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Aug 12th 2013

Not whipped cream. Actual cream. Its in small cartons at the supermark. It will say heavy cream . Not sure about the cocoa but I believe you can....

Feb 7th 2013

You can get it to mix into the coffee by starting the stirring and continuing while pouring the cinnamon in. OR if you are making the coffee yours...

Feb 7th 2013

Oh got ya! Hahaha. I drink lots of green tea and matcha. Match is a great alternative because if you make it correctly its almost creamy. It's qui...

Feb 7th 2013
Jesus Baez replied to clemmyx's question:

'Extend Bars' are they ok for 4HB?...

They seem to not be. They contain cornstarch and other starches, artificial sweetners, etc. Those are supposed to all be restricted. Probably fine a cheat day.

Feb 6th 2013
Jesus Baez replied to clemmyx's question:

Hot drink ideas? missing my cuppa :(

Why would you need to replace tea or coffee? You are allowed as much of those as possible as long as they are not sweetened or have milk? Feel free!

Feb 6th 2013
Dianna Ivanov asked a question:

I'm confused? I thought beans were good!

I've just started , I'm so excited about the program I think it's great & exactly what I need. I followed the plan exactly(I think) as listed ! Today is weigh in day #1 and I've gained 3 lbs...

Nov 19th 2012

Helpful but snippy! I imagine answering the same questions over & over can be annoying as well as people not following it correctly & the...

Nov 13th 2012
stk18128 blogged:

The man, the method, the legend steve

Read Tim's book 5 days before it came out and have been completing each chapter slowly but surely currently doing kettle bell work out crossfit and intermediate fasting

Mar 20th 2012
roboMarco replied to skinnygirliwasborntobe's question:

newbies got 4 HOUR

Get book. http://www.amazon.com/4-Hour-Body-Uncommon-Incredible-Superhuman/dp...

Nov 15th 2011
roboMarco replied to denisealldridge's question:

black bean brownie

Yes, I think so.

Nov 15th 2011
roboMarco replied to ejcarl's question:

Are olives allowed?

Yes they are.

Nov 15th 2011

Sorry buddha, based on your before and after photos you are last person I want to ask how to stay fit. I don't believe you and my common sense sa...

Oct 25th 2011
roboMarco replied to shereerenee's question:

i'm frustrated!

Buy this, read it 5 times. It will help to get your head right. http://www.amazon.com/Top-Distinctions-Between-Winners-Whiners/dp/0...

Oct 7th 2011
roboMarco replied to pbwilkins's question:

Changing measurement units

I dont think it is practical. Fat burner is designed for fat clipper measurement and most of the results are under 1 inch. Plus 14/19 is not very computer friendly way to enter data. We in Myanm...

Oct 3rd 2011
roboMarco replied to haugen's question:

Training and nutrition log

You have fat burn tracker and many people just blog what they do - just prefix title with BLOG: ...

Jul 26th 2011
Jul 26th 2011

I ate 5000 calories a day, and play WOW for workout. Why am I not losing weight?

Jul 19th 2011
roboMarco replied to alainmrh's question:

Member intro: Hardest thing on this diet

Hardest thing on this diet is not asking what is the hardest thing.... but keep your mind healthy and focusing on place where want to be, and celebrating every small step in that direction. Once y...

Jul 17th 2011
Jul 12th 2011
Jul 9th 2011
roboMarco asked a question:

Abuse your body day! - by pig

Somebody please remind me on the next Saturday such a pig I was on this one so I dont do it again. I feel that I will explode: I recorded what I eat here: Not for children and those that don't...

Jun 26th 2011
roboMarco asked a question:

Congrats for design!

Looks like you inspired Tim a bit

Jun 21st 2011
roboMarco replied to parisfemme's question:

4 pounds in first 4 days :(

I think that your negative attitude toward this diet is ruining you not coffee, no change in diet will help you until you change that. People did studies on it. Google up. Keep in mind that your ...

Jun 17th 2011
roboMarco commented on ceco question:

keep it up!

Jun 17th 2011
Jun 13th 2011
Jun 3rd 2011
roboMarco commented on elquent's reply:

@elquent, I like you, you hold your side of argument fairly, sounds like we are all right Reason why I went coconut water crazy is I know how goo...

Jun 2nd 2011
roboMarco commented on Tomtom's reply:

LOL, I love it. I will try it on myself.

May 31st 2011

Dude, does not take much brain to add that up, that is 5000+ calories a day. If I eat that I would have 500lb too in no time. If you want to have...

May 31st 2011
May 28th 2011
roboMarco replied to dallasapollo's question:

Going to bed hungry and other random questions

If you want weight and fat to drop like stone, then you need to drop that wine like stone, exercise and do it properly too. More drastic changes you make in your life more drastic changes you will...

May 25th 2011
Leland commented on alessusnik's reply:

Cheat day is generally on Saturday, although as I mentioned I usually let it carry over into Sunday lunch because I am too hungover. Friday + Satu...

May 7th 2011
Leland asked a question:

Weight Gain/Inches Lost on Weight on SCD?

I have been on the SCD for a little over a month (just finished my first week without PAGG). In full disclosure, I have been adhering strictly to the diet over the week, but on the weekends I will...

May 4th 2011
alisac commented on sheerpink's reply:

Absolutely! I feel good overall and Tim did say women who have had children or are over 40 may not see much until after week 6 or so. My plan is to...

Mar 27th 2011
alisac asked a question:

Prior Atkins Dieters

Has anyone previously done Atkins then find it almost impossible to lose weight again that way? I'm on my 3rd week of 4HB and have only lost 2.5 lbs. I'm really not complaining because I had previ...

Mar 26th 2011
Lamby22 asked a question:

what should you do if you slip up during a slow carb day?

I have been traveling this week for business and didn't prep well for my 8hr flights. I was week and had some carbs in my dinner and after dinner (yogurt, bag of "pop chips". my cheat i...

Mar 22nd 2011
Lamby22 commented on Shery's reply:

Great tips! I think that not eating close to bed time is the key! I noticed with this diet and with other diest that no matter what you eat durin...

Mar 21st 2011

great thank you for your help! any suggestions for good snacks besides nuts? i think im eating too many at a time and that could be hindering my w...

Mar 21st 2011

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