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Diann Barton-King blogged:

I am back!! Recipe for Turkey Balls too,

After reaching my first goal, my husband and I hit the road for summer race season. BIG MISTAKE! I listened to the hubby, and took a few months off. Well needless to say, I have put some weight ba...

Jan 8th 2014
Maria Rider replied to Gretchen Linden's tip:

I now have 100 lbs off!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go, Gretchen! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Keep it up! Sorry about the cancer, but I hope you can beat it and lose the rest! You go girl!

Dec 18th 2013
Dec 10th 2013

So, what did you do to kickstart the fat loss again?

Dec 10th 2013
Maria Rider replied to NOYB's question:

Long term results

Hi I've been on SCD since April 2011 and still going(even with the Treat/Cheat Day), and I too have noticed a general weight gain over time. And I am VERY strict SCD on the days I am eating that...

Dec 9th 2013

Sounds good to me! Eat enough to satisfy....not binge and you'll be alright I bet.

Oct 31st 2013
Maria Rider replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

Cheat days and Holidays!

Hey, Juan! AWESOME AWESOME on continuing to stick to it! This will be my THIRD Holiday Season on the SCD lifestyle And let me say, the first time, I actually lost 14 lbs and the second time I...

Oct 29th 2013
Sep 19th 2013
Brandon CruzZavala asked a question:

Opinions on these foods and/or how bad I'm shooting my foot

I know few real questions but just want general opinion and any bullet holes you can put in my current program.. Acceptiable foods? Mung beans.. as in the thai glass noodles Water Chestunuts?? ...

Sep 17th 2013
Brandon CruzZavala replied to imghtbewrng's question:

Protein Shakes with or In place of breakfast

I have the same problem.. so I picked up a case of 30g shakes from costco lastnight. I'm thinking on morning s when I have no time.. its great For mornings when I wake up an hour earlier then I wa...

Sep 12th 2013
Aug 17th 2013
Aug 17th 2013
Maria Rider replied to Mitchy Campbell's question:

Readers beware.. TMI

Cravings for sugar will ALWAYS ramp up even MORESO right before your period. All you can really do is ignore those cravings...fill up on more protein. It's just the hormones nagging you to eat m...

Aug 17th 2013
Maria Rider replied to Mitchy Campbell's question:

Eating on the go

Can you get yourself to a grocery store and get something from their deli? Usually they have pre-packaged salads and stuff and you can get pre-cooked grilled chicken which is totally fine on slow...

Aug 15th 2013
Aug 14th 2013
Maria Rider commented on Jake's reply:

Oh, and Joshua....UPS to you with the "...until someone truly desires the change in themselves, it will not happen" It's true! If you d...

Aug 12th 2013
Maria Rider commented on Jake's reply:

Totally in agreement with you Jake, Juan and Joshua....it's like why put in all that time to explain/write down/etc. to you for people who go &quo...

Aug 12th 2013
Maria Rider replied to G G's question:

How many times do you hear this?

I get that a LOT with the people who ask me....frankly, I'm getting tired and somewhat choosey about how many tips/tricks/advice/help I want to give people who ask me. I can USUALLY tell if the p...

Aug 12th 2013
Aug 7th 2013
Arjun Moorjani replied to Alexander's tip:

SCD on one week holiday

Thanks a lot for sharing. Really helps newbies like myself think about meals when I go out with friends!

Jul 31st 2013
Jul 31st 2013
JasminePhoenix asked a question:

Stats (and a decison)

Hey everyone! OK. So, after some discussion with my husband about my goals, and after looking through the forum, I've decided that I'm going to return to eating meat. (To be honest, I don't thi...

Jul 31st 2013

Nice. That's good to hear. Thanks!

Jul 30th 2013
Arjun Moorjani asked a question:

Any tips for working professionals in Chicago?

I'm curious if the SCD is compatible with a working young professional lifestyle. I realize I could bring my lunch to work everyday, but I was wondering if anybody had any tips on good 'corporate'...

Jul 30th 2013
Maria Rider replied to Alexander's tip:

Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime comparison

I use Lemon and Lime Juice all the time in my cooking. It's only a enough to flavor, but it makes it so much yummier!

Jul 6th 2013

@Kat St. John - It's all about embracing the lifestyle and not straying. Juan, me, and countless others follow slow carbing fairly strictly becau...

Jul 3rd 2013
Maria Rider commented on G G's reply:

@Kat St. John - Yeah, if you let it go and don't watch your carb intake, those pounds/fat will creep up. Did you track your weight at all during ...

Jul 3rd 2013
Maria Rider replied to sunnymatilda's question:

Can I change cheat day for just one week?

You have to have a MINIMUM of 5 FULL SCD days before your earliest Cheat Day. So, if you just had one on Saturday, Wednesday would be too soon. Depending on how hard you cheat on Wednesday you w...

Jul 2nd 2013

Go for it, Stefanie!!

Jul 1st 2013

Thanks, @Tomhole yeah, I'm switching up my fitness goals/workouts/etc. I am pondering Focus T25, but I am not sure my knees can take it. yeah, ...

Jun 29th 2013

Thanks, Juan!

Jun 29th 2013

Thanks, Elquent!

Jun 29th 2013

I've been pondering having a Chobani yogurt with either blueberries or whatever....as an experiment. I've ALSO been pondering just eating a cooki...

Jun 27th 2013

Juan - Same here. My Cheat Days are pretty epically hard-core. I almost always end up snacking rather late....but at the end I am not wanting fo...

Jun 27th 2013
Maria Rider commented on G G's reply:

Like get a burger, plain, and eat a few of those...at least that will be better than pizza.

Jun 26th 2013
Maria Rider commented on G G's reply:

I think ALL hardcore Slow Carbers need to do this at least to do EXACTLY what Juan did...REINFORCE WHY we eat this way. Yes, we love carbs....yes,...

Jun 26th 2013

Hear Hear! Brenda, why haven't you been posting in the group? We're here to support ya, gal! Don't be a stranger !

Jun 26th 2013

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