock replied to bosun120's question:

How to reseal canned beans?

I just joined this group, so, I'm sorry my reply is late. I have always had good success freezing my beans, whether they're canned from the store, or dried ones I've cooked at home. I rinse and ...

Apr 12th 2012
natrock blogged:

Looking to be healthy

I've done many "diets" before, and I'm looking for a "lifestyle". I've been doing the 4HB for a week today, and I cannot believe how full I am, carrying me from meal to meal. ...

Apr 11th 2012
hhimes blogged:

Member intro: Need to loose it!!

I have been struggling to loose weight since my son was born, 2 years ago! I really want to have another baby, but I dont want to get pregnant at this weight! I am addicted to sugar and carbs, and...

Nov 11th 2011

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