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Brian Blaszkowski replied to Marek.X's question:


Are you drinking enough water? Are you SURE youre getting enough protein within 30 minutes of waking up? Also, have you tried ice baths? Thise three things seem to be the most common issues ...

Apr 19th 2016

For those tracking weight loss, are you also tracking inches lost? I found i actually GAINED weight on this diet the first time around (2 years ago...

Apr 19th 2016
Apr 19th 2016
Brian Blaszkowski asked a question:

Odd sleep habits affecting 30-in-30

I looked through the forums for an answer to this, closest i got was that within 30 minutes of WAKING up (not GETTING up), 30 grams of protein. My problem is that i literally wake up every two, ...

Apr 19th 2016

Have you guys ever tried adding a little cardio (staying at a lower heartrate to avoid burning a lot of calories or hindering muscle recovery, at t...

Aug 12th 2014
Adam Smit commented on G G's reply:

Awesome. I love incorporating fasting but have never done that on a muscle-gaining program. I'll check it out; thanks!

Aug 12th 2014

Okay, cool. So it sounds like it's not uncommon.

Aug 12th 2014

That makes sense. Have you ever heard of someone gaining fat right off the bat like this? Perhaps my body is still adjusting to the massive influx ...

Aug 11th 2014
Adam Smit commented on G G's reply:

Thanks for your response. The bars I'm eating are pretty balanced in terms of carbs to protein. I wasn't doing Slow Carb before this (I was at 12% ...

Aug 11th 2014
Adam Smit asked a question:

Occam's Protocol: Crap, I'm gaining fat.

Hoping one or two of you muscle-building vets can advise! I’ve been following the basic recommendation for Occam’s Protocol—A and B workouts, only those recommended and perform...

Aug 11th 2014

watch the protein shake, i was using one my first week but didn't check the ingredients. Had sucralose in it, so that went right out.

Jul 29th 2014

Brian, I think you may be onto something with the salt. I've been seeing them as a benefit, because they keep my mouth busy all day and keep me fro...

Jul 28th 2014
Jul 28th 2014
Jul 27th 2014
Brian Blaszkowski replied to Mike Manzi's question:

Not losing enough weight - any help?

I’m not good with breakfast either, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Those snacks sound like they could have a LOT of salt, I’d watch that unless they’re salt-fr...

Jul 27th 2014
Mike Manzi commented on G G's reply:

You're probably right about breakfast. I gotta get something in my belly earlier. My ideal weight is 170, probably have like 25-30lbs of body fat, ...

Jul 24th 2014

I never followed the diet to the letter (whiskey is my weakness), have lost almost all ten pounds that I gained my first week, every week I lose in...

Jul 24th 2014
Mike Manzi asked a question:

Not losing enough weight - any help?

I eat the following every day, but am very stagnant. During this period of stagnation, my diet has not changed at all. I have been losing .3lbs/day almost every day, but now I’ve been at 187...

Jul 23rd 2014
Brian Blaszkowski replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Are these good snacks?

I’d stay away from the fruit and the nuts. Deli meat it would depend on which one you get, as it is noted. I wouldn’t eat those bars, either. Everything else seems ok.

Jul 14th 2014
Brian Blaszkowski replied to Karen Mailer's question:

Bloatedness & weight increase!!..albeit early days!

I’m almost at the end of my third week. I’ll give you my experiences, hope it gives some perspective. Started at 195 pounds, 5’ 10” male. Wasn’t really looking to l...

Jul 11th 2014
Brian Blaszkowski asked a question:

Switching cheat days

Just started this about a week and a half ago. So far I’m enjoying it as much as possible (I’m so sick of chicken though, hahaha). Haven’t seen weight loss; quite the opposite, a...

Jul 3rd 2014
Diann Barton-King blogged:

I am back!! Recipe for Turkey Balls too,

After reaching my first goal, my husband and I hit the road for summer race season. BIG MISTAKE! I listened to the hubby, and took a few months off. Well needless to say, I have put some weight ba...

Jan 8th 2014
Maria Rider replied to Gretchen Linden's tip:

I now have 100 lbs off!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go, Gretchen! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Keep it up! Sorry about the cancer, but I hope you can beat it and lose the rest! You go girl!

Dec 18th 2013
Dec 10th 2013

So, what did you do to kickstart the fat loss again?

Dec 10th 2013
Maria Rider replied to NOYB's question:

Long term results

Hi I've been on SCD since April 2011 and still going(even with the Treat/Cheat Day), and I too have noticed a general weight gain over time. And I am VERY strict SCD on the days I am eating that...

Dec 9th 2013

Sounds good to me! Eat enough to satisfy....not binge and you'll be alright I bet.

Oct 31st 2013
Maria Rider replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

Cheat days and Holidays!

Hey, Juan! AWESOME AWESOME on continuing to stick to it! This will be my THIRD Holiday Season on the SCD lifestyle And let me say, the first time, I actually lost 14 lbs and the second time I...

Oct 29th 2013
Sep 19th 2013

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